what do you do as an activaty

  • Ballet ( i do it!)

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  • kickbox/tykwando ( i wish!)

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  • rock wall ( me love!)

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  • horseback riding (love it)

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  • yoga (no)

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  • rollerskate/iceskate (no)

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uhhh i do none of these things.....i guess im a bum...all i do is practice my flute.....and thats very once in a while...i dont do any sports but i have pe!
I've really gotten into yoga and pilates recently...especially pilates bodybands! But that's when I'm not singing in choir, playing in orchestra or my quartet, volunteering at a local aquarium, 2 schools (1 nursery, 1 high), producing and directing a musical, teching other shows, and taking 6 or 7 classes while applying to study away programs and internships...and quite a few things I've probably being obsessed with ALIAS ;)
Well, I do a whole lot of stuff...:D
I horseback ride, do Pilates/yoga, fencing, play the piano, run track and field (I'm a distance runner), run cross country, ballet, some martial arts, and I love to act (I'm going to musical theatre school this summer...I can't wait!)


u don't know how badly i want to be enrolled in kickboxing, karate, or jujitsu classes. I've danced ballet, tap, jazz and flamenco(it was a some program in my school, I did ti for 3 years) for ages though.


horseback riding...I'm doing it since I can walk :smiley:
And then comes volleyball but not too serious 'cuz the riding takes really much time


None of the above... I dance (jazz, not ballet) as of a few weeks ago, I swim (synchro), and, like iL0v3vAuGhN, I practice my flute.
i put rollersk8/icesk8 even though i neva icesk8ed befor. but i was on rollersk8's sence i could walk. when i was 10 i saw these kids aggresive sk8ing & i was like omg that is so kool so they taught me now im an aggresive sk8er. i've been sk8'n for 1 & 1/2 yr. but i aint a pro or noth'n but i got friends that are! :D