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JJ Abrams has released a trailer for Alcatraz, his new TV show that has been picked up by Fox as a series.

Alcatraz is an alternate-history story of the infamous San Francisco island jail where in the 1960's 302 prisoners all disappeared at the the same time only to start re-appearing in the present day. Nobody knows how or why.

Below is the first clip....


Alien Soup

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It's official... Fox has killed Alcatraz. The 1st season finale will end up being the series finale unless another network, or alternative provider like Netflix, picks it up though that is unlikely.


Code Monkey
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I liked this show but won't miss it. The season finale, now the series finale, answer who did it, why they did it, and sort of how they did it.

There were several questions left unanswered but non that would compel me enough to be unhappy about there not being a second season.

Now, by contrast, Fox also cancelled The Finder. It had nothing to do with sci-fi/fantasy but it was an amusing show to watch and was something I could actually watch with the Mrs. together.