A Tanadrine Studios Original Sci-Fi animated series: Delura Ep 001

After many months of setup work, things are finally rolling and we can start producing episodes of Delura in (hopefully) a timeframe of one 3-5+ minute episode per month or so. As I've said before, our emphasis isn't eye candy (though it never hurts), our true focus is on story and writing. I had a lot of fun working on this and am jumping right into making episode 2

Runtime: 3 minutes 57 seconds
Contains brief language and disturbing imagery, viewer discretion advised.

A Tanadrine Studios original series


All 3d elements, 2d animation/art, custom sounds and textures, story and music by Ryan Roye

Concept artwork, character/ship design, story and directing by Taben Roye


Aiden voiced by Taben Roye
Computer vocals, Supervisor and Female pilot voiced by Ryan Roye


Additional textures were procured from cgtextures.com, a royalty free texture website.

Additional sounds were procured from freesound.org, a royalty free sound archive. The following author's sounds were utilized in some way, shape or form (many of which were customized or changed to fit this production):