Season 5 After Hiatus Preview

I don't think they would kill off marshall! If they did i would be soo sad :( but i think it might be Jack... he has helped Syd as much as he can and he will die saving her... that would be sooo sad but cute... i think.
I'm driving myself crazy thinking about the new episode. It's going to be sooo amazing. I can't wait to see all of the characters again, expecially Irina and Vaughn (considering we haven't seen them in a while). Ugh, why do we have to wait till April? It's too far away!!!

~Andrea :angelic:
I know! I mean technically we only have just over a month left to wait... and when you think about how long we've been waiting since the last new epi premiered, thats not that long... but back then we didnt realize we were going to have to wait so long (or at least I didnt) and we didnt have an exact date. Now that we do, its seems impossible to wait for it. I want the new epi NOW :mad:
waiting for the next episode is kinda bitter sweet though... i wanna c it soo bad cuz its probably gunna be sooo good but then it's kinda like the beginning of the end... :(
Does anyone have a video clip of the promo or know where I can find it? I'm dying to see it. I don't even remember it showing after the Horizon it's been soooooo long. Thanks