Oct 12, 2003

Title: Absolution
Sequel to Redemption BUT you don't have to have read Redemption to follow Absolution, the summary is fine.

Author: Young Stars Owner

Rating: PG-13 (some chapters will be clearly marked as R)

Cast: All Cast Adventure

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Oct 12, 2003
This is the Story Summary for Redemption. This fic (Absolution) is the sequel to Redemption. You can read it in its entirety Here or you can read the Chapter by Chapter Summaries Here if you wish.

I am posting the Summary for Redemption as a refresher, because it ended on a cliffhanger and it has been a long time since many of my readers read it.

Story Summary

When Sydney investigates new Intel regarding the The Covenant she discovers she has a 17 year old sister named Kathryn whom she never knew about. Irina faked her death when Kathryn was five and Kathryn spent the rest of her life in foster care in NYC. Sydney, Vaughn and Weiss save her from the Covenant. Kathryn was kidnapped because the Covenant thought she had knowledge about something called The Contessa. Jack and Sydney quickly realize that Kathryn isn’t an ordinary teenager and was in fact being molded by Sloan to become an agent. Kathryn didn’t know who Sloan really was, but he’d discovered her shortly after Irina left her. Sloan is currently in CIA custody. Jack discovers that Kathryn’s father was an ex-KGB officer named Petrov Khasinau who died when she was four. He puts Kathryn in protective custody at a safe house. The safe house is attacked and all but Kathryn are killed. During a regression therapy session they learn that Kathryn has a lot of secrets. Her father whom they thought was Petrov Khasinau was really his brother Alexander Khasinau and during her years in foster care, she was abused significantly both sexually and physically and when she was twelve she gave birth to a baby. Kathryn’s son is named Joshua and was adopted at birth as Sloan had arranged. Sydney shows Kathryn a picture of him and they decide to continue the charade with everyone that her baby died at birth in order to avoid any potential . Jack, Sydney, Sloan and Weiss are the only ones who know otherwise. Kathryn becomes good friends with Weiss. Kathryn participates in an operation in an undercover operation in Spain and Jack sees that she could become a very good agent. Kathryn is slowing building a relationship with Sydney. Sydney meets Irina and tells her what happened to Kat as a child and then Irina sends Jack a very important message Kathryn is really Katarina Madrid Bristow, his daughter. Kathryn is kidnapped and then reported dead. A funeral is held and she is buried. In actuality as the others quickly learn, her death was staged by the man who kidnapped her and who works for Petrov Khasinau, the man she thought was her father and thought was dead. Petrov Khasinau is after The Contessa. Kathryn tries to escape but a somewhat shocked Sark prevents her from doing so. Jack and Sydney locate Kathryn with Irina’s Intel and they rescue her. She is found alive, badly beaten, but alive and saves Irina’s life. For the first time since she was a kid Kathryn gets a good look at her mother. After returning to LA Kathryn reveals that she knows what the Contessa is. It’s a purple diamond tiara. The Contessa is connected to Rambaldi and there exists a scroll 47, which they are now looking for. Jack and Kathryn (now going by Kat) make a connection and both realize that maybe there will be hope for them both. Kat is suffering psychologically due to the circumstances of her childhood and her desire to know her son and she is plagued by continuing nightmares. Vaughn, Sydney, Weiss, Will and Kat go to Russia to search for Scroll 47 in an old house owned by the late Alexander Khasinau. Kat encounters Irina and pulls a gun on her, but Irina gets control and shoots the others with a tranq gun so she can talk to Kat. Kat holds a lot of animosity towards Irina. After Irina leaves, they find scroll 47. The scroll is analyzed and reveals that the Chosen one has a sister and she is termed The Countess and she is the only one who can stop the chosen one from complete destruction. Kat is quickly recruited into the agency, much to Jack and Sydney’s displeasure. While training at the farm Kat becomes friends with JJ Cruz, who later joins the team. After 8 weeks Kat returns home seemingly a bit older and decides to live with Jack. Sydney throws Kat a surprise 18th birthday party and Jack’s gift to her is a new room in a new home; the house where Sydney grew up. Kat and Weiss are on a mission and she encounters Sark. They both realize that they know somehow they knew each other before meeting when Kat was kidnapped by Khasinau. Weiss realizes that Kat is hiding something. Meanwhile a search for a mole has been occurring and when Kat returns home she is arrested under suspicion of being the mole. She was framed and when she is being transferred to another facility the bus is attacked and she is extracted. The last thing she sees is a woman aiming a gun at Weiss.


A/N-->Redemption began Oct 13, 2003. It ended exactly one year later on October 13, 2004. It took a long time for me to start the sequel, but once i had it seemed fitting to wait until October 13 of this year to continue the pattern, and it also happens to be my birthday.

A lot of people stuck with me through this and I really hope they enjoy Absolution! Thank you so much to my beta Bev, without her, not only would my grammar and paragraphing suck, but also you would have hated the ending. Thanks Bev!

I really hope you all enjoy the fic and please comment and leave reviews, I especially love "quotey" reviews but I really do appreciate feedback both good and bad (as long as it's constructive at least.)

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Chapter One

Kat sat on the floor in the back left corner of her cell with her legs drawn up tight to her chest. Her arms were wrapped tightly around them and her chin rested on her knees.

In the beginning, she had co-operated. They gave her a lie detector test and everything had been fine until she’d started to fail it. Branden dismissed everyone else from the interrogation room other than himself, Garcia and another guard. He started to question her, demanded answers, accused her of things she hadn’t done and all through it she didn’t say a word. She didn't defend herself or deny his accusations. It wouldn’t get her anywhere. Branden was convinced she was a traitor and there wasn’t any changing his mind so she didn’t bother wasting her energy. She did however take pleasure in the fact that her silence pissed him off. Then he got nasty. An off-handed comment about her mother had been the one that finally broke her. She jumped up yelling and he slapped her. Not hard, but hard enough that she calmed for a while and decided to turn the tables on him until he hit her again and this time the interrogation was over.

Branden had asked a lot of questions about Julian. ‘No, not Julian,’ she reminded herself. Sark. He’d asked her a lot of questions about Sark. Julian and Sark, they were so different, yet the same. The Julian she remembered or rather thought she remembered was not the man he was today. Of course, back then he had only been a boy with shining blue eyes and a mop of curly blond hair.

Sydney and Jack approached the cell quietly. Kat hadn’t heard them nor made any movement in the past ten minutes according to Garcia.


She lifted her head and it was painfully obvious to both Jack and Sydney that Garcia had been telling the honest truth.

“Daddy,” her voice was wistful and earnest. She stood up stiffly in obvious discomfort and slowly walked towards the glass wall.

“Kat-your face,” Sydney began.

“It’s okay,” she interrupted. “I can’t say I didn’t deserve it. It doesn’t hurt that much anyway.”


“I’m okay Daddy,” she whispered. “I’m just confused. They’re saying I did things that I didn’t do or at least I don’t remember doing-“

“Kat don’t worry we already have evidence that you didn’t send that communication to the Covenant. We’re going to get you out of here soon,” Sydney said confidently.

“But what about the records?”

“What records?”

“The bank records, Branden showed them to me. Bank records in my name, with large deposits and my signature and videotape and computer transmissions from my account. Syd, I don’t remember any of it. He’s saying I did it, but I don’t remember-“

“Katarina, who are you protecting?” Jack asked bluntly.

Her eyes grew wide and she was taken aback. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yes you do. You need to tell me who you’re protecting.”

Jack’s voice was anything but sympathetic or compassionate and the manner in which he spoke was one he would use with another agent, not with his daughter. As Sydney watched her father and sister, she became painfully aware that Kat was tapping her left index finger against the glass in a repetitive pattern.

“I thought you believed me. Why don’t you believe me?”

“Who is it Katarina, is it Sark? Julian? Are you protecting Julian?”

“I thought you believed me, why don’t you believe me?”

“Are you protecting Julian?”

“Stop calling him that. You don’t know him.”

“Are you protecting Sark?”

“Don’t call him that, it’s not his name it’s… Julian.”

Kat was crying now and every tear felt like it was stabbing Sydney in the chest. “Katy just tell us the truth, are you protecting him?”

“Yes, no… I don’t know.” Her voice trembled and her splayed against the clear glass, gripping it.

“Why?” Jack asked. “Weiss showed me the picture, is it because of that?”

“No,” she shouted.”

“Then tell me why you’re protecting him. Why are you lying for him.”

“I don’t know.”

“Why are you loyal to him?”

“I don’t know!” she screamed. “Please Daddy stop. Please just stop,” she begged. “I can’t hurt Julian. I won’t betray Julian.”

It was her last words that signaled to the others that someone else was there. Director Branden had been listening down the hall just out of sight, unnoticed by either Jack or Sydney. “Well, well well, finally the admission of guilt.”

Both Jack and Sydney watched as Kat grew pale and the realization of just what she’d said hit her.

“That was not an admission of guilt,” Sydney protested.

“That certainly is what it sounded like to me.” Branden turned to face Kat. “You’re going down. The evidence speaks for itself.”

“You can’t have any reliable evidence because I didn’t do anything,” Kat said angrily.

“We’ll get a confession,” Branded stated confidently. “At 0800 hours you’re being transferred to Camp Harris for unrestricted interrogation. We’ll get a confession.”

“No, you have no grounds.” Sydney seethed.

“Oh we have more than enough grounds. Your sister is a traitor to the US government and we will find out the extent of her betrayal.” Branden motioned the guards over and addressed them. “Please escort Agents Bristow from the premises.”

Neither Sydney nor Jack tried to fight off the guards. It would only have made things worse for Kat.

“Katarina.” When she looked to Jack, he could see the undeniable fear in her eyes. She knew exactly what unrestricted interrogation was and that it would be decidedly worse than anything The Covenant or Viktor Melnikov had done to her. “We’ll figure this out.”

Silently she watched them go, not noticing the tears that slid down her cheeks.

“Looks like you’ve finally run out of time,” Branden commented as he begun to walk away.

“I didn’t do it,” she whispered though no one could hear. “I didn’t do it you sonofab****,” she shouted much louder. Her voice screamed out the next words and they echoed down the hallway reaching Sydney and Jack. Both her fists slamming against the glass wall. “I didn’t do it!”

Defeated Kat slowly turned her back against the glass and slowly slipped to the ground her knees hugging her chest. She slipped her hands around them and held them as tight as she possibly could.

“I didn’t do it.”

~ ~ ~

Weiss leaned his head against the car window. He was driving to Camp Harris to complete Kat’s transfer. The car he was in was following the transfer bus where Kat was located with three armed guards. He knew it was wrong. Kat wouldn’t hurt a fly unless provoked and she definitely wasn’t working for The Covenant. If she were, he’d know… right?

He’d seen her face, as she was loaded into the bus. Her hands and ankles were shackled together and she’d looked defeated. There wasn’t that spark of defiance that he’d always admired. She seemed almost accepting of the situation and he had to wonder if she indeed had accepted it. Had she given up?

Kat wasn’t sure what had alerted her to the presence of another vehicle. Perhaps it was the flash of light from the rocky hills just before the bus entered the tunnel or the complete darkness, which raised her suspicions. Regardless of what it was, she knew instantly that something bad was about to happen. She turned her body bracing it against the seat and one of the guards stood. He didn’t even have time to ask her what she was doing when there was a sudden flash of light, a loud bang and a lot of smoke.

The driver slammed on his breaks and the bus swerved, flipping over and sailing across the empty road on its side.

Kat lay against the broken window struggling to breathe. When the bus had flipped, she’d been tossed to the opposite side of the bus and had the wind knocked out of her. She stood as best she could and saw that all three guards and the driver had been knocked unconscious in the collision. She crawled up the side of the bus as best she could trying to ignore the pain as she came into contact with shards of glass from the broken windows. She checked the pulses of both guards and was relieved to find them alive, just unconscious. She couldn’t reach the driver or the third guard as they were trapped behind a screen barrier so she didn’t even worry if they were alive or not.

She turned around trying to decide what had happened. Something had been thrown in front of the bus a bomb perhaps, the driver had swerved flipped the bus and then the other car… Eric!

Kat crawled to the back of the bus and looked out the broken window. The car he’d been in was upside down and there wasn’t any movement. She had to get out; she had to make sure that he was all right. She began to crawl back to the guards hoping one would have keys for the shackles when she heard voices. There were shouts and gunfire and then someone began rattling the back door of the bus.

It had to be The Covenant or her Papa. They must have come for her.

The rattling on the back door became more intense and somewhat frantic. The emergency door must have jammed shut in the accident. She suppressed a scream as the door was fired upon and worked at getting to the guard. There was no time to get the shackles off and she just worked on getting to a gun.

The moment her hands closed around the guard’s handgun, she heard the door opening. Turning onto her back she aimed the gun as the person came into view.

The attacker kept their gun aimed at Kat and slowly pulled off their knitted ski mask. Kat’s hands shook as she tried to keep the gun level. She was the first one to speak.

“I don’t know whether to shoot you, or to trust you.”

“If you were going to shoot me, you’d have done it already.” The woman lowered her gun and held out her hand instead. “Trust me know. Ask questions later.”

Kat’s eyes traveled forth between the woman’s hand and the gun. Making her decision Kat set down the guard’s gun and held out her hands as the woman pulled her to a standing position. Kat visibly flinched as the woman knelt at her feet holding a penknife.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” she said and used the blade to pop open the shackles around Kat’s ankles and then the cuffs around her wrists. Finally free of the restraints Kat bent and grabbed the gun she’d dropped.

“No.” The woman knocked the gun from her hands and grabbed her wrist pulling Kat tightly against her body. She pulled down her mask and wrapped her arm around Kat’s waist before placing the barrel of the gun against Kat’s shoulder. “Fight me,” she ordered. “But you’re going.”

Kat nodded understanding what the woman wanted and as they neared the bus’ emergency doors. Kat began to struggle against her as the woman pulled her away from the bus.

Another figure cloaked in black carrying a gun approached them. “I got her,” a man said and wrapped his arm around Kat holding her body tight to his.

Kat began to fight harder not knowing who he was and she kicked as the man began pulling her towards a waiting van. The man wrapped his other arm around her and held her tighter lifting her feet off the ground as they approached the van. Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone approaching with his gun drawn. Eric. The woman pulled her own gun and aimed it at Weiss.

“Nooooooooooo!” Kat kicked the man that held her, hard in the groin as Weiss turned towards her. She tried to run to him but the man tackled her from behind and flipped her onto her back. Looming over her he raised hand with the gun near her face. Kat’s eyes connected with the man’s and she recognized them. “Eric!” she screamed turning to the side and watching as the woman found her target once more. The last thing she would see was the woman pulling the trigger as the man came down hard with the but of his gun near her temple and Kat surrendered to the inky darkness.

~ ~ ~

Her head hurt. It felt like a thick fog covered her mind. The room was mostly dark, even through closed lids she could tell that much, but there was a faint light that hurt her eyes. Her arms and legs weren’t restrained and though she could move them freely, every movement made them ache. Her throat was dry and she couldn’t speak. She was able to manage a moan and tried to open her eyes but they wouldn’t budge.

“You’re alright,” a male voice called to her and she felt someone take her hand. “Just give me a moment; your eyes are swollen shut.” Kat soon felt the cool dabbing of a wet cloth against her eyes. “It’ll just take a minute, have some water.” A glass was pressed against her lips and tilted so she could drink. Her throat was dry and she greedily sucked it back.

“Just a little,” the man cautioned and took the glass back while he continued wiping her eyes with a cool cloth.

“Where am I?” Kat asked, her voice still raspy.

“You’re safe.”

Kat tried to open her eyes, but they remained sealed shut.

“Just give it a few more minutes,” the man said and she heard him rinse out the cloth before continuing to dab at her eyes again.

“What happened?” Kat whispered

“You’ve been sick,” the man explained. “After your extraction, we gave you a sedative, but it reacted with your insulin. You gave us quite a fright.”

“How long have I been asleep?”

“About eighteen hours. How do you feel?”

“Ironically, tired,” she laughed slightly.

“You had a high fever,” the man said and checked her forehead. “It’s gone now.” He pulled the cloth away from her eyes. “Alright, give it a try.”

The cool water had relieved the swelling around her eyes slightly and loosened her lids enabling her to open them. Kat blinked her eyes open moaning slightly in pain.

“Julian,” she smiled seeing his face.

“Hello Katia,” Sark dabbed her eyes once more with water. “How does that feel?”

“Better,” her smile vanished. “You hit me.”

“My sincere apologies,” Sark gently touched the bruise over her right eye. “It was for the surveillance satellites.”

Kat suddenly bolted upright as the memories of the ambush came back to her. “Eric!”

“Katia, calm down,” Sark pushed her shoulders back onto the bed. “He’s alright.”

“But she shot him!”

“It was a tranq gun,” Sark reassured her drawing the blankets back up to cover her body. “Your Agent Weiss is fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“I assure you Katia. He’s back in California, in perfect health.”

“Where are we?”

“Near Groznyy.”

“Russia? I hate Russia,” she groaned. “Why? Why did you do it? Why am I here?” she asked sitting up.

“There’s time for that.” Sark rose from the edge of the bed and pointed towards a closed door. “The bathroom is through there and some clothes for you in the closet. Why don’t you shower and clean up. I’ll have some lunch brought up.” He opened the bedroom door. “Come downstairs when you’re ready.”

“I can leave the room?” she asked genuinely surprised.

“You’re not a prisoner here, Katia.”

“Oh. You call me Katia,” she remarked with the hint of a smile.

“That’s what I’ve always called you. You call me Julian-“

“Julian, do you remember…”

“Come down when you’re ready.” Sark moved to leave the room not allowing her to finish the sentence, as he knew what she wanted to ask


“Katia,” he sighed turning back to her. “What is it?”

“You look older,” she said softly.

“It’s been a long time.”

“Fourteen years.”

He gave her a slight smile. “A long time.”



“Thank you.”

He nodded. “Come when you’re ready.”

~ ~ ~

Vaughn opened the door to Weiss’ hospital room and allowed it to slam shut behind him startling both occupants. “What the hell are you doing?” he asked seeing Weiss struggle to slip on his shirt and button it.

“What does it look like I’m doing,” Weiss said rather annoyed as his bandaged hands inhibited the once simple task of buttoning his shirt.

“It looks like you’re signing out of the hospital A.M.A.”

“Well then obviously you talked to Lisa.”

“Damn right I talked to Lisa, Weiss, she’s worried about you. You’re injured-”

“And so is Kat and sitting around in a hospital bed and doing nothing is not going to help find her.”

“Weiss, we’re doing everything we can to find Kat,” Vaughn sat down on the hospital bed watching as Weiss struggled with the buttons of his shirt. “JJ’s out right now examining the scene with Garcia. Jack and Sydney are checking all their contacts and she’s…”

“She’s what?” Weiss pressed.

“She’s number three on the CIA’s most wanted list right now. They’re considering shoot to kill.”


“Weiss, they’re doing everything they can to find her. They think she’s the mole; they think she’s working for the Covenant.”

“She’s not. Kat is not the mole.”

“You and I know that, but the evidence is convincing. They’re convinced that it’s her.”

“Well it’s not. She was set up. You talked to her Mike.”

“Yeah and she lied to me.” Vaughn held up his hand to stop Weiss from speaking and continued. “She lied. I know she’s not the mole. We all know it, but that doesn’t change the fact that she lied and she’s protecting someone, probably Sark.”

“Why do you say that?” Weiss questioned wondering if Jack had showed the others the photo of Kat and Sark when they were kids.

“The footage, from the security camera in Morocco. It was obvious that she knew him. Whether or not she remembers is really not the issue.”

“You know what, Mike,” Weiss interrupted. “You’re starting to sound like them.”

“Like them? Like Who?”

“Kendall, Devlin, Brandon, all of them.”

“Weiss, that’s not fair!” Vaughn stood angrily. “I can’t change what she did. Kat lied to Brandon and she’s in deep s*** for doing it, but she’s my friend. I love her too and I know she’s innocent.”

“Than what are we standing here arguing for,” Weiss grinned and tossed him a shoe. “Help me get out of this place and go find her.”

Vaughn eyed his friend’s bandaged hands and nodded, cracking a smile. “Lisa’s going to kill me for this,” he sighed. “Better yet, Syd will shoot me first.”

Weiss grinned and eased his aching body into the chair beside his bed. He stuck out his foot so Vaughn could slip on the tennis shoe and tie it which his broken fingers and burned hands prevented Weiss from doing. “Hey Mike, you like Lisa right?”

“Of course, she’s nice.” Vaughn looked up from his kneeling position on the floor as he tightened the shoelaces. “Why? Are things getting serious?”

“I don’t know, maybe,” Weiss shrugged with a smile. “She’s great, I love her. It’s just, I don’t think Kat likes her; her opinion is important to me.”

“What are you talking about?” Vaughn asked. “Kat likes everybody. Don’t worry, you know it takes her a little bit to get used to new people.”

“Right,” Weiss nodded reassured. “Alright man, let’s get out of this sterile prison.”

Vaughn laughed and stood, following Weiss out the door. Sydney was so going to kill him for this he thought again.

~ ~ ~

Kat waited until Sark had left the room before she got out of bed. There was a large picture window with a window seat on the far wall and she immediately looked through it. There wasn’t much to see. Countryside that seemed to go on for ages and beautiful gardens surrounded a natural pond. She sat on the ledge drawing her knees up to her chest and rested her head against the window. The touch was cool and seemed to dull her aching head slightly.

She glanced around the room seemingly mesmerized by the beauty of it. The wood of the bed and dresser were dark and rich, the carpet lush and expansive, and the cloths screamed elegance. The sheets were a fine silk and even the pajamas she wore were of the utmost quality. Whomever it all belonged to, had good taste.

Her fingers traveled to her neck and pulled the chain out from under her shirt. It was the medallion: the Archangel Gabriel, Patron Saint of Guardian Angels. Her eyes filled with tears as she cupped the pendant in her hands. All she wanted to do was go home and see Sydney, her father and Eric; but that didn’t seem possible at the moment. “Please be okay Eric,” she whispered squeezing her eyes shut as the image of the woman pointing the gun at him lingered in her mind. With Julian, she didn’t feel danger. She felt strangely secure in the foreign house in the country she’d come to hate. Things always seemed to go badly when she was in Russia.

Kat stood and went into the bathroom. It was small yet elegant with marble counters and fresh flowers that fragranced the entire room. She turned the water on and stripped off her clothes anxious to wash away the sweat and grime residue from her fever and extraction.

She stood naked in front of the mirror barely recognizing the girl in the reflection. The left side of her face was bruised courtesy of Director Brandon and Julian had left his mark on the right side. Her hands and arms were scraped from the glass and both her upper arms bruised from where the woman had grabbed her. She looked tired and worn, not at all like the vibrant eighteen-year-old girl she should have been. The last three days had been a nightmare from hell and she had a sinking suspicion that it was only just the beginning.

Kat stood under the shower allowing the far too hot water to drench her skin. It hurt but it was almost nice to feel the pain. Pain she could control. Pain reminded her that she was alive and prevented her from falling asleep. The water soothed away the tension in her shoulders and back but made all the cuts and bruises marring her skin burn with a fierce intensity. Following the shower, she wrapped herself in a large fluffy white bathrobe and towel-dried her hair as best she could. The bathroom cupboard was well stocked. She found a brush and used it to comb through the mass of tangled curls.

When she emerged from the steamy bathroom, there was a tray of food left on the dresser. Scrambled eggs and fresh fruit were uncovered along with tea and orange juice. She immediately drank the juice as she began to feel light-headed and knew her blood sugar was low. She ate the eggs and then picked at the fruit, carefully avoiding any pieces that had come into contact with the strawberries. Hives were the last thing she needed at the moment.

Kat briefly considered that the food could have been drugged but she was sure that Julian wouldn’t have done that. He told her that she wasn’t a prisoner and he’d wanted to see her when she was ready. He wouldn’t have drugged her food if he’d wanted to see her.

After changing into a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans that though were the smallest size in the cupboard, they were still several sizes too big, Kat ventured out of the room. She looked up and down the long hallway but there wasn’t any activity. It was an old house, easily two hundred years but she could tell it had been recently renovated. Everything looked brand new. From the plush burgundy carpeting to the ornate woodcarvings on the grand staircase, Kat was sure everything should have remained under glass.


Kat nearly jumped out of her skin hearing the voice call her. She turned in the direction of the unfamiliar voice abruptly, her damp hair whipping her face and her fists ready to retaliate. She almost laughed and lowered her hands. The owner of the voice a very tall, very skinny old man dressed in a butler’s uniform at the end of the hallway. The poor man looked like he might snap in half with any quick movement.

“They’re in the dining room.” He pointed down the staircase.

“They?” she asked curiously but the man did not answer. Instead, he turned and walked down the opposite hallway disappearing into the dark shadows of the corridor. The man gave her the creeps. The whole scene was right out of a horror movie and she was a little unnerved as to who exactly was waiting for her down stairs.

She trusted Julian. She wasn’t sure why but she did. Though she trusted him, she still had no idea what his intentions were. Was she really safe or was she about to be interrogated for American secrets. On the other hand, perhaps it was Rambaldi or the Contessa he was after.

Kat clenched the railing in her hand as she slowly walked down the staircase. Her palms began to sweat in nervous anticipation of what she would find. The butler could have been mistaken and it was only Julian who was waiting for her, but what if he was right. What if Julian was working for her Papa and all he wanted was information on The Contessa; he had known Victor Melnikov after all.

Her fears began to grow as she neared the landing and heard the quiet lull of voices. It was easy to discern where they were coming from…a room across the hall and to the left of the stairs. The lights were low and cast dark shadows on the walls, which only served to heighten her level of suspicion.

The voices grew louder as she approached the room. Julian’s voice and accent were so easily distinguishable and she judged there to be at least two other men and one woman in his presence. They quickly grew quiet and then silent and Kat had difficulty deciphering any words of the stilted conversation. Her steps were slow and silent on the wood floor. She briefly thought about making a run for it to the front door several yards down from the room, but she doubted she’d be able to make it off the unfamiliar grounds without being caught. She’d learn her boundaries, and then plan her escape if needed.

Kat crept along the side of the wall getting closer to the entranceway of the dining room. In contrast to the rest of the house, it was brightly lit and she stood unmoving in the corner of the entranceway. In addition to Julian, there were two more men and three women surrounding a long dining table. Julian had his back to her and no one noticed her. They were too involved in their computers, files, and paperwork. She studied each one, though not able to see any of their faces. She recognized Julian, and also the back of the woman who’d shot Eric, but the others were a mystery to her.

“Well, well, well, sleeping beauty finally decided to wake up.”

The voice seemed full of hatred towards her and as Kat faced the occupants of the room her blood ran cold.

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OMG!!! you continued!! What did she lie to Vaughn about? Is there something wrong with her that's making her forget stuff? Sark's so sweet. Who's with him though? And why are they mean to Kat?

:birthday: How old are you? Or are you too old to answer that? :D

Update soon!

Oct 12, 2003
OMG!!! you continued!! What did she lie to Vaughn about? Is there something wrong with her that's making her forget stuff? Sark's so sweet. Who's with him though? And why are they mean to Kat?

:birthday: How old are you? Or are you too old to answer that? :D

Update soon!

hmm what did Kat lie to Vaughn about? Well the lie was that she wasn't hiding anything from him when he talked to her after Branden took her into custody. Kat was hiding the fact that she somehow knew Sark. This happened the second last chapter of Redemption.

Is there something that is making her forget stuff, well that's a complicated question i suppose. Either she really didn't do anything at all or maybe her training of when she was a kid is having an effect on her, or maybe she's just playing them all.

I suppose you'll just have to wait and see.

Thank you for the birthday wishes.
I'm not too old to answer it, but that doesn't mean i'm going to tell you!
Oct 12, 2003
Chapter 2

Kat crept along the side of the wall getting closer to the entranceway of the dining room. In contrast to the rest of the house, it was bright and she stood unmoving in the corner of the entranceway. In addition to Julian, there were two more men and three women surrounding a long dining table. Julian had his back to her and no one noticed her. They were too involved in their computers, files, and paperwork. She studied each one, though not able to see any of their faces. She recognized Julian, and the back of the woman who’d shot Eric, but the others were a mystery to her.

“Well, well, well, sleeping beauty finally decided to wake up.”

The voice seemed full of hatred toward her and as Kat faced the occupants of the room, her blood ran cold. Her eyes immediately locked with the speakers. She was a young woman, several years older than Kat with fiery red hair and jade green eyes. The rest of the occupants of the table turned toward her and strangely Kat felt rather self-conscious, which was unlike her. Kat took a few steps back into the shadows and Julian stood and walked to her.

“It’s alright,” he said softly to her ears only and guided her into the room.

She stood directly in front of the woman who’d shot Eric. The woman turned in her chair slightly and removed her reading glasses. “Come here child.”

Kat took a few steps toward her and stopped.


Kat eyed Julian carefully before stepping forward once more until she was only inches from the woman. The woman looked her up and down several times, her gaze never changing.

“You’re quite a good deal smaller than I thought you’d be.” The woman suddenly roared with laughter and gently tugged the jeans Kat wore. They were double rolled at the cuffs and waist and they barely hung onto her slender hips.

Kat glanced at the others who also laughed and she even saw Julian smirk. She turned her attention back to the woman. “You’re a great deal older than I thought you’d be.”

The woman stopped laughing. “And quite the mouth on you. Didn’t your mother ever--”

“My mother is dead.”

“That is news to me.”

“Katya,” Sark broke in. “Leave her alone.”

“I don’t need you to defend me, Julian.” Kat crossed her arms over her chest angrily.

“Yes Julian,” and the red head smiled mockingly.

“Shut up, Talia.” One of the men shook his head and smiled slightly at Kat.

Katya reached her hand up and tilted Kat’s chin examining the bruises over her eyes. “You should put some ice on those.”

Sark quickly put his hands on Kat’s shoulders and pulled her back. He could see the anger simmering in her eyes and knew only too well what she was like when she erupted. He directed her toward the chair beside his and as she sat down, he leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Call me Sark.”

It was plainly obvious to her that Julian was off limits.

Talia, the redheaded girl glared at her. Her nose was slightly crooked and she reminded Kat of a rather nasty girl by the name of Rachel that she’d known in the second grade. Rachel was the most popular girl in the class with long red hair always pulled back into a braid. She had constantly teased, berated, and bullied Kat for being an orphan and wearing hand-me-down clothes with holes from church charity boxes.

On the last day of school, Rachel had teased Kat about wearing a long sleeved shirt that was tearing at the seams, when it was so hot out. A good strong pull and the sleeve had ripped right off giving half her second grade class a good view of the bruises dotting her arm courtesy of her latest foster mother. A few laughed, but most didn’t say anything at all including the wretched Rachel because they were afraid of her; she hadn’t cried. Kat wasn’t unhappy about the change in foster homes and school districts, which occurred a week later and guaranteed she would never see Rachel again.

The man, who sat next to Talia, was obviously her older brother around Sark’s age. They both shared the same red hair and freckles. Beside him, directly across from Kat, was the third woman. She was blond and blue eyed and was seated far back enough from the table that Kat could easily see she was at least seven or eight months pregnant. The third man seated beside Sark, the one who’d smiled at her, was tall with dark hair and dark eyes. As she looked at him, he smiled again and she forced herself to look away. She looked over at Katya, studying her.

“Why have you brought me here?”

Katya raised an eyebrow at Sark. “She really isn’t at all what I expected her to be.” Ignoring Kat’s question, she stood and began the introductions. The redheaded girl was first then her brother. “My daughter Natalya, her brother Aleksei and his wife Anna. And this is Ilya.”

Katya’s hand stopped on the back of the last chair and once again the tall dark haired man smiled at her. Kat ignored his kindness. “Why have you brought me here?” she repeated.

“Patience,” Katya replied coolly and as she resumed her seat she finished the introductions. “This is your cousin, Irina’s second daughter, Katarina.” She slipped her glasses back on and shared a seemingly amused look with Aleksei.

Kat glanced at the others quickly wondering as to their position in her kidnapping. She only remembered Katya and Julian from the actual event, but Ilya seemed familiar. “You haven’t answered my question.”

“Defiant as ever,” Katya laughed slightly then nodded to Sark indicating he should provide the explanation.

Kat turned to face him and he saw the immediate distrust in her eyes. Not that he blamed her of course; he had brought her to the family she despised. “I have a mole inside The Covenant,” he began. “The mole informed me that The Covenant has a mole inside the CIA and that The Covenant was planning your extraction during your transfer to Camp Harris. We got to you first.”

Kat listened silently to his explanation and analyzed every word he spoke. Was he telling the truth? On the other hand, was it just a lie to ensure her trust? However, Julian wouldn’t lie to her, right? The entire situation was making her head ache.

“But why am I here?”

Sark was not surprised at her words. “For your safety.” He gestured to the others who listened to the explanation and to the files of information littering the long table. “We need to discover who the CIA mole is, take care of them, and clear your name or you won’t be safe. As it stands, the CIA believes you were extracted by The Covenant and they are searching for your whereabouts.”

“My mother?”

“What about her?” Sark asked, his tone changing slightly at the mention of Irina.

“I thought she was Covenant.”

“No,” Sark interrupted. “She is not. It was her instruction that I go to Katya for assistance.”

“Where is she?”

“Your mother is out of the country.” Kat’s eyes darkened at Katya’s intrusion into the conversation. “She has been informed of your well being. I expect she’ll call to speak with you later this evening.”

“I don’t expect I’ll be so inclined to speak with her.”

“Katia,” Sark said sharply and Kat bit her lip to keep from saying more. He passed her a file folder. “We’ve been examining the records of anyone who could have had access to the information that was leaked to the Covenant. Start with the bank records and look for any similarities, inconsistencies, or patterns with the dates or amounts that were deposited into the false accounts set up in your name. We’ll need your help to determine who set you up.”

Kat opened the file and her eyes widened. “Jonathan Jude Cruz?” she said aloud in surprise. “What is this joke? JJ would never do anything to hurt me!”

“We need to examine all the possibilities,” Sark reminded her and Kat could feel the heat of embarrassment coming over her cheeks. Sark showed her the name on the file he was analyzing. William D. Tippin. “We need to look at everyone, even those least suspected. You cannot return home until we find and expose the mole. It is not safe.”

“What if we don’t?” The prospect of never going back to LA, back to Sydney and her father, her friends, Eric, scared her.

“We will,” Ilya smiled reassuringly and for the first time Kat allowed herself to smile back.

~ ~ ~

It was early morning when Jack took a sip of his scotch and swirled the amber liquid in his glass. Every contact he had spoken with had no knowledge of any Covenant activity following his daughter’s abduction, which was leading him to believe that The Covenant was not at all responsible for her disappearance. His contacts also had no knowledge of the whereabouts of Julian Sark or Irina Derevko and it seemed likely that one or the other, if not both, were responsible for Katarina’s abduction and Jack wasn’t sure if that reassured him or concerned him more.

The CIA’s investigation of Katarina as the mole garnered more evidence and Jack’s private investigation to prove otherwise failed to find any new information to further its cause. The only evidence they had was Marshall’s video tape, which wasn’t enough. Whoever had implicated his daughter had covered their tracks well.

Jack dipped his finger in the glass and lifted it to his lips, reminding him of the habit his daughter had never broken.

Despite living with Sydney or himself for as long as Katarina had and establishing trust; whenever she was served a beverage that either she hadn’t poured herself or she hadn’t opened from a sealed can or bottle, she always dipped her finger for a taste test. The habit had been left over from her days as a foster child living with numerous alcoholic parents. Although Jack had hoped the habit would have been broken now he was painfully aware that he, or rather his drinking, was most likely the reason for its continuance. He set the glass down on the table determined not to finish it. He had made a valid attempt at his daughter’s request to stop drinking and he was determined to continue it.

Jack’s eyes were drawn over to the chessboard, which had been left in mid-game. It was his turn. He studied the board for several moments before making his move.

“Your turn, sweetheart,” he whispered softly before turning off the light and heading to bed.

~ ~ ~

Kat sighed and closed the file she had been examining. It was Mr. McShadows, or rather Alex McDonald, the security agent who’d been assigned to monitor her activities prior to joining the CIA.

“Everything alright?” Sark asked leaning towards her.

“Yes,” she responded, but he could tell she was lying.

“Why don’t you take a break,” Sark suggested. “Go for a walk.”

Kat nodded eager for a chance to learn her boundaries and plan a quick escape if one would be required. She stood and left the room without a second glance at the rest. This had to be some kind of nightmare that she would wake up from eventually.

After joining the CIA, Kat had begun investigating her mother’s history. She’d known of the existence of her mother’s elder sister Ekaterina or Katya as she was called, the one Kat was possibly named for, and she knew her mother had a much younger sister named Yelena, but she hadn’t known there would be more of them. Cousins, she shuddered.

Alexsei was all right and his wife Anna was sweet, but seemed entirely out of place in the family. Natalya seemed to hate her for some reason. However, Ilya intrigued her. With his lack of resemblance to the others, she could only assume that he was not related to the Derevkos.

Kat walked in the opposite direction from where she’d come all the while making mental notes of the exits and what rooms were designed for what purpose. The house was massive. There were two separate libraries on the first floor alone and the furnishings were richly decorated and expensive. If it was Katya who owned the house, she must be incredibly wealthy and curiously, Kat couldn’t help but wonder where that money had come from…no doubt from illegal activities.

Kat ventured down a hallway off the main one and down a small set of stairs to find herself in a kitchen. Walking around a small island in the center, she plucked an apple from the fruit bowl and tossed it between her hands.


Startled Kat dropped the apple and whipped her head in the direction of the voice.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” The woman had emerged from a large pantry Kat hadn’t seen upon entering the room. “How are you feeling?”

“Better,” she admitted watching curiously, as the woman stepped forward.

“Well you certainly do……never mind,” she shook her head.

“Certainly do what?” Kat asked suspiciously.

“I’d rather not say.”

“What?” Kat demanded.

“You look like your mother.” She smiled gently and set a box of tea on the counter. “I’m…”

“Yelena, I know.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you,” Yelena said warmly. “You can just call me Lena, if you’d like.”

Kat nodded and studied the other woman. She looked quite a bit younger than Kat had expected, although Yelena was older than Sydney was, by about ten years. Kat forced herself to stand still as the woman came toward her, her hand outstretched.

Yelena touched her forehead with the back of her hand. “You’re still warm,” she said. “Are you sure you’re feeling alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Yelena nodded, accepting her answer and backed away. “I know things must seem quite confusing for you right now--”

“I just want to go home,” Kat interrupted. “But I have accepted that won’t be happening any time soon.” She watched as Yelena added tea bags to a teapot of boiled water. “Can I help you with something?”

“Sure,” Yelena surveyed the tray she had set out. “Could you get the rose tea cups for me please?” she instructed. Kat nodded and went to the cupboard. Yelena added a small container of sugar and cream to the tray and then turned to her niece. “Katy, the cups are in the third cup…” She stopped seeing Kat holding one of the teacups.

“Was that a test?” Kat asked bluntly. She had known exactly in which cupboard the teacups were located.

“I suppose it was.”

“I’ve been here before,” Kat stated glancing around the kitchen in search of familiar surroundings.

“You have,” Yelena confirmed. “When you were a child your mother brought you here, before going to America. You helped me make tea every day you were here.”

“I don’t remember you.”

Yelena laughed bringing a slight smile to Kat’s face. “I wouldn’t expect you to Katarina; you were only four years old.”

“Was it when we were running from Khasinau?”

Yelena turned and retrieved the spoons from the drawer. “Thirteen years last month,” she said quietly.

Kat noticed the change in her, the sadness in her voice and was about to say something, but Sark interrupted. He greeted Yelena, nodding to her and surprised Kat by standing behind her, placing both hands on her shoulders.

His touch unnerved her. It was protective. She shuddered.

Sark took notice and asked if she was all right. She said she was and changed the subject. “I want to talk to my dad or Sydney at least,” she requested.

“That’s not possible,” he refused. “All their communication lines will be tapped.”

Kat pulled away and turned around, glaring at him, her hands on her hips. “This isn’t my first day on the job Sark; just give me a damn untraceable phone.”

He handed her his cell phone. He could see her hands shake as she dialed and he wondered if it was from nerves.

Kat walked away from Sark and Yelena, but kept them in sight. The phone rang twice before a cheery hello was heard.

“Marshall, don’t react to my voice,” she instructed. “Just pretend it’s your sister.”

“Okay,” he said uncertainly. “How are you Alicia? How’s school?”

“I’m okay,” she smiled letting out a sigh of relief at finally being able to hear a familiar voice. “Are you alone?”

“No,” he responded glancing around the busy rotunda.

“I called you, because I figured all the other lines would be tapped. Is my dad or Sydney there?”

“No,” Marshall answered quietly. He was concerned at how calm Kat sounded. He’d heard how she was like steel when she wanted to be, but this was ridiculous. “Vaughn is.”

“Let me talk to him; just don’t let him know it’s me.”

“Sure Alicia, I think Mr. Vaughn can help you.” Marshall approached Vaughn and tapped his shoulder.

The instant Vaughn turned in his chair to face Marshall, he knew something was up. The gadget man was sweating more profusely than normal and his face had gone ashen white.

“It’s my sister Alicia,” he explained holding out the phone. “She needs help with her French homework and I’m a little rusty.”

“Okay,” Vaughn said cautiously knowing immediately that something was up. “Can I use your office? I don’t have a dictionary.”

“Sure,” he nodded. “I’m going to meet Carrie for lunch.”

Vaughn waited until he was inside Marshall’s tech office before putting the phone to his ear. “Hello?”


“Kit Kat?” Vaughn sank down in the chair, running a hand through his hair.

“Hi Mike.”

Her voice was soft and he had to listen carefully to hear her. “Kat, where are you? What happened?”

“Mike, relax, I’m fine, I’m safe,” she promised and walked away from Sark and Yelena. Once she was a safe distance away, she leaned against the wall and sank to the plush carpet.

“Where are you?”

“I can’t say.”


“Vaughn, I can’t. Just tell my dad and Sydney that I’m fine.”

“Tell me where you are and I can come get you.”

“Vaughn no, I can’t,” she protested, her voice wavering slightly. “Don’t you understand? I can’t come back. Not until I find who was trying to frame me.”

“But Kat?”

“No, I won’t tell you.” She took a deep breath and stretched her legs out drawing them over the burgundy carpet runner. “Mike,” she asked softly, “how’s Eric? He was shot and I don’t know--”

“He’s fine,” Vaughn interrupted. “He just had a concussion, and his hands were cut up, otherwise, he’s fine.”

“Thank God, I couldn’t live with myself if…” her voice trailed off leaving them both to imagine the possibilities. .

“Did you know it was happening? Were you expecting it?”

“No, I had no idea, I swear. Mike, there is a mole in the CIA, but it’s not me.”


“The people who took me have confirmation that there is a mole placed in the CIA, in our task force. I can’t go back until I find out who it is. If I go back now, I’m as good as dead.”

“And the people you’re with?”

“I’m safe; they’ll protect me, at least for now, until we can figure out who it is.”

“I want to believe you Kit Kat,” he said quietly. “I really do, but right now I have no idea if you’re telling me the truth. I have no idea if you’re ever telling me the truth. The CIA is looking for you and Branden is not going to stop until he finds you.”

He was expecting to hear the sting of betrayal in her voice, but what he got was far from it.

“I know,” Kat swallowed hard and took a moment to gather her thoughts before continuing. “I’ve lied to you a lot, especially in the last few days, and I am sorry but I just didn’t know what else to do. I promise you that I never betrayed you, or Sydney, my father, Eric, no one. My promises may be worthless to you, but I know that it’s the truth. It’s all I can give you until I have proof and--”

“Stop,” Vaughn interrupted. “Kat, I know you’re not the mole; that’s not what I was talking about. If anything happens to you, it will destroy your sister. I don’t want to see that happen; you can’t do this by yourself.”

“I’m not,” she responded. “Vaughn, I don’t exactly trust these people, but they want to help me and I’m safer here than in LA.”

“Are you with your mother?”

“I have to go.” She ignored his last question and stood, stretching her legs as she did so. “Just tell Sydney that I’m okay?” she requested. “I’ll call back if I can.”

“Kat wait--”

“Bye, Mike.” She hung up the phone and leaned back against the mahogany paneled hallway, her eyes closed tightly.

“And how is Agent Wrinkles?”

“That’s not nice Julian… Sark, whatever your name is,” she sighed and held out the phone for him.

“I speak the truth,” he shrugged.

“Vaughn’s a good person; he loves my sister.” Kat stood upright, but a wave of dizziness overwhelmed her and she slid back against the wall, her eyes remaining closed. “They’re still looking for me. Branden’s not giving up on this.”

“He’s the one who hit you?” Sark asked softly gently brushing his thumb over her swollen cheek.

“Yes,” She opened her eyes and was immediately struck at the gentleness of his touch. It seemed so unlike the first time she had seen him when he’d brought her back to Viktor Melnikov. “I never thanked you for telling Irina where I was. Thank you,” she smiled slightly.

“I must admit, when I saw you, I had no idea who you were. I never knew Irina had another daughter.”

“It could have turned out a lot differently if you hadn’t been there.” Kat blinked trying to clear her line of vision but it was useless and she just resigned to closing her eyes again.

“But it didn’t. Katia, are you alright?”

“Katarina?” Yelena had heard Sark’s question and approached the two, drying her hands on a dishtowel. She felt Kat’s forehead and flushed cheeks. “You have a fever again, are you alright?”

“Yes…” she nodded and opened her eyes attempting to focus on Sark’s face but she couldn’t. “…no.” She took a step forward, but lost her footing and Sark caught her slowly lowering her to the ground.

“What is it?”

“I’m sick,” she struggled to stand but Sark firmly pushed her back down. “I need insulin.”

“Why didn’t you just say something,” Yelena scolded her. “Sark, take her upstairs, I’ll be up in a minute.”

Sark knelt beside her and easily lifted her into his arms. “I can walk,” Kat protested.

“Why are you so stubborn?”

“Why are you such a pain in the ass?” she retorted.

“Katia,” he sighed irritated as he began his trek up the grand staircase.

“Why do you call me that?” she asked as he gently deposited her on the bed.

“What does it matter?”

”I don’t know…” her voice trailed off thoughtfully. “I just want to know why I know you, how I know you. Why can’t you tell me?”


Their conversation was interrupted by Yelena who entered the room quietly and handed Kat an insulin kit. Yelena waited until Kat had administered the proper dosage of insulin with practiced ease before handing her a glass of orange juice, which she quickly drank. “You should get some rest,” she advised. “I’ll get some proper clothes for you and wake you for dinner in a few hours.”

Kat nodded silently feeling the exhaustion quickly catching up with her. Sark was about to close the door when she realized he hadn’t answered her question. “Julian?”

“Go to sleep Katia,” he said quietly and turned off the light, pulling the door shut as he went.

Sighing, Kat carefully rolled onto her side, mindful of the bruises on her shoulders and face. She closed her eyes, resigned to ask Sark the question again the moment she saw him next.


Sep 18, 2003
Sark's so sweet and caring. But why does her cousin hate her? And who's that other guy? This Yelena isn't like the Yelena on the show right? You sent me three pms...

How rude of you not to tell me your age! It's 23 though, right?

Dec 28, 2004
St. Louis, Missouri
I just don't know how to take Sark...
I hope for Kat's sake that he doesn't betray her...
But then again if he does, I feel sorry for him...
I am glad that she was able to call Vaughn...
Can't wait to see what happens next...
thanks for the pm
Update again soon. :D
Oct 12, 2003
Sark's so sweet and caring. But why does her cousin hate her? And who's that other guy? This Yelena isn't like the Yelena on the show right? You sent me three pms...

How rude of you not to tell me your age! It's 23 though, right?

Hi Amisha,
Yes Yelena is nothing like the yelena on the show, I was going to put that in the next chapter. Three Pm's for goodness sake, I still only got one back lol. oh well, sorry about that guys.

Yes it is


I just don't know how to take Sark...
I hope for Kat's sake that he doesn't betray her...
But then again if he does, I feel sorry for him...
I am glad that she was able to call Vaughn...
Can't wait to see what happens next...
thanks for the pm
Update again soon. :D
Sark, he's a tricky guy guess we'll find out.

Masterful story-telling. I love being your beta.
Waiting patiently for your next posting.

Soon I hope!

can i get a Pm.
youve written alot. i took me like 2 days to finish reading redemption before reading this.
this fic is wicked write more soon.
Hi, I'm glad you like it. I'll add you to the pm list.
Oct 12, 2003
Hi everyone, here is a new chapter of Absolution and I also have some new pics that I've added to the first page and I am going to add them in this post too. They were made for my fic by my great friend Rachel. I tried to post them in spoiler tags so they don't take up too much of the page, but it didn't work.

I will also be introducing the cast of Absolution throughout the next few chapters.

I'm posting these pics here temporarily so they are easier to view, but they will permanantly be at the beginning of the fic.

Chapter 3

Sark was on his way to wake Katarina at Yelena’s request when he heard her screams. He pulled his gun from the back waistband of his pants and signaled to Ilya who was leaving his own room across the great wraparound hallway.

Ilya disappeared into his room shortly and emerged brandishing two .34 caliber handguns. He too had heard the scream coming from across the hallway the moment he’d left his room. He took off in a soundless run around the rectangle hallway towards Kat’s room.

As soon as Ilya reached the bedroom door, he and Sark burst in their guns aimed as they scoped the room for an intruder. To their surprise, there wasn’t one.

Kat lay on her side curled into the fetal position, her arms above her head, shielding her face. Her body suddenly twisted to the other side as her hoarse voice cried out, “Nyet, nyet. Please don’t, please don’t hurt me!”

“Leave us,” Sark ordered quickly realizing that she was in the throes of a violent nightmare.

Ilya was clearly reluctant but he obeyed Sark’s orders.

Sark slid his gun back in the waistband of his pants and slowly approached the bed. Kat’s screams grew louder with each passing second and her face stained with tears, some dry, and some not. He called her name twice, but Kat showed no signs of waking. He sat down on the bed and checked her forehead for signs of fever but there were none. She appeared to be having a regular nightmare. He shook her shoulder and called her name.

Caught off guard Sark was surprised when Kat awoke startled and grabbed his wrists, pushed him down on the bed and pinning them above his head, her body half on his. He was surprised at how fearful her eyes were and how much strength she possessed.

“What are you doing Julian?” her voice trembled slightly, her breathing still labored from the nightmare.

Sark raised an eyebrow. “You were having a nightmare.”

Kat appeared confused momentarily but her face was soon blank disguising any remnants of the ordeal. She rolled off him onto her knees and did her best discretely to wipe away the tears from her face.

“Dinner is in ten minutes.” Sark stood from the bed, barely acknowledging Kat as he left the room. Once outside he leaned against the wall rubbing his sore wrists.

Kat sank back on the bed ignoring her body’s screams of protest. Although she felt much better since taking the insulin and sleeping the better part of the afternoon, her body was still nowhere near recuperation.

She spotted a dress hanging on the back of the bathroom door and walked over to it. Sitting on a nearby chair was a plastic bag containing a few pairs of pants, shirts and sweaters as well as undergarments. On top was a note from Yelena, expressing her hope that they would be a better fit. Kat checked the sizes quickly and was certain that they would be a perfect fit. Yelena also indicated that the dress was for dinner.

Kat slid the dress off the hanger and held it in front of her body in the mirror. It was beautiful: simple, sleeveless, lavender silk ending just above her knees. Apparently, in the Derevko household, you got dressed up for dinner.

Kat changed quickly. The dress clung to her figure in all the right places, fitting perfectly. The matching strappy sandals however, were entirely too small and she opted to go barefoot, rather than forcing her feet into them.

She was the last one to arrive at the table. The others sat patiently around a large rectangular table sipping red wine and discussing Katya’s son Alexsei and his wife Anna’s pregnancy. Slipping into the empty seat between Sark and Ilya, Kat quickly learned that they were expecting twins.

She had some difficulty following the rapid Russian, Anna and Alexsei spoke and Talya having noticed this took great delight in speaking as fast as she could; at least until Yelena was sitting and ordered the conversation to be switched to English. Although Russian was Kat’s first language, she had not been fluent in it since she was a young child, despite brushing up on her skills at the agency. Talya seemed to have a great dislike for her and Kat had to wonder of how she’s offended her cousin in the short span of time since she’d known her.

“Katarina, how are you feeling?” Anna asked smiling at her, her accent thick as she spoke. “Lena said you weren’t well before.”

“Much better thank you.” Kat returned her smile finding that she liked Anna quite immediately. “Do you know what you’re having?” she asked curiously taking a sip of her ice water.

“Girls,” Anna said proudly grinning from ear to ear. “Clara and Cecilia. Not exactly Russian, but we like them. Twins are passed on from your side of the family,” she added. “They often skip a generation. Both Katya and your mother were born with twin brothers.” Anna took a sip of her water. “Perhaps you will have twins as well.”

“That’s not possible, I can’t have children,” Kat said softly, then turned to Katya. “You have brothers?”

“Did,” Katya corrected. “My twin brother and Irina’s died when they were born.”

Katya seated herself at the head of the table, opposite Yelena, and the topic of conversation quickly changed to the weather. Kat found it surprising that no one spoke of the research they had been doing that afternoon in the search for the CIA mole. The curiosity was killing her but she refrained from asking about it, choosing to sit back and observe the others rather than interact, unless specifically addressed.

As dinner was served, Kat quickly realized she was entirely out of her league. Thankfully Ilya who sat to her right, discretely indicated which piece of cutlery was for which dinner course. Studying the fine art of dining hadn’t been on the list of training courses at the Farm, though perhaps it should have.

Ilya was quiet during dinner. He spoke when specifically asked a question, but other than that, he refrained from interacting. He appeared to be Russian, although at times his accent was weak demonstrating some time spent in America or Britain; she wasn’t quite sure. Kat was certain he had been part of her extraction team, but his face still seemed familiar to her almost as if they had met before. She wasn’t sure how or when or if she even had, but right now, she wasn’t ruling anything out.

Sark was quiet as well. He couldn’t have said more than two-dozen words the entire dinner, though none was directed to her. He seemed to almost ignore Kat and pretend that she didn’t exist. It confused her; then again, the entire situation confused her.

Kat picked at her food, eating only the bare necessity she would need to keep her blood sugars level. She trusted Julian and Yelena, perhaps even Ilya and Anna to an extent, but the others… particularly Katya, she did not.

Dinner was surprisingly normal, not that Kat was at all sure of what she would have expected, but world domination and Rambaldi as possible topics of dinner conversation did come to mind.

Following dessert, they all moved to the library where the discussion of the day’s research did take place and they all presented the mole suspects they had investigated and eliminated. Kat was thankful to find that Alexei and Ilya had quickly eliminated Dixon, Carrie, and Marshall, while Talya had decided neither JJ nor Agent McShadow were the culprits. Katya had not revealed whom she was investigating, only that her results were inconclusive at the time. However, Kat got the distinct impression as she spoke that Katya had been investigating Sydney and Jack. Kat didn’t have any results to report so she listened carefully to the others offering opinions or clarifying information when asked.

After the reports had been given, the conversation turned once again to Alexei and Anna’s twins. Katya disapproved of the chosen names making her position quite clear, while Yelena scolded her elder sister telling her to keep her opinions to herself. Her son and daughter-in-law did not seem to be bothered by Katya’s disapproval.

Kat, finding the conversation of babies and children far too difficult to endure any longer slipped away seemingly unnoticed by the rest. She wandered barefoot along the hallway studying the various paintings that hung on the walls. It wasn’t long before she sank down on the grand staircase, leaning her head against the railing.

“Bored already?”

“Ilya?” Kat drew in a sharp in take of breath at his words. “You startled me.”

He noticed her shiver and pulled off his white sweater, dropping it over her head. She smiled gratefully at him and slipped her arms through the sleeves.

“My apologies.” He rested his chin on the banister peering down at her. He wanted to ask her if she was all right, regarding the nightmare he had been witness to earlier in the evening; but he didn’t dare after having seen Sark’s quick exit from her room. “Are you sure you’re feeling better you didn’t eat much at dinner?”

Kat looked up at him surprised. He seemed genuinely concerned about her. “I’m fine really,” she said convincingly.

“Alright then,” he moved away.

“Wait,” she suddenly burst out turning on the step to face him as he came round the elegant banister.

“Yes?” His eyes were dark and dull in the dim light and hid any surprise as to her sudden outburst.

“Who are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly that, who are you? How do you fit in here? Did I know you when I was a little? What?”

“You’re trying to make my involvement much more complicated than it really is.” He sat down beside her on the stairs.

“What is your involvement?”

“I am simply an employee.”

“Nothing is ever simple,” she rolled her eyes.

“Believe what you want,” Ilya shrugged and stood. Making his way towards the end of the hallway, he sat on the cushioned seat below an open arched window and lit a cigarette.

“That’s cryptic,” she followed and took a seat beside him, curling her legs underneath her.

“What is it that you really want, or do you even know?” Ilya took a long drag of his cigarette and watched as the smoke circled and moved out the open window.

“Have I met you before?”

“So many questions,” he mused flicking the ash from his smoke into a nearby flowerpot. “It’s not the answers you seek, but merely the opportunity and knowledge to ask more questions.”

Kat had no response for that which Ilya apparently found to be rather amusing. “Can I have one?” she held out her hand.

“One what?” he raised an eyebrow.

“A smoke.”

“You smoke?” he questioned, but handed her one anyways.

Kat leaned forward with the cigarette in her mouth as Ilya lit it. She took a quick drag and exhaled quickly, not having smoked in a long time. Her hand shook slightly as she brought the cigarette to her lips several times and soon it steadied. “I smoke when I’m stressed,” she informed him before taking a much longer drag. “It calms me down.”

“It’s a filthy habit,” Sark interrupted plucking the smoke from between her lips and crushing it in the flowerpot.

“I think we should talk about your bad habits,” Kat reached for another cigarette from the pack, but Sark grabbed it and handed it back to Ilya.

“I need to speak with Katarina.”

The emphasis was on Katarina and Ilya took it as his cue to leave.

“Aren’t you in a royally bad mood?”

“I generally am when I find children smoking.”

“I’m not a child.” She looked up noticing the seriousness of his features and saw a small overnight bag beside the stairwell. “What’s going on?” she asked. “Are you going away?”

He nodded and sat down on the bench beside her. “I have some business to attend to, I will be gone a short while, only a day or two.”

“You’re leaving me with them?”

“Katia, they’re your family, not the enemy.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re on their side.”

“This isn’t about sides. Yelena will take care of you and if you have any problems while I’m gone, you can speak with Ilya.” His cell phone interrupted them and he stood to take the call.

While Sark spoke quietly on the phone, Kat turned back to the window pretending not to listen to his conversation, but in actual fact, she was committing every word to memory. Sark caught on quickly and moved away from her lowering his voice even more. Kat caught snippets of the conversation and while she didn’t know whom he was speaking to, she was positive that they were talking about her.

She wasn’t sure what was more unnerving, the fact that he was talking about her or that she didn’t know who it was.

“Katia?” Sark stood across from her holding out the phone.

“Who is it?” she asked suspiciously.


“I’m not speaking to her,” Kat shook her head.

“Take the phone,” he instructed.

”Absolutely not.”

“Stop acting like a child and speak to your mother!” Sark thrust the phone into her hands and she had no choice but to comply.


“Katarina, I’m your mother. The least you could do is show me some respect,” Irina scolded her.

“Respect is something that is earned. You have done nothing to achieve that.”

“Very well then,” Irina could not disagree with her daughter. “Are you alright?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” Kat replied flatly.

“Sark informed me that you nearly fainted earlier today. Please be more careful about your sugars,” Irina requested. “If there is anything you require, ask Yelena or Katya.”

“Why do you pretend like you care?” Kat interrupted and stood as she switched the cell phone to her other ear.

“I’m not going to argue about this with you right now. You are my daughter, I raised you.”

“Five years and birth hardly qualifies you as a mother.” Kat could detect the rise in Irina’s tone of voice. “That doesn’t give you any rights.”

“Katarina stop.”

“Why, I’m only telling the truth. You claim to love me, but if you really did, wouldn’t you be here?”

“Circumstances currently prevent me from being there. If I could be, then I would. Sark has access to all my contacts and…”

“What was that?” Kat interrupted covering her other ear with her hand in order to hear better.


“That noise… I thought I heard…” Kat sat back down on the window seat attempting to process what she’d just heard, or at least thought she’d heard.


Was it her imagination or did Irina’s voice almost seem nervous, breathless. “Nothing, what is it that you really want?”

“I want to know how you are, Katy.”

“First, I told you not to call me that and second I said that I was fine. Is there anything more because if not I’d really like to go back to pretending this conversation never happened.”

“Put Sark back on the phone please and Katy…I…”


“I-be careful please. We’ll find out who is trying to harm you I promise.”

“Good bye.”

Kat’s voice seemed especially cold to Irina and she was sure that if it were possible, her daughter would be encased in ice.

Kat handed the phone back to Sark and returned her attention to the window. Sark spoke with Irina for a few minutes longer before hanging up.

“You could at least be civil to her,” Sark said disapprovingly as he pocketed his cell phone.

“I could… but we both know it certainly wouldn’t be as much fun now would it. When are you coming back?” she asked changing the subject.

“Tomorrow night, the next morning at the latest I think.”

“Where are you going?”

“I need to meet with a contact,” Sark picked up his bag and turned to face Kat. “If anything happens Yelena can contact me, but I’m sure you’ll be just fine. Why don’t you go out and see the gardens, perhaps go for a ride, the grounds are beautiful this time of year.”

“Maybe,” she shrugged, rather unsure about the idea of exploring the Derevko home. She might get her head cut off for touching something she shouldn’t.

“Katia,” he touched her cheek drawing his thumb gently along the bruise circling her jaw line. “You’ll be fine.”

“Julian, why do you…”

“Good bye Katia,” he interrupted fully aware of the question she was about to ask. Sark was out the door before she could stop him. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to answer her question; the truth was that he just didn’t know. It had just seemed natural for him to call her Katia.

Kat watched him go and then sank down on the steps with a sigh, wishing that Ilya would return so she could have another smoke. Perhaps she would explore the grounds, but not tonight. She was tired and only wanted to go to sleep


“What do you mean she called you?” Sydney demanded.

Vaughn took a seat on a metal folding chair in the warehouse building that had quickly become the center for Kat’s search.

“She called Marshall, I spoke to her, and she’s okay,”

“Are you sure?”

“She said she was and I don’t think she was lying.”

“What exactly did she say Agent Vaughn?” Jack interrupted.

“Not a lot,” he admitted. “Only that she was fine. She wouldn’t tell me whom she was with or where, just that she couldn’t come back until she found out who set her up. Kat said that the people she was with were helping her.”

“Did she mention Sark?” Weiss asked.

“Not specifically,” Vaughn shook his head. “But honestly who else could she be with; we all saw what happened when she saw him in Morocco. She did admit to lying to us about him.” He looked to Sydney apologetically, “she said she was sorry.”

“Did you trace the call?” Weiss asked. “Why not?” he burst out after Vaughn shook his head.

“Weiss, if Kat is with Sark, the call would have been untraceable and if I tried, Brandon would have been notified and he’d know right away that it was her.”

“Agent Vaughn is right.” Jack resumed his seat. “All we can do is continue our own investigation and wait until she contacts us again.”


“Our hands are tied Sydney,” Jack interrupted her. “Your sister is on her own.”

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