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Agent Flinkman

Discussion in 'General' started by Super Swank, May 23, 2003.

  1. Super Swank

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    May 23, 2003
    sorry that destiny 47 has the same story. shes my sister and i was on the wrong login name. she posted it! here it is MY STORY!

    Chapter 1

    Sydney sat down at the table next to Marshall and Vaughn.
    "You’re going to France to retrieve the crystal ball that is supposedly a Rambaldi artifact." Jack ordered.
    "Who is you?" Marshall asked. Marshall glanced around.
    "Sydney and Marshall." Jack said rolling his eyes.
    "Me Marshall? And Agent Bristow Sydney? Wow!" Marshall said cheerfully.
    "Anyway, look for gypsies. They will have the crystal balls. Not all of them. Only one." Jack told them. "Be ready in 15 minutes and Marshall, I mean 15 minutes." Jack said.
    "Marshall can be ready in 15 minutes!" Marshall said. Sydney giggled. Marshall turned red and walked away.


    Sydney and Marshall strolled onto the airplane. They slid their luggage above them and sat down. Sydney laid her head on her pillow and drifted off to sleep.
    "Hellooooo France! Syd! We’re here!" Marshall screamed. Sydney opened her eyes and pulled her luggage out from the overhead compartment. She smiled and walked off the plane. A silver Civic, their CIA car, was parked in the lot. She and Marshall got in and drove to the hotel.
    "Bonjour. Je suis Benjamin Prapere. Je celui ai réservé de vos plus belles suites." Marshall said. Translation- Hello. I'm Benjamin Prapere. I reserved one of your finer suites.

    "Oh Oui! M., Mme Prapere! La droite cette façon!" the man said. Translation- Oh Yes! Mr., Mrs. Prapere! Right this way!

    He directed them to room 205. Sydney got dressed in a lovely navy dress with red roses at the bottom. She put on a dark brown wavy wig that came down to her shoulders and a hat to match her dress. She wore purse and black sandals. Marshall dressed in a tuxedo. He dyed his hair black and spiked it. As for their accessories, they both wore a camera around their neck. They walked out into the streets. Several cars were here and there and gypsies danced everywhere. They went to one particular gypsy who sat on the side and watched the other gypsies dance.
    "Je suis Benjamin Prapere et ceci est mon Denise de femme. Avez-vous une balle de cristal qui dit l'avenir? Seulement une question. Aucun biggy! " Translation- I am Benjamin Prapere and this is my wife Denise. Do you have a crystal ball that tells the future?Just a question. No biggy!

    "Benjamin! L'excuser. Quand même, nous sommes des photographes et nous prenons des images d'objets faits au hasard. Les balles de cristal étaient seulement une idée." Sydnet glared at Marshall. Translation- Benjamin! Excuse him. Anyway, we are photographers and we are taking pictures of random objects. Crystal balls was just an idea.
    "Parlez-vous anglais?" the gypsy asked. Translation- Do you speak english?

    "Why yes! Do you?" Sydney asked.
    "Here and there. I was born in California but raised in France. I know as much English as you do. And as much french too. My mother was a gypsy so I grew up to be one. In addition, yes, I do have a crystal ball. My name is Galle’. Nice to meet you Mr. And Ms. Prapere. Follow me!" Galle’ exclaimed. The bells on her dress jingled.

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