Music Adele - Skyfall (James Bond Theme Song)

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There is no new Adele album on the way but she is doing the theme song for the upcoming James Bond film, Skyfall. :cool: Adele joins a small crowd of artists who have done James Bond theme songs.

Some memorable songs include Shirley Bassey is remembered for songs from Diamonds are Forever & Moonraker while Sheena Easton did For Your Eyes Only, Duran Duran did A View To A Kill, Paul McCartney & Wings sung Live and Let Die, and Garbage singing The World is Not Enough. Jack White & Alicia Keys teamed up for the last movie, Quantom of Solace.



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I'm an Adele fan, with her 21 album being played often on my Zune, and while I like the Skyfall theme I am not too sure about the background singers that start around the 2:30 mark. Unless they were purposely trying to fill a certain time (4:50 is a bit long these days) I think I would enjoy it more slightly shortened & without the extra vocals.