Academic paper on mobile phone calls wiping out bees

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It's a year old now, but needs reading. Obviously, without some serious searching, not going to read any arguments against this research.The paper states that making and receiving calls affects the bees. A phone on standby does not. So it's not about scrapping the technology, but more about limiting our usage. An ecology is more than one species. The work bees do is important to the rest of the eco system.

What else are calls affecting that we haven't realised yet? What other animal life is harmed?

When I go out into the countryside and move out of mobile phone range, the buzzing in my head dissipates. This could be a combination of things. The massive electricity power in the city, mobile phone masts, magnetic fields from electrical equipment, fuel fumes and manufacturing/construction dust.

Comments from people in Wales (UK) seem to suggest that in areas where they've put in wind turbines the small animals have left the area, suggesting due to the vibrations. Our environment needs thinking carefully about in an overpopulated world. If we build everywhere, where will our wildlife live? Will our livestock still produce offspring and food products? Will our crops survive? Soylent Green is not the answer.