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Hey ho.
I’m in a team of people who are developing a strategy browser game aimed at the more dedicated players, or simply people who like a good storyline. It’s called AEON7 and its set in deep space, far into the future. We are game enthusiasts who enjoy a wide range of games such as Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, Shogun Total War, Starcraft, Civilization series, Call of Duty, Quake, but also Baldur’s Gate, Fallout etc. We love the whole gaming world so much that we decided that it’s time to expand from just making games for clients, and that we should start making games of our own as well.

I’m not gonna talk much about the gameplay here, just a few ways we think our game will be different: only one world - one server, complex battle mechanics, complex research system, and an unconventional trading system. Most importantly: we are dedicating a lot of time and attention to the storyline, and want to base much of the gameplay around it. Here’s the first taste of the storyline – the first three Aeons preceding the actual time game is set in: -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspaeon7 Resources and Information..

We need all the support that we can get. If you are up to it, you can use our Facebook app ( to easily spread the word to those who you think might be interested. There is also gonna be a Kickstarter project upped in a few weeks so I’m gonna post about that too.
The game is in its alpha stage. Closed beta is going to be here soon and we’ll need help with the balancing and detecting code bugs. If anyone is interested in being one of the beta testers during the closed or open beta: please mail me at with the subject “Beta application” and your name (speaking English is a perquisite I guess, as we can't afford translators at this point :)).

Thank you all for reading!

PS I'm a part of the two-man-team who are doing the story. We'd appreciate some feedback. :)


We've made a Facebook page that you can follow to get all the newest AEON7 updates, see concept art and screenshots from the game and offer some feedback.
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Here is a preview of the kind of stuff you will be able to see on the AEON7 fanpage:

Republican Science Lab - here the players will do their research, which unlocks new technologies. Technologies will be developed in different buildings, called Tech Labs.


Light Fighter - the backbone of any fleet, and a great escort unit for trade ships. Players will be able to fit them with different armor, weapon types, electrical equipment and change their skins.


Republican Ground Shipyard - Colossal in size and productive as always, these buildings are able to produce Fighter and Destroyer class ships, but also some smaller transporters used to carry around Fighters, debris and cargo.

Thanks to everybody who applied for the beta, your support (and patience) is greatly appreciated. The beta should start, well, soonish. :)



And here it is - the next chapter in the AEON7 universe lore!


In the fourth AEON humankind faces extinction as the parasitic disease called "Rot" rampages throughout the populated Milky Way. Here is just a snippet:

"A number of events that took place were later celebrated as great victories that lead to the destruction of The Leviathan - The Setting Sun’s Charge, Firefly’s Kiloton Sting, The Final Verdict, The Defense of Abd-Ghullad and so on. These produced a number of awarded heroes to come out of the Bloodbath, like Julius Mordaine (for whom the “Mordaine Scar” got its name), Natala Protakova, Snit “The Judge” Broome and many more. Yet the reality was that the Million Suns battle was a struggle shaped by oversights, miscommunication, and unfortunate skirmishes in which inexperienced pilots and gunfighters quickly met their gory ends. Having that in mind, it could be said that the true heroes were the countless grunts and operatives who entered battle knowing they were facing certain death."


You can find the rest of the AEON 4 story, along with the previous three AEONs, here:


We have some exciting new stuff to share! There are three big updates to our AEON7 game that we want to show you:

First - we are thrilled to share the first in-game screenshot showing the interface from our browser-based space strategy game AEON7.


The interface is almost entirely drag-and-drop based, making the managing of your state easy and enjoyable. Any by the way - this is the construction menu!

Second - it was about time to share one more of our 3d ship models with you. These will be viewable in the battle info-feed, the scores, fleet overview as well as in the ship prototyping menu. Players will be able to purchase and win custom skins and, eventually, alternative models of their favorite ships. This particular ship is a Command Cruiser, its design a cross of Repubican and Sataachi styles. Durable, but low on firepower, this ship is dedicated to supporting fleet squadrons by using the specialized gear it can equip.


You can also check out the full 3d view here:
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Third - the AEON5 story is uploaded along with some amazing lore pictures. In this aeon the utopian state of Olisio slowly collapses as a new struggle for power emerges.


You can find the AEON 5 story, along with the previous four AEONs, here: -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspaeon7 Resources and Information.

We hope you like it as much as we do. As you can see, we are working hard to bring the open beta to you as soon as possible. See you in AEON7 soon! :)


We are proud to present this AEON7 teaser video which features a part of the gameplay, as well as some other unseen game material (including the 3d models of the Standard Battleship and the Heavy Destroyer):

We hope you like it and make sure to check that the HD is on!


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Some amazing artwork! :cool:With the attention to the story line and the drawing boards, a graphic novel of the material would make for an interesting read.


Hey people! We have been very busy and are pretty excited to show you some new stuff we have been working on.


There is a huge update to the Aeon7 story – the sixth aeon. Feel free to roam around as you can find out a lot about the factions and events which defined the sixth aeon by clicking around the articles.


We also did a slight redesign of our interface. As you can see the background picture is changed to better reflect the scale of what we are aiming to be the Aeon7 experience, and the interface itself is adjusted suit the needs of our players, as well as our story (you can read more about the Neural Interface on our Wiki page).




We are also working on our battle system. We had a number of changes to the system to help make the gaming experience more enjoyable. In the meantime we have a few new ship models (along with their scales) that we thought would be cool to share.

Republican Light Fighter


Republican Heavy Destroyer


Republican Troop Ship


Republican Colony Ship


This has been a very fun ride so far and we are just about to take it to the next level. Thanks to all the people who showed interested in our development in the past few months. The applications for the beta are still open, and anyone who wants to apply can send an e-mail to

Hang tight, and see you in AEON7 soon!