ABC to End 'Alias' Run in May 2006

Jan 19, 2004
RIP Alias......We'll all miss ALIAS more than we can ever express but I can say with confidence that I have been a faithful fan and I'm sure all of us agree that we have all been faithful fans.....the worst news
Jan 21, 2003
I just got the news(yes i'm slow on reading my emails and being on the internet lately....a complete 180 from when this show started actually). Speaking of which, when this show started I was hooked from the first commercial i saw. Up until last season i had never missed an episode live(as in on its original airdate...yes call me pathetic! because i am). Anyway, ever since the decline(at least in my opinion) i havent been that "religious" in watching it every week, even though i do tape the episodes.

And even though my excitement and general love of the show has died down significantly, I am still sad that it is ending. I was hoping that after the hiatus, Alias would return in its full glory, but since it is not, I am hoping for a knock out end of the season.Hey we do have a plus in that sark is returning(cheer!)

Just remember we do have the dvds now! :)
Nov 17, 2003
Chicago, IL
RIP Alias. I only hope that they WILL do the last 5 years justice with its end. I'm talking Vaughn and Sydney together with baby. I want Sloane dead. I want Irina and Jack to see eachother again, even if only once.
Nov 14, 2005
I found this on

I Spied Alias Without Jennifer Garner: It happened during an interview with Rachel Nichols a couple of weeks ago, before the cancellation was announced. I saw the future of Alias. And it worried me.

When asked what's ahead for the show, considering Jennifer Garner's impending motherhood, Rachel replied: "She's going to do every episode this season. And contrary to popular belief, she'll even probably be back for some episodes next season...And if [the show] goes on for another couple of seasons, I'd like to think that I will be here and doing my part as, you know, Jennifer moves off. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years I may be the pregnant one that's like, 'All right, time for someone new to come in! I'm leaving!' "

Sure sounds like producers may have been considering continuing the show with less Jen and more Rachel, no? A source on set confirmed it was so--that although Jen had already signed for season six, clearly, she'd need a bit more time for her new Garfleck bundle of joy, who has the cutest name ever, Violet. (Those 18-hour days aren't so conducive to motherhood.)

A week later, precisely two days before Alias was canceled, I ran into ABC President Steve McPherson at an event and, of course, pounced at the chance to ask, "Is this Alias' last season? Is it going to continue without Jennifer Garner?" He responded that he didn't "see it continuing without Jennifer Garner...Alias is Jennifer Garner."

I found myself surprisingly, strangely relieved. (God, I feel blasphemous for saying that--stay with me.) Not because I don't adore Alias and Rachel Nichols (she's one of the best young talents anywhere today), but because I'd rather see her in a spinoff than carrying the torch of a show that's already morphed into something else so many times.

Don't get me wrong, Alias is still one of the best shows ever to air on television. Even at its worst, it's still better than 99 percent of the felgercarb on the air. But for some of we die-hard Aliasaholics who've loved the show since its inception, the farther it gets from the original concept in the pilot, the more we can't help but ache a little for the Alias of yesterseason. Will, Francie, Sark, Vaughn, "the Man" turned Spy Mommy, "Joey's Pizza." (Sigh.) Anyone else feel the same? If so, therein lies the glittering silver lining.

Alias Reunion! That's what it's certainly sounding like the big series finale in May could be. Sources tell me producers are hoping for a full two-hour blowout, in which they would bring back many of the former goodies and baddies we've loved and lost: Irina (Lena Olin), Will (Bradley Cooper), Francie (Merrin Dungey), Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres), Katya (Isabella Rossellini), etc. The list goes on and on and might even include a certain someone who may or may not have been shot repeatedly in the chest.

Do you hear that? It's the sound of my mind exploding. (As our beloved Marshal would say.)

Of course, all this depends on the actors' availability. Some are doing plays, like Bradley, with Julia Roberts on Broadway, and others, movies, but I can't imagine they wouldn't drop everything to take part. Oh, and by the way, a certain baddie already has vowed to do so...

Sark Is Back This Wednesday! Don't forget, Alias is moving to Wednesdays at 10 p.m. this week. You do not want to miss this episode, for it's the triumphant return of Alias' best baddie, Sark, aka David Anders.

"He's American for most of the episode," David says of his British biscuit of a character. "The episode's called 'Bob,' and it refers to Sark's alias on a mission to Brazil. He meets Ms. Nichols-Ms. Gibson, and she was doing an English alias, so it's a whole flip-flop thing we're doin'. It's very fun."

Speaking of flip-flopping, he'll be doing precisely that between the sheets with at least one female on the show this season. As I mentioned before, he'll be scantily clad, but (brace yourself for the bad news) apparently he won't be sporting that flesh-colored c--k sock. "That ended up not goin' down," David says. "I mean, I was willing to see how it worked and to see how comfortable I was, but I'm just gonna be in my undies. I don't know, maybe you'll see my backside, in my Calvin Kleins. [Laughs.]"

Meanwhile, David has been keeping busy in the movie world, having just wrapped a film called Circadian Rhythm, another with Monica Keenan called Left of Darkness and a short treatment of a film that's headed for Sundance, in which he plays a schizophrenic whose alter ego is a woman.

And good news. He's expected to stay on Alias for a handful of episodes this season and says he hopes to be asked back for the big finale. "I have no idea, but I would think they'd bring back all the old familiar faces, everyone just crawlin' out of the grave. Rambaldi elixir for all. Just a big Rambaldi party, with the baby!"

He's also pitching a spinoff for Sark. "I've got three executives already on board and three writers. Sark buys a bar, and the show changes to a half-hour format, sitcom-style. The old gang shows up every so often. You know, Sloane, Will, Diane, Norm. We'll turn the whole genre on its head."

Clearly, he's kidding. And regardless, David will have his own fantastic legacy. "I just found out 'Sark' is now the word for, um, sex or hookin' up in the writers' room," he says with a laugh. "As in, 'Dude, did you Sark her?' 'Cause Sark's carnal relations are not gonna end with Rachel. I'll tell you that."

Sark, yeah, mother-Sarker!

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Just thought you'd like to know! :D


Oct 17, 2003
I'm glad that it will end if Garner is gone... While I love the show, and I think Rachel is fantastic, I don't want her to take over Garner's place. I'd rather a spin-off if they were to do that. Alias has always been about Sydney Bristow, her family, her friends. They were probably planning for Rachel to take over, until they saw fan reaction to Vaughn being gone. With Syd gone there'd be no show. Syd's the hero. She's the one we've been with for 5 years, and what effects her, effects us. If she's gone, so is the show. :(
Dec 7, 2005
I just wanted to say that I love the show Alias-my favourite one. So, obviuosly I'm sad about them stopping the show. However, I have loved it and stuck by it for it's amazing seasons. I will never forget all those nights of waiting in anticipation for new episodes, new seasons, new stuff. So, although it is ending, I'm so happy to have been able to watch this AMAZING show. Because of it, I have two favourite celebrities. (Take a guess, yes, Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan.) :D I write about Alias for school projects and just today actually, found out that one of my teachers likes the show too, and like me, believes it makes you wanna be a spy. ^_^ So, yes, I will miss Alias with all my heart. (n) And so many others will. Can't wait to see how they end it and I'm hoping for the best, Good luck also to Michael Vartan and Jennifer Garner. You both are the BEST and are amazing! Thanks for all the years of dedication to your work :) We'll miss you!
Dec 27, 2003
I am going to miss Alias, but Jennifer and Michael have done an outstanding job as Michael Vaughn and Sydney Bristow. If the show ends the story with the reunion of Sydney and Michael and hopefully a wedding for these two then it will be an awesome close to this great story.


Aug 31, 2004
Well I hate to see this show go. I have loved it from the begining. It truly makes me sad. Alias was the one time during the week that my mother and I could sit and enjoy some time together. I am sure that the cast hates it. But it was a great show and we have the dvd sets~

Best of luck to every one!


Apr 24, 2005
Hello to all the fans of ALIAS all around the globe!

First of all, i will really miss ALIAS, because since the moment i saw this show i became ADDICTED. It was one night, when Third Watch ended. And just in moment of curiosity i just wanted to watch the show and it was fantastic. But because in our family don't have a lot of money, i DL ALIAS all seasons 1-4 DVDRip and 5th season i'm dl it every week when new serie comes out. There're so many great stories and characters, that i can't say for everyone of them, that are bad. But offcourse JG is OUTSTANDING. I will watch every single episode from the beggining, when the show will end, because this show is and will be for the ALIAS FANS in our hearts, cause it it's not *felgercarb* like 99% of other shows, like Desperate Who... :P.
Let's just hope that it will got OUTSTANDING finale, because if don't i just really don't know, why they announced 5th season if it's finale will be felgercarb :-/.
I pray and i stick with every fan of ALIAS that this show will get season finale like it deserves.
ALIAS R.I.P. and good luck to JG in her private life and family.

P.S.: Sorry 4 my bad English. I'm from Slovenia and i'm just trying to do my best.
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