Adding to my collection

Being a Zelda nut, I have a shrine of all things Zelda. Today, I received two new items to add to it. A steel replica of the Master Sword and Ordon Sword.
I'll eventually get the shield when there back in stock.
For the price the quality is surprisingly really good. Even included black leather sheathes.
Just figured I'd share this cause I'm really excited about these things.
I'm a fan of collecting cool looking things made of metal myself, but I do tend to shy away from most "swords" because modern replicas are so cheaply made. They're nothing at all like a real sword would be.

That said, however, Zelda weapons and armor sound so geekishly appealing to me that I couldn't care less about combat suitability or whatnot. My only complaint is that those pictures clearly show that the replicas have no structural integrity at all: they aren't full-tang.

Still, they'd definately be neat to have in a collection and would make great props for a convention costume or some such.



I own 5 swords, but they are all made by Windlass Steelcrafts of Aka, real, flex insanely far without breaking, full tang, hand forged, hold an insanely sharp edge, rust if you don't take care of them because they are high carbon steel, etc. Thus I tend to adopt a bit of a snobby attitude towards anything made in less than an authentic fashion. Though It's not like I made them myself, I just own them, so that attitude really isn't justified in any way.

But then again, most people (and even me currently) don't have the disposable income to just drop $150-600 on a "real" sword, so I entirely understand the urge to have one, regardless of the construction.
I'm definitely not a sword enthusiast, but like mentioned earlier (Gate) I don't have the money for a "real sword." For the price, and it's appearance, I'm happy with it. It sits on a collection wall I have in my room and that's where they'll stay....unless I decide to cosplay =D.
Speaking of, anybody know of a site for Link costumes that are decently priced?


Glad I could help, Nav! They have some really good stuff, but they are delving more and more into movie/fantasy junk. However, most of their stuff is still directly copied from museum pieces or historical prints or whatnot.

Oni- as far as costumes go, it's really hard to say. I'd watch out for pricing. There are a hell of alot of sites out there that sell and custom make costumes, and even the best of them have some reasonably priced items and some outragously priced items. Nothing specific to recommend, just that my girlfriend has a hobby/almost small business making costumes and other sewing stuff, so I have a good amount of insight into just how much people get ripped off by alot of web business.