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An Old Friend

I noticed there haven't been any new additions to the articles section in a long time.

I think it would be CoolSciFi to see some post-mortem interviews with some of the genre greats.

It might take a bit of time and research but it would be coolscifi to read some background on the masters of scifi.

Plus, you should interview Patrick Cox.

Some suggestions:

HG Wells
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Or any of you favorites

It would be cool to read about their lives, career and a nice recap of their published works.

I wanted the scifi channel to do a show that explored the history of scifi writers showcasing a different author each week. That would be righteous.
I've been meaning to catch up on them, they will start up again shortly. Too much on my plate right now and when I have time, I keep finding myself going back to a 9 book series by C.J.Cherryh I've been reading (Foreigner series, I'm in book 5 now!)