Web Stuff Adsense or Bidvertiser?

khaleel said:
I started to use it and i got £2 pounds in 3 clicks

That's good but you are not allowed to share stats which show the click and the money you got from them and the site where you have the ads, it is against the Terms and Condition of Adsense, I read it somewhere.
junaid said:
I am not sure about that, I think you are allowed to

You're not allowed to share specific adsense stats for a site like the page CTR or the clicks per impression etc.

You can state how much you made from a site but not how many clicks there were, or the clicks per impression.


So far, I'm using Google Adsense on my blog and waiting for my very first payment. YAY!
It took m over a year to get paid.

BTW, Google Adsense pays via check and Western Union money transfer.