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Agent Flinkman

Discussion in 'General' started by Super Swank, Jun 2, 2003.

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    May 23, 2003
    Sydney sat down at the table next to Marshall and Vaughn.
    "You’re going to France to retrieve the crystal ball that is supposedly a Rambaldi artifact." Jack ordered.
    "Who is you?" Marshall asked. Marshall glanced around.
    "Sydney and Marshall." Jack said rolling his eyes.
    "Me Marshall? And Agent Bristow Sydney? Wow!" Marshall said cheerfully.
    "Anyway, look for gypsies. They will have the crystal balls. Not all of them. Only one." Jack told them. "Be ready in 15 minutes and Marshall, I mean 15 minutes." Jack said.
    "Marshall can be ready in 15 minutes!" Marshall said. Sydney giggled. Marshall turned red and walked away.


    Sydney and Marshall strolled onto the airplane. They slid their luggage above them and sat down. Sydney laid her head on her pillow and drifted off to sleep.
    "Hellooooo France! Syd! We’re here!" Marshall screamed. Sydney opened her eyes and pulled her luggage out from the overhead compartment. She smiled and walked off the plane. A silver Civic, their CIA car, was parked in the lot. She and Marshall got in and drove to the hotel.
    "Bonjour. Je suis Benjamin Prapere. Je celui ai réservé de vos plus belles suites." Marshall said. Translation- Hello. I'm Benjamin Prapere. I reserved one of your finer suites.

    "Oh Oui! M., Mme Prapere! La droite cette façon!" the man said. Translation- Oh Yes! Mr., Mrs. Prapere! Right this way!

    He directed them to room 205. Sydney got dressed in a lovely navy dress with red roses at the bottom. She put on a dark brown wavy wig that came down to her shoulders and a hat to match her dress. She wore purse and black sandals. Marshall dressed in a tuxedo. He dyed his hair black and spiked it. As for their accessories, they both wore a camera around their neck. They walked out into the streets. Several cars were here and there and gypsies danced everywhere. They went to one particular gypsy who sat on the side and watched the other gypsies dance.
    "Je suis Benjamin Prapere et ceci est mon Denise de femme. Avez-vous une balle de cristal qui dit l'avenir? Seulement une question. Aucun biggy! " Translation- I am Benjamin Prapere and this is my wife Denise. Do you have a crystal ball that tells the future?Just a question. No biggy!

    "Benjamin! L'excuser. Quand même, nous sommes des photographes et nous prenons des images d'objets faits au hasard. Les balles de cristal étaient seulement une idée." Sydney glared at Marshall. Translation- Benjamin! Excuse him. Anyway, we are photographers and we are taking pictures of random objects. Crystal balls was just an idea.
    "Parlez-vous anglais?" the gypsy asked. Translation- Do you speak english?

    "Why yes! Do you?" Sydney asked.
    "Here and there. I was born in California but raised in France. I know as much English as you do. And as much French too. My mother was a gypsy so I grew up to be one. In addition, yes, I do have a crystal ball. My name is Galle’. Nice to meet you Mr. and Ms. Prapere. Follow me!" Galle’ exclaimed. The bells on her dress jingled. They strolled to a shop called Galle’ Minyone’. Inside was a crystal ball that glowed. Sydney gasped. Marshall’s mouth dropped open.
    "Marshall, do think this is it? Is it the Rambaldi artifact?" Sydney asked quietly. Marshall shrugged still staring at the ball.
    "Marshall, you will fall in love. You will propose to her and love her for the rest of your life." Galle’ exclaimed.
    "Uhhh, yeah I mean uhhh, really?" Marshall started to jump.
    "I doubt it." A voice was low and it was an english accent.
    Sark. Sydney thought she spun around.
    "You’re always here. You must have some kind of device to always know where we are and when." Sydney said. Sark grinned.
    "I have showed you! Take the ball! I must go now!" Galle’ said. Sydney took the ball and ran past Sark with Marshall next to her. She heard a bullet, a small cry, and then a bump. She gave the ball to Marshall and he ran to the car. Sydney ran back into the shop. Sark was gone. All that was left was a gun, and Galle’ lying dead on the floor with blood dripping from her forehead.
    Sydney ran to Marshall.
    "Go to the airport." Sydney snapped. Marshall drove quickly away. On the way there, he glanced at Sydney. A tear rolled down her face.

    Marshall and Sydney walked into the debriefing room. She sat next to Vaughn.
    "Carrie Bowman is an NSA Director. She is coming any minute now to observe your find." Jack said sternly. He nodded his head at Sydney and walked away form the table.
    "I’m here. No worries. So where is it?" Carrie said. Marshall brought it to her.
    "I found it." He cleared his throat. He glanced at Sydney who raised her hand. "Well, actually, Sydney did too. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?" Marshall said. He looked at Sydney again. Her face was buried in her hands and he could hear a lot of laughter.
    "I’d love to but right now, I need to analyze this find. Please tell the agents to not bother me at any circumstance or else I will never finish and poor you. I wouldn’t be able to have dinner with you if I don’t finish." Carrie said. Marshall announced it to the CIA agents and went off to do some research. He looked up Carrie Bowman and read about her. Jack went over Carrie.
    "Is everything going okay? Is it the real artifact or are you just wasting my time by analyzing some ball made out off metal?" Jack asked.
    "Nope. This looks like the real thing. Mr. Bristow, don’t mind me saying this but this will take some time. This is not a five-minute project. I still have to do research on the material and the crystal ball itself." Carrie snapped. Carrie left to go get Marshall and they drove to dinner. Jack sat there speechless.
    After dinner, they walked over a bridge.
    "Why? Why me Marshall? There are so many other women to choose from, but you took the fall and asked me instead. Why did you do it Flinkman?" Carrie asked impatiently.
    "For some reason you caught my eye. You may not o been the nicest to me at first when you ordered me to do something but I don’t take things like that personally. Keep this confidential, but I love you," Marshall said. Carrie and Marshall kissed.
    "I see you have found someone Marshall." A cold familiar voice made the hairs on his neck prickle.
    "The gypsy was right." Another voice. Marshall spun around. Both Sark and Sloane held a stun gun and shot both Carrie and Marshall.

    Sydney paced back and forth. She pressed the earpiece in her ear.
    "Get in the van. Come on. Flinkman and Bowman are being held at SD-6. They should be in the conference room. Let’s go! Move out!" Sydney called. The CIA agents nodded and climbed into the van. Sydney put on her bullet proof vest and her black gloves. Everybody got their guns and prepared to get out. Jack stopped the van and the agents jumped out. Sydney held her gun and ran into the building.
    "I’m in!" Sydney told them. She turned every direction to make sure no one was near her. She went to the conference room only to find Marshall tied up in a chair—unconscious. She dragged him out and set him against a wall.
    "Hello Agent Bristow. Nice to see you here. What do you think you’re doing?" Sloane chuckled rudely. Sark came behind her and shot her in the arm. She fell to thee ground. Marshall suddenly woke up.
    "Hello Marshall. It’s a pity that you didn’t stay on my side. But you really didn’t have a choice. Your girlfriend, Carrie is it? Oh well I’m surprised you escaped without a bruise on your body. As for Carrie," Sloane said cruelly.
    "You killed her?" Marshall yelled. "You have no right to do what you do! I did have a choice and I’m glad I chose it! As for Carrie, she was innocent." Marshall informed. Tears filled his eyes.
    "Going to your mommy are you?" Sloane said sarcastically.
    "Nope. I’m going to help Carrie. Where is she?" Marshall said trying to hold his anger inside. Sydney helped him up and gave him her vest and gun. She kicked and punched Sloane. Sark came up behind her.
    "Take a step closer to Bristow and I’ll shoot!" Marshall yelled. Sark stepped away.
    "What are you going to do about it?" he asked. Marshall shot Sark and ran with Sydney to another room.
    "Marshall! Stop! We’ll find Carrie later. You need to get home. Don’t think about bad things that could have happened to her. You’ll never go to sleep tonight." Sydney warned him. He nodded and they got back in the van to go home.
    The next day, Marshall persuaded the CIA team to look for Carrie. Jack, Sydney, Vaughn, Weiss, and Dixon went back to SD-6 to find Carrie. The all held guns again. This time, nobody but Sark and Sloane were at SD-6. They searched the rooms. Sydney searched one peculiar room. It had Rambaldi artifacts.
    They must be copies…… she thought. Carrie was sitting in a chair.
    "These ropes are cutting off my circulation would you please untie me and get me out of this freaky place?" Carrie snapped. Dixon ran into the room and helped Carrie up. They sat in the van. Carrie had many bruises, but she acted ok.
    When they got back to the CIA, Marshall ran to the car.
    "Carrie, I need to ask you something very important. Right here, right now." Marshall said. He ran to his desk and got a little box.
    "Will you marry me?" he asked.
  2. Alias Obsessed 47

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    Jun 2, 2003
    OMG! U have to have to have to have to write MORE MORE MORE MORE! I toally and completely LOVE it! U are a very talented writer. Keep writing! Can u PM wen the next chapter is up? That would be soooooooooooooooo great! :jump: I cant wait to read the rest! Chapter 3 is done and Chapter 4 is up! YAY! :cheers: Check it out! I think that these 2 chapters have been my best. What do u think? Read it and find out! Im starting chapter 5! Im on a roll! Sorry, I had to change my username. I couldn’t post on my other one.

    <3, Kailyn
  3. Alias Obsessed 47

    Alias Obsessed 47 Rocket Ranger

    Jun 2, 2003

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