A Virtual Memory - A Soundtrack to Science Fiction


A soundtrack to science fiction.
Hello, this is a A Virtual Memory; a journey into the wilderness of isolation. I attempt to cover a lot of ground with this anywhere from ambient to noise and industrial. I do hope you find something you like.

A Virtual Memory

For those interested, I am currently working on an X-Files-themed EP that will be due later this summer. A small taste of this project can be found here:
Okay, you have me curious.
Do you do requests?
Do you have access to a midi composer or are you getting your selections from known works only?
a journey into the wilderness of isolation. I attempt to cover a lot of ground with this anywhere from ambient to noise and industrial. I do hope you find something you like.
I watch a lot of movies. Many of them are speculative fiction. Most of those are science fiction and horror.
I listen to a wide range of music. Some of that music is midi compositions that are on youtube with science fiction video. Others are composed music played in real time but aligned with science fiction themes.
Here is a sample video:

Do you do requests on science fiction themes to specific musical works?
Do you compose midi compositions to specific science fiction works?
Do you combine musical works to science fiction themes on request?

I would really like to see some space scifi set to some Pink Floyd/Trance type music. No singing, instrumental only but with a psy-goa trance feel. Not standard space movement scenes but captures from some of the more recent films that have intense visuals which are mesmerizing.
Like a cross between Dark Side of the Moon, Neelix and Alan Parsons set to a video mix of The Expanse, Interstellar and other kaleidoscopic videos. Roughly, 10 to 15 minutes in length.
Hello! My sincere apologies for taking so long to respond to you, I have been dealing with a few technical difficulties of late. I saw this a little while ago and have been giving it a lot of thought.

First of all, thank you very much for your interest, it is greatly appreciated. Secondly, I have never received a request before but I absolutely open to the idea. To answer your questions, yes I would certainly take a request on science fiction themes to specific musical works and I would be willing to combine musical works to science fiction themes upon request. I must let you know though that the video portion of this project is still very much in the works and will not be up and running until sometime next year. Therefore, in terms of the visual portion, for now it is primarily art-based, as you see here: S. Taillifer’s albums | Flickr I am certainly open to a video collaboration if that is something you would be interested in, though. I am very much intrigued by your proposal.

Speaking of which, I believe I can visualized what you are suggesting in terms of composition. Certainly in terms of song length this would not be an issue, as you can see a lot of my work stretches beyond the 10 minute mark anyway. I am actually working on a trance-ish song for my upcoming album (though this will likely include some vocal) and will post that here when it's finished. Generally, anything I do is part of a larger, ever-evolving narrative so each song/release is a chapter or piece of that and must fit with the other work I have done; it must be a continuation of what came before or a mutation into a new direction. That being said, I think what you are talking about absolutely has the potential to be just that and I see it fitting quite well along with the other releases thus far.

In terms of composition, I do not use a midi composer or any electronic instruments (not yet, anyway). This project takes two paths. One in which I take an existing piece, pick apart and manipulate those parts into all sorts of new shapes and then piece them back together into something new (pretty much anything labeled a "mix"). The other (my "original compositions") is comprised of sounds I have recorded on a hand-held field recorder, warped, and then stitched together to create a song. Everything is done on the computer in Audacity. I think for what you are looking for, either of these methods should suffice. If you have existing material you would like me to manipulated or "mix", you are more than welcome to send it to me.

If any of this sounds interesting to you or you'd like to discuss it further, please feel free to email me at AVirtualMemoryOfficial@gmail.com

Thank you again!