A Tale Of Heroes

In an alternative world, humanity has long had the ability to use superpowers, and in 1990, World War III broke out. A war fought not with guns, missiles or other military weapons, but with super powers. Great Britian became the victor in 1999 after General Seth Hill defeated The Australian Covenant with his advanced Telepathy.

In 2012, the world is plagued by crime, most of whom were the victims of World War III. Britian set up a secretive, crime fighting organisation, called Unit 19, and is run by 5 friends;

Marcus Lancaster
Power: Telekenisis

Ashley Hunt
Power: Empathic Mimicry

Leah King
Power: Telepathy

James Adams
Power: Rapid Cellular Regeneration

Michael Lancaster
Power: Pyromancy

The Show follows their adventures, in trying to fight crime.

1. Dark Waters

When a series of murders, with nothing to link them accept the way they died occur, the team are called in. The team establish that the killer is a living conduit of water, and has the power control water. AShley discovers the victims are all members of the Jury at a trial 15 years ago.

2. On The Horizon

A young woman becomes afflicted with a mysterious illness. The country's greatest medical professionals are cluesless as to what the illness is. The Team learn that the woman has the power to time travel, and at some point this year, a virus will spreadv throughout the world, killing all of humanity.

3. The Frat Party

A Frat Party gets out of hand and the police are called in. But when they discover a dead body at the frat house, Unit 19 are called in. They discover that the victim belonged to a mysterious cult known as "The Brotherhood". The Investigation reveals the victim was killed sacrificially as worship for the brotherhood.

4. Future Imperfect (Part 1)

Leah begins having visions of the future, towards the time when the virus will supposedly spread. She learns the virus spreads on 21st December 2012. While the team try to save Leah, a hostage situation develops inside Unit 19 HQ.

5. The Brotherhood (Part 2)

The Team are taken hostage by members of "The Brotherhood", and are to be sacrificed to appease "The Elders", the leaders of the order and supposedly much more than the average human. As the team try to save themselves, Leah has a revelation within her visions.