'After the Fall' Film (Kickstarter Project)

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It is the post apocalyptic US

The resistance in Unit 17 is fighting the enemy and destruction, led by a lady who fell asleep and woke up to this disaster. She was placed in cryo-stasis due to her terminal illness with the hopes that when she awakens again, there will be a cure, but alas there is not.

Seriously guys check this out, doesnt it seem like a bada-- movie??!

I gotta say though, the part that i love the most from the concept art must be the costumes, specifically the gas masks and the giant laser guns

Im not too sure what the full story is, as it's not given away until written up, but from the looks of it, its going to be cool!

Check it out

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Main website: http://www.cyberscanfilms.com/afterthefall/afterthefall.htm

Hey everyone, we are all doing excellent progress, but among all the other things we need to do, the kickstarter campaign is getting postponed until further notice. You can check the status of the movie on either the facebook page, or the cyber-scan website. :)

Hope you all enjoy, and join the resistance!