Algorithm - Part one to six


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Surveillance Always Wins.

Part One

John has been online researching advances in technology. There is a science magazine advertising a technology fair. He notices a name from Derek's stories of the past. Beside the ad there is a story abut a company that is touting a new corporate internet. (1.), one for only the powerbrokers of the world…disguised as a new rival net it boasts (basically poached) members of the boards of the largest conglomerates. In reality it is a group of former Soviet countries leaders who escaped from prisons in those countries as a result of government crackdowns in each country. The crackdown was the result of various corruption scandals.
Derek once related how he and some comrades broke out of a camp with help from others on the outside. John wonders if there is something more to it. Intrigued by the ad and story, thinking the two are connected hints to Sarah future developers of SkyNet could be there, she decides to go.

John stays online; he goes to a web site dedicated to young people where they save web cam conversations and watches himself conversing with Riley. He wants to copy Cameron's system and build a new Riley [I have a similar idea in another chapter] to be with him forever. They have just declared their…
"What are you watching?", says Cameron.
He turns off the console.
"I can use infrared to look at the history of where you've bee…"
"My business."
She feels his forehead, tells him it is so many degrees.
"Humans get hot when they are upset.
"Humans don't like people spying on them and prying into their private lives or talking about them derisively on radio like Dennis Millen."
"OK, I won't…". She remembers something someone said which she repeats, "if you don't pry into mine."
"Right, you don't have a private life, you're a machine."
"I can get one."
"Go ahead."
"I'll get a boyfriend!"
"You on a date?"
"Why not? Do you like my face?"
"I miss Riley."
"Build another, build another one of me."
"One that doesn't pry, or use surveillance on the people I care about or post it online.
"I have been sent to protect you, it is part of my job; oh, plans for another person, another man!"
"We could use the help."
"Where are we going?"
"To a science and techno fair and, to look into this," he shows her the article. "I think we might find some of the people who will be in the plot to create SkyNet. We could stop them before they start it."
"Or alter it for a more benign purpose."
"Why not just destroy any plans?"
"Because, if we can shift their purpose to something less authoritarian that works for man instead of against him."
"We have to go to this, we might be able to find out where the funding came to create this thing in the first place."
Why, what difference does it make when we can destroy it from the beginning."
"There are usually people in the background like the showdown government."
"You've been looking at conspiracy theories online again."
"Something drove people to create SkyNet and we should find out why. Why would people create a system that would even destroy themselves."
"Like Hitler wanting to purge the pure blue-eyed race of brown-eyed people?"
"So, all those movies about machine-human hybrids are true?"
"Maybe those were people who knew and were warning us, getting us prepared."
"We are at the frontier of a revolution. It is up to us to act and sound the alarm. The Aliens are not coming, they are being created in our midst.

Part Two

John Henry:
"Look, I have been watching the Connors they are going to some conference. Now that I am mobile, I'd like to go too."
"And what about security, how do you propose to get around that?"
"First have our people infiltrate their security."
"And how do you explain your back pack."
"Oh, my gear that keeps me going? I have an idea, it might seem implausible, they are my lungs. Instead of a lung transplant, they have created artificial lungs. We can take x-ray photos there. Somebody could set up some place a booth to observe what security does with x-ray."
"That would generated publicity, and since we've already made ourselves known to Sarah and her family we need to go without attracting attention—especially having them see us."
"Well you can wear a wig. I see from television series it is a tried and true formula."
"And you with that?"
"We could put a mask over me. Since my skin does not need to 'breathe' one could be put on me for long periods of time."
And what are they going there for and what are we there for?"
"They seem to be interested in the people who are behind the scenes, using technology for what the Connors believe is a One World State."
"So they wish to stop the New World Order before it begins."
"They wish to stop SkyNet which would bring about the New World Order."
"What are they going to try?"
"To shift the idea of Sky Net to something more benign, away from being the terror of man to benefit man."
"I see their goal to be there is not destruction, itself a benign disruption.
"Get me a list of Attendees, positions, tech companies and government officials, etc... I want to know who and what I'm dealing with."
"Oh, I wish to draw your attention to something. Here is some online video. It is taken from a radical web site that features video, not for the general public. It is taken by a group that has brought together right and left wingers, coalesced into a group called 'Partisan Faction'." [I do not know if anyone has this as a title]
"What are they?"
"They are mercenaries who fight, protest or else in office settings and various business and government structures infiltrate. They have a mandate to always fight the established order."
"Then they are anarchists."
"NO, they fight to establish a different order. Always there is a statement to that effect. Never do they say what they want in the end. The objective is 'fight infiltrate never reveal'."
"Let us see the video."

The video shows promotional footage for Partisan Faction. There is even a private space center. It is not revealed where. However, they show footage from a religious group showing buildings where they publish religious books and pamphlets. Also, they show a radical compound in the United States…Catherine recognizes it it is in the Canadian mountains. Military uniforms and equipment are seen. They recognize a former European Union a rival to Nato; they were ex-Soviet military. Once found out, the general was released from duty. It had been reported he died. Obviously this was to keep him out of action. Weaver quips he must have been given a hefty retirement package.

The scene switches to one of the conference centers they attend. Buildings once owned and sold off by other groups have been bought up. Still occupied, no one notices the difference between groups. Obscurity in infiltration takes on a whole new meaning when footage from services of the past religions and of the people attending the new churches in the old buildings are the same.
The video ends with still photos of the buildings the conference the Connors are going to attend.

"Well, it seems the Connors have a lot of work cut for them."
"At present, there are five organizations like this in the world. They are all different but have one objective, each wants to dominate the world."
"What is your agenda Catherine, why are you here?"
"John Henry, thank you. We will take you, use your suggestions. Good work!"
"Oh, what about your daughter? Where will she be?"

The console behind John Henry shows two little girls. One in Canada inside of a home. The other, who looks like Catherine's daughter is walking down the hall towards the room they are in.

Part Three

Enroute to the conference they have to cross the boarder into Canada. There they will buy clothing to suit the cold climate. Due to gun laws prohibiting use of guns, Sarah will contact someone she met in prison who smuggles guns.
They have decided to go up through the Detroit boarder; travel across the country into Canada instead of up the US west coast. At the boarder they notice a large balloon zeppelin-shaped object floating by. (2.)

"It is a good thing we got rid of the arms," says Cameron, "it is equipped with surveillance equipment."
"Are they after us?"
"No, the government, ours, is using those to watch I guess everybody."
"Why is the government watching us or the people here?"
"In or a word," said Sarah, "the New World Order!"
"They must be close to implementing something otherwise they would just observe without being seen to be observing."
"Maybe that is the point, to make a show of OBSERVING THE CITIZENS. To get them used to something they can't change. To get us used to observation by government and military."
"All the more reason why we need to step up our efforts, since they are stepping up theirs.
"Whey do people want see into people's private business, are their lives not interesting enough."
"Not just that. Surveillance is a form of control and coercion. Knowing your being observed is a threat. Anyone could have something to use that they find out against them. Once in a while someone comes along ho tries to stop this intrusion but eventually surveillance turns on them surveillance always wins; it defeats freedom by its very presence."
"If you value freedom so much and cameras endanger that freedom, why not take it down."
Sarah stops the car and turns around.
"That is just what we are going to do. We will make the conference the day it starts not before."
"How do you propose to take it down?"
"It is a balloon, it can be punctured or, perhaps we can pierce it and pull it down somehow. I feel it is our citizen's duty to PREVENT THIS THING FROM FLYING OVER DEMOCRATIC AIRSPACE. If we can knock it down…."
"Since people are already agitated about it why not let them join us?"
"Perhaps, "said John, "we could tell them a modified story about Sky Net"
"They might believe if Reese comes back and they realize he died and came back appearing out of nowhere again and tells them he is from the Future." (3.)
"If Reese was shot dead how could he come back?" asked Sarah.
"Possibly, if Reese came back from the future, to this time, he can come back again. If he did not die up to the time he came back in the future, he could come back again from the future. He has died in the present not the future, yet. And if he went into the future, the future has not stopped; the war is still going on in the future. In fact, the future, beyond the time we left has progressed to the future of that time. In the future of the future one can always travel back in time to before itself."
"So we could die today and come back…so long as we have not died in a future that has progressed beyond the point in time left it.
"Could we find a way to project ourselves into the future…and bring, someone else back with us…I guess this is sounding too much like 'Dr. Who', H. G. Wells, or some other sci fi concept.…"
"We could use another freedom fighter. After all this is a war the population of the present does not know it needs to fight yet."
"Brining that thing down could be a local lynch pin that once pulled out, could bring a lot of attention down to issues like the start of a totalitarian state."

Part Four

Back across the boarder where the GOVERNMENT SPY BALLOON was people from both countries were handing out pamphlets.
"Can we help?" John asked.
"Here take some."
They start handing out pamphlets, getting closer and closer to where the balloon was tied to a steel cord. Cameron uses her imaging sight to see construction workers in hard hats and the building they were in had people with computers, guns, stun guns and enviro-hazard uniforms. (4.) Her close up capability John equipped her with [see 'six million dollar man for this type of thing] to see they are monitoring ground traffic of the people and what is seen from the balloon.

"They are in there; they have guns and stun-guns."
"It seems they are ready for protesters. I think this thing could come down if we pull it down. However, we risk being seen. We could provoke an attack and one that is seen by the world…"
"I can pull it down."
Just then she sees something on a women, sensors in her body.
"There is another like me here."
"How cable is she."
"She is no like me or John Henry. She does not act completely human, she may be a government prototype."
"They are more advanced than we thought they would be at this time."
"It would be too risky to take her out in the open."
"Can you pick up on her vocal and imitate it?"
"You could attract her attention, take her out or subdue her and you could hide your face—; they are not going to do facial recognition on one of their own. You can imitate her voice, create a ruse and we will bring that disgusting apparatus down."

Cameron records her from a distance. She begins to rehearse her voice. She also records one of the agents with a hard hat who seems to be giving instructions.
There is another group, the first is FBI the second are local police. In the voice of the leader she instructs FBI to find out which of the police as well as how many are protesters who sneaked in amongst them. She tells them to use stun guns n them but also to use guns with rubber bullets on the police…stating she thinks police have been bribed by some radicals who are part of a local right-wing racist militia. This is because the city across the boarder has a substantial mixed-race population.
What develops is a gun fight between the two groups when the local police do not yield to the FBI. Since they are some distance off, Cameron imitates the woman now and says everybody should help out over there. Isolated, Cameron uses an electric shock from taking apart of a pole holding a stop sign and transfixing energy from herself to the woman. (5.) Evidently unable to absorb the shock and dissipate it away from her she is locked into position with one arm up in surprise and the other with hand moving towards her gun in a catatonic stance.

Meanwhile John and Sarah have found a saw that goes thought metal on the construction site and a jackhammer. Sarah hammers away at the cement where the cord holds the balloon. They have hard hats and because of chemicals the authorities were going experiment with they have enviro-hazard uniforms on that obscures their faces.
As the cement comes loose enough to let it go free John goes through the cord beyond half way. They push the loosened cement away and the cord, flying away latches onto a backhoe and in doing so breaks freeing further the balloon which goes up and away.
The three escape into a police boat as Cameron's voice as the agent tells the driver to go to the other side. John comes from behind, ties ups the agent while Sarah drives to the other side. From there they disappear amongst the protestors gathering then into the general population of gawkers. Now regrouped, they are on their way.

Part Five

Sarah bought a car earlier and had it outside a small home in a suburban area. They decide to get top their destination on day two of the meeting. There is a pool. Cameron has asked John to show her how to swim. She learns fast, a neighbour from next door sees her swim and notes how she just keeps going like a machine. She had already been visited by people posing as police. She calls the police but the call is routed to these people instead. They arrive and say they need to pose as neighbours. Sarah pulls back the curtains from time to time. Upon seeing the mane in Hawaiian shirts straw hats with too much sunscreen on she goes out to get the two young people.

"Hi, we finally came."
"Sure," says Cameron. She does not know why they are really here and perhaps think the people who used to live there invited them.
"Guess you came to [remembers the word] party."
"How are you? I'm sorry, it has been so long, what is her daughter's name? Oh—Lisa? No? Sarah?"
"That's my mom." Cameron acts like a school girl."
"Hello," said John. Immediately suspecting them, he says, "What is in the brief case?"
"Oh, I guess I just bring my work with me.
The other man:
"Can we get some brew, that pool looks inviting!"

The two men jump into the pool. One starts to splash water at Cameron as a diversion while the other jumps back up. Meantime, John gets Sarah to get some beer. They do not have any so she gets pop. John goes back to look at the brief case. He remembers another scene at a hotel with a pool and instinctively pulls the brief case away before the man gets it.
"What is in here?"
"Just papers, cell."
Cameron is too preoccupied to notice this interchange.
"We did not invite…"
"Jane, is she here?"
"The last owners were an old couple."
"Jane and Bill."
"They were not Jane and Bill."
"Well, I think maybe…let's get going."
"What, stop, your like a robot, you don't know when to quit!"
"Who are you? This house was still listed as for sale, we only took the sign out today."
"We thought you were relatives."
"And what if I open this up?"
"Let's go B…"
They leave; Sarah has a gun behind the curtain in one hand with the other holds the curtain open to see them leave.
"The case had guns and stun guns. It was set to the highest level of shock. New brand, with continuous flow of electricity."
"They might have found out what you were."
"No, I would have disarmed them by touching them and giving them a rebound shock."
"What about the woman like you?"
"No, I disabled the girl's equipment and extracted with a trowel and pliers her CPU. It is right here."

John has downloaded the CPU material through a custom built plug like those for flash drives. What they hope to see is how the agents operated when they were observing others while protecting the GOVERNMENT SPY BALLOON. Here is what they observe:

"Alright everyone, we are going to make sure no one comes close to the balloon. If this works here and in Sarnia, it will be duplicated elsewhere. If there is no protest and people feel nothing can be done about it it will be a regular feature of everyday life. Remember, Surveillance Always Wins!"
Cheers go up all around.

"Now, Cathy here will be our resident bot. We have downloaded instructions to her. Do as she says. Someone is always watching remotely.
"We have a problem. A family, the Connors, have been watched from the time they broke Sarah, the mother, out of prison.
"Everyone here has been helping Sky Net in the present and in the future. The Connors son John is the Resistance Leader. Cathy."
Cathy puts her finger into the end of a flash drive that fits her finger and puts it in a computer at the other end. Footage of the prison break out shows Cameron getting hit by bullets but only her skin comes off like a plastic film, with artificial blood splattering all over. (6.)
"Thank you. An advanced robotic creature: she is to be captured, subdued. The Connors must be allowed to continue. That is because John is caught at the beginning of the resistance (7.) He is brainwashed into helping build Sky Net. Cameron and Sarah rescue him when she breaks out (obviously they learned a few things in this time). Sarah died of cancer but John builds a replica of her. So both the girl and the mother are in the future bots. The girl, John and the mother somehow have found each other. [not a new notion] They are pursued by this creature, Comartie, who has in turn been captured by this creature (pictures of them show up on the screen), Catherine Weaver. What she is we don't know. We only know she has extraordinary abilities."
He is writing essential points on a clear plastic 'blackboard' [not a new idea], takes a sip of his drink and then laughs about how he has been given something compromising on everyone.
"This," he says, "is how I earn my keep.
"The meeting they are going to is really a trap. We have our people in place and they are going to push for more surveillance and control over people's private lives. What was that on 'Dr. Zhivago' the private life is being terminated?
"We strip people down, destroy walls that screen them off from the world. If we can do that to the prominent but politically and economically non-essential people we can duplicate it around the world. This is how we will rule, by fear of exposure. And, to tell the truth most exposure is pure fantasy. If we can't get the goods on someone we will blackmail them with what we can get away with!"

"Well, I think this is one conference we could miss."
"There is always a way," John said, "after all they want to rule the world with a few bad rules. We have to stop them. No one else can do it. And we already have one foot in the grave…we have only the present to lose. We should not lose the future," said Sarah.

Part Six

Location: Somewhere on the Canada-US boarder. Manitoba; flatland, brush and next to nothing for miles.

John was given plans of one of the students in computer programming and engineering. It is his version of a hybrid car. Using electric cells and gas he has modified the car on one of his trips into Canada. So the automobile can go for a long time without gas.
Tracking systems have picked up on the vehicle. Boarder security patrols have cleared the road along the boarder for them. They want to see what they will do; it is a test case — which will be applied to how to deal with long distance travelers on the ground. Unsuspecting the group heads west unhindered. Even the unmanned SPY PLANES have been cleared away. Ever suspicious, Sarah begins to question no traffic, the lack of police or even any hotels or stop over stations with restrooms. (A.)

"Why is the road empty?"
"Because no one goes on it?"
""Not a soul."
"Not every square inch on the planet is occupied."
"Don't they have unmanned SPY PLANES?"
"Something could be wrong but do not forget, this is not exactly a populated area."
"Train tracks, I think, used to be there it says."
An old map shows that the Trans-Canada Railway used to go across the country. Tracks and trains were sold off when the Conservatives in the 1980's brought in Free Trade. Now traffic flows South to North rather than East to West. [the idea that something Is wrong because nothing is happening and is suspected to be a trap is not new.]
"Well, if something is wrong, it does not seem we are going to have trouble until we get there."

"I took the WorldFind Sat System out."
"You mean the WorldFind Spy system."
"What happens when we get to the next city?"
"I took a trip across Canada before, I had a rental car. Someone backed into the side and took off some paint. I took it to get some paint on those parts; we could paint the car."
"If we are being watched it won't make any difference."
"Cameron, scan everything, are there any spy devices anywhere."
"The telephone poles, and along the road, signs and on the ground those cement blocks, curbs all have sensors of infrared cameras. They seem to be off. I am not sensing any recording."
"What happens if we go off the road? In about two hours we should be in a hotel. We will soon know."

In the town, now close to the Alberta boarder it seems nearly empty. At one time it was a place where rail passengers stopped to transfer either to other trains or to buses.
"There are very few that come this way," said the old man at the desk. "It had about 9,000 at tops, now we have a thousand people but no visitors. Where are you from?"
"Bet it's humid, sweaty; not like here or for that matter Texas."
"I've been there," said Cameron, "I don't seat anywhere."
"Say, you look familiar, you're not an actress are you?"
"NO, I think," said Sarah," everyone here looks like someone else back home. When we can't place someone in our memory we make it fit; they remind us of someone there. It is how we size people up by referring them to someone else. You're just doing the same thing with the people coming in. You watch that [points to a tv screen] and so you thing we are someone on tv."
Suddenly the electricity goes off.
"I'll get candles and flashlights."
"It is a little like the eighteen hundreds in here."
"You can each have a separate room. Pick you own, I saw online before you came a huge storm disrupted the region from West Manitoba to the British Columbian boarder."

After he left, the realized that surveillance had been knocked out, still they wondered about the lack of it before that; they were right. While the storm knocked out much, strong solar flares knocked out a swath of satellites travelling over the region.
A crack of lightning spread its electric filaments across the sky, grabbing at nothing, disappointed, retracted into darkness, reappearing closer. It had not rained in quite a while. The sky poured like sand out of a giant hand dark rain in the distance. An extraordinary wind blew a cloud of dust a mile long in the air. They closed all windows in the hotel. Busboys brought food up. Cameron, not needing to put on a show said she ate already. While her metabolism allows food intake she has not been made to feel she needs it. Even so, when she was made they gave her microscopic sensors that explained the sensation of chocolate or any other flavour. She could have a range of up to hundreds of items that 'taste'.
The wind blew upon the hotel with such force, the owner slept in the basement with the staff. The three were used to danger and were lulled to sleep by the pattern of rain falling. For now, the test case was disrupted and no one knew where they were. Cameron went into the storm to record it for John, who checks weather stations and types in 'Nasa weather' online to look at how the planet's atmosphere is being affected on satellite feed. Suddenly a bolt of lightning hit her because of her metallic structure. She stood still glowing for a few moments, turned around and walked up the stairs repeating the phrases
Backwards like John Henry. Her system was rebooting itself but was stuck repeating it. She needed to be shut down and manually have her CPU [computer processing unit] taken and her drive reinstalled with a few new programs.
In the distance a plane was searching the skies, it failed to find them. An accident left a vehicle like theirs turned over, its occupants gone. The authorities thought they found them and called in that they were headed in a different direction. They did not know it yet they were free and would not be expected at the meeting. Even so, they would all disguise themselves and not be seen. Cameron spent the night sitting on the edge of the bed, head tilted. When John came in he began to cut her head open, removed the CPU, put an upgraded program in it. Having downloaded the storm to a computer for visitors in the room, he noticed the plane hovering over a car. Apparently her long distance vision had been switched on. Teams of police scoured the area despite lightning wind and rain. Later, another team came in. From what he could tell they were looking for evidence of the first team. They followed the team. For now they were safe.
He used a special online program that takes all images you send it and makes it infrared. An unmanned SPY PLANE with long range video capability had followed them after all. However seeing the crash site suddenly left and went eastward. Hit by a bolt of lightning it burst into flame then disappeared. How that could be he wondered. For the time being he felt truly free.

John had a dream that night. He saw Cameron being put together (8.) Parts were being put in. A man was welding some hard metal parts into her legs and arms. Her body was sitting in a chair and her head was there, attached but not functioning. It looked more like a sci fi show than a high tech production line. They had tested her eyes and someone was applying the metal to her face over which skin would be laid. Before that was done, a network of special heat/cold and nearly indestructible plastic-like veins were being overlaid the entire body. These would have artificial blood (9.) pumped into them from an artificial heart (9.) modeled on those in use for human patients. However, this was only to simulate the action of the heart, it was electronic circuitry that kept her alive. Heat sensors that could heat the body or cool it, along with sensors that sensed the presence of heat outside her body were being put into her (10.)
Circuits were placed in her brain and the CPU placed and covered. A woman in a white lab coat, gloves, adjusted her mask and pushed the buttons on a 'Delado device' (11.) Once activated her eyes opened and her mouth moved. Someone typed in words for her to speak on a computer, sending it to her brain…at first she simply mouthed the words without sound. The person with the Delado device pushed 'vocal'.
"John, we must begin the Resistance. We are the Resistance; we must fight. We are the new humanity, we fight alongside our creators. We will never turn on our creators. We obey, we obey, we obey, we obey, We obey, we obey."
"Needs tweaking so she does not repeat everything. Alright, take out the infinite for loop" (12.)
"Let's hope that doesn't happen in real time."
John sees a flash of lightning n his dream coming near him and it lights the bed on fire. He gets up, immediately goes to Cameron's room and sees her sitting there repeating:
"We are the Resistance; we must fight. We are the new humanity, we fight alongside our creators. We will never turn on our creators. We obey, we obey, we obey, we obey, We obey, we obey."
We are the Resistance; we must fight. We are the new humanity, we fight alongside our creators. We will never turn on our creators. We obey, we obey, we obey, we obey, We obey, we obey."
We are the Resistance; we must fight. We are the new humanity, we fight alongside our creators. We will never turn on our creators. We obey, we obey, we obey, we obey, we obey, we obey."
She tilts her head more to catch his eye with her yet operational eye. He cannot fix the eye but he can adjust her to be nearly at three quarters speed [this is similar to an episode where she is not at full ability]. She will appear to be blind in one eye. He thinks of an eye patch but decides she can simply be seen with slight discoloration in the eye, which is typical of humans with impaired eyesight…however, this is an indication to her programmers her eye circuits are shut down.
Adjusting her, she turns her head up in long movements; her mouth opens with a whirring sound.
"John, we must begin the Resistance. Storm, wind, rain, clogged artificial skin pores. (13.) Dust. John, we must begin the Resistance.
John, We must begin the Resistance."
Her mouth stays open then, with a whirring shuts. Turning her head back and forth she tilts downward. Opens, an independent though produced by the memory of the word Baum,
"I am the 'Tin Man', parts are rusty from the storm.
John, we must begin the Resistance."
Her mouth shuts, her eyes close. She opens one good eye and says, should I snore? He shakes his head
"Go to sleep."
John, we must begin the Resistance. (14.)

Cameron 'sleeps' shutting herself down; the one eye stays open, not operating properly. A waitress came up to check on the guests of the hotel. She goes into Cameron's room. She sees she is partly exposed with metal parts and circuits. Pulling out a cell she photographs her. She recognized Sarah however, she is a plant and was one of many assigned along the way to stay at hotels and restaurants in case the Connors end up at any of these places. She is also a double agent, working for Catherine Weaver who has decided the Connors with Cameron are both dangerous and valuable. Her plans are to have John Henry released back into the population but as her agent. Her people have always known how to let him be independent with a backpack to sustain him. Their real problem is how to handle his programming which is so advanced he learns so fast he can out-maneuver everyone. What they want to do is 'dumb-down' this ability and keep him at a level even, intellectually, with humans.
The double agent sends a cell phone message to the government agency that no one who fits the description of the Connors has come that way. Her gut instinct told her one or more people have been placed there as well so she shut off the electricity until the storm hit; it would not go back on. She also found the cells of all the hotel staff and the old man and his wife, and disabled them. The man's wife had a stroke so she is rarely seen. Due to her concerns she went into her room to find she was incapacitated and insensate to all around her. It would not have mattered what happened outside.
It was odd though the hotel owner did not have concern for his wife's safety but sought his own instead and went downstairs with the staff to wait out the storm.
Cameron had already inspected her. What the double agent did not know was that she is a Cyborg, one reworked out of an old model and one—the one Cameron disabled at the spy balloon. John, while downloading the CPU saw Cameron short-circuiting her hence her apparent 'stroke'. So the old lady sits in a chair rocking endlessly, robotically and could do so for decades till she runs down completely. (15.) She leaves the guests and goes back to stay with the staff.

In the meantime the storm continues. Guests arrive at the hotel and are served. They are townsfolk who lost electricity and need a place to eat. The staff is using the grill, filling it with coals instead of gas. A reserve of coals is used for cooking emergencies. Sarah and John have decided to dine in the restaurant. The visitors are talking.

"It was the oddest thing. I was driving home from being in the county and I saw a plane hit by lightning. Burst into flame—it was gone."
"I've seen that on a show before."
"Wonder who was in it?"
"Don't know. Say, who are they?"
"Guests of the hotel I guess."
"Any way, I'm telling you I saw this crash a car just loses control, rolls over and these three people come out. A woman, a girl and fellow, like them. Excuse me, were you in that crash?"
"No," said Sarah, "we saw the car as we came in but no."
"Man, I tell you, it was pretty banged up. That is too strange and horrible things in one day. Too much! I want to go right back after this."
"It's raining too hard."
"It's getting cold for August."
"That's the storm."
" Just then the wind blew through the building one could feel the draft, windows quivered and a tree branch flew into a car windshield in the parking lot.
"Company car," said a waiter; your order?"
The group hushed up.
"Did you see the girl, went out into the storm. She must have been twenty miles from here."
"Probably got a ride."
"One of those…", he spoke more quietly. John, whose back was turned to them could barely hear him say…"FBI."
"FBI…agents must have given her a ride. I guess the people they are looking for really gone."
"I saw something on the news. A woman was posing as someone else and is the real killer of …someone…Dyson, was the name. On her way to prison the real person…frame up! [I am not talking about any actual case here past or present] Get this, she even got a facelift to look like the person she framed! And there is more she…"
He shut his mouth when he realized everyone was looking at him. "Soup is good."
Sarah immediately knew it was a Cyborg replica of herself. Was she sent from the future or was she made in the present.
"Could you be free, or is this a trick," asked John.
"Or is it they saw something the rest of the world did not see?"
"Maybe the authorities do not want to admit that such a public case was a fraud. It was framed my picture plastered all over the world, to stop me from something."
"From joining me against control by the people behind Sky Net: The New World Order. We serve the system, the Cyborgs are the Police State and as Huxley said 'you will love your servitude."
"We already love technology like it was itself a god. It gives us light, power, is mysterious and radiates out to everyone…like the Sun."

Due to the storm John had dreams again, when he went to bed. He dreamed people made shrines to Companies, to replicas of miniature power plants and called them 'The Power'. (16.) which stains all life.
He saw himself as part of a group of derisively called 'The New Luddites. They wanted to stop the veneration. A lightning bolt hit the side of the house. He smelled smoke. The side of the house started to burn but the rain snuffed it out. When he was satisfied the house was not going to burn down he fell into a deep sleep. He was awoken by Cameron's pacing. She repeated herself. A sound of thunder sounded.
"Thunder, at [more thunder] decibels; lightning [more thunder] degrees." John is sleeping, "burning walls at [more thunder] degrees; the sound is [more thunder] miles away…Rebooting." She repeats the sequence of hard key files (17.) Retrieving from the Redundant Array (18.) program start: 'Hong Kong Sky Scrapers'. (19.) Her extra ability is turned on. "Too much noise, confusing sys…" she starts speaking in slow motion. (20.) She stops. A whirring noise…she rolls her eye around it stops; she tilts her head. "All Done!" She sits on the bed. "Play asleep." She shuts down.

John gets up for a drink of water. He has an image of babysitting a little child with her bear, holding it by the forearm; he smiles. He goes to bed with a vision of a missile going over head with Rees playing catch in the park. A child looks up and screams. There is a burst of light, child's skeleton show luminescent (21.) against a dark cloud when he bends down and looks in the direction of the child. Someone says 'get down.' He wakes up, Cameron is standing over him.
"I like to watch people sleep. I saw that on 'Alf'."
"Alf? Go back to your room.
"It is storming the temperature is…"
He walks her back to the room."
"This is what humans do, arm in arm; it shows affect…"
He sits her on the bed her eye ratchets up towards him to see his face.
"You are John. John is Sarah's son, there is a storm."
He walks down the hall, looks out a window and jumps up when there is a flash of lightning. His mind goes back to a place where Reese has shown him a military base. There is gun fire during a war games exercise. To simulate bad weather conditions at night giant 'Tesla Coils' are placed along the field. Great flashes of artificial lightning cut jagged tears (z.) the darkness, it is impressive. He looks back at Cameron on the bed Lightning hits the glass pane and burns the wood frame. Rain stops it from flaming. It is as if the lightning surges are after Cameron herself. Sitting, once in a while turning her head in a series of jerks when sound and light perform.
Whirr, whirr, whirr, she moves her eye and opens her mouth then closes it. He cannot stay awake. He remembers Cameron in class. Other girls are looking at her and imitating her tilting her head. The lad beside her is looking her over. John then sees Riley. He wants to go back to the replica he made of her but had not yet activated. He presses a button on the remote her face frowns the smiles. A cd of her voice, a letter on cd plays over and over. He goes to sleep seeing her face in the mist in the bathroom lying dead. A tear has dripped down her cheek her eye is vacant like Cameron's who he sees last before he blanks out.

The people who were in the restaurant have been forced to stay on account of the storm. Hail has pelted the roof off and on. [it is raining as I am typing this at 9:00 in the morning] The hard white pellets are getting larger with a loud sound of pounding. The man in the restaurant who was talking is curious about Sarah and John. He walks into the hall and sees the door of Cameron's room. The light is off, he starts to walk in when he sees Sarah walking by. Following her he looks into the yet opened door. Just when he enters he finds a gun in his face. [this is a standard scene in a lot of things]
"What do you want?"
"I—I, sorry; I was looking for my room I though this was it."
"Come in, slowly."
She pats him down for weapons or surveillance equipment.
"Are you FBI?"
"No, so who are you?"
"Nobody to me, let's keep it that way."
"Yes, Miss."
He leaves, red faced; scared. A new car pulls up to the place and leaves.

"They are in there, go."
They return to a different hotel in another town. John Henry is in one room. Agents are in two rooms on either side of Catherine's. She looks at a lap top and observes John Henry (22.) who is lying on the bed. The scene turns to John, Cameron and Sarah. She sees images taken of the SPY BALLOON along the way in their travels. She sees Cameron waling in the rain. It is a faint image taken by John Henry who followed her.
A lightning bolt hits her and outside one reaches inside the room with the window open and goes around Catherine. She holds up her hands to the side, arms straight out, the bolt splits in two going around her. (23.) Then the bolt leaves returning only to be repelled outside to the flashing sign that is turned off due to the blackout. The bolt lights it up and seems to gather strength returning only to be directed by Catherine to the electric wires beyond. They travel on the wire till it peters out.
Lightning returns, she is not ready for it it returns back into her, she falls. It comes out like gold blood pouring out from gashes that spread burning the floor. Rain water has seeped into the room from a flood when the eaves trough drops and bens sending water in dousing the flames. Catherine appears dead. Agents race in…pout on the bed. Her clothes are in tatters. They throw a bed sheet over her after patting her down with damp towels. Her eyes are fixed, one pupil is dilated. The other pupil has disappeared and the eye is all the same colour. Suddenly they turn gold like the lightning (24.) Gasping she closes her eyes. She gets up and just by touching the metal on the lamp stand it glows. Going to the window she puts her hand on wall outside and sends the shock to the wires above which turn to fire, traveling on till they reach a telephone pole. She closes the window, looks at her tattered dress, lies down and closes her eyes.

Catherine lies immobilized when John Henry comes in. He leaves when he is satisfied she is unable to move. He gets a raincoat with hood and goes to a car. He touches the outside of the car the energy moves the engine to start. Getting in he removes the hose hooked into his body and puts the back pack in the back seat and takes off. At some distance he pulls out a remote device and presses buttons. From out of a car a driver gets out. A man that looks exactly like Comartie gets out, goes up into the hotel and sits in John Henry's room. He drives off to an unknown destination.
When he comes back he brings his replica out of the hotel and back into the car. He shocks Catherine and applies 'skin' to her then pouts hands on her new skin and melts it till it fuses with her undamaged skin. (25.)
When Catherine wakes up she sees she has been healed yet she is wakened and has to us e a chair to get up. Her hands reach for walls to hold her up to get to John Henry's room. Looking in she returns staggering to the room, goes to her lap top and watches the view from John Henry's memory of his sight from his camera eyes. It is blank for the time he got up and let to the time he left Catherine's room after healing her.

All ideas not from the series and the story is for this series only if it comes back or for use by the three people I designated here on this site…
1. I had a teacher for computer programming that was one of hundreds who helped get started the internal internet-like network of an international manufacturing company around the world in the 1970's. I am not saying they were creating a SkyNet just using this as a reference…upon request I can state the company and the teacher….
Extra note and no I did not ask to take the structureandfunction off line in the general list and I have not stated the man I have complained about is anything other than someone I have a complaint against and I have not conceded anything to him…the younger ones I indicated have been given permission over my interests in the business….
Extra note: I had religious groups and churches which have now substituted for radical groups…the idea of the religious compound as military compound (nor is radical group as military compound) is not new to stories…and the concept is old as any religious military group in ancient times as well as Knights Templar and Hospitaler's and the story recently shown on Canadian tv was influenced I imagine on the story of David Koresh…but there are others
2. this is an actual story going on in the news I already mentioned in the member profile; see Sarnia and this topic.
3. [I realize this is not a new idea…a lot of sci fi shows and other areas like philosophy etc., have explored the future of time time travel etc., for a long time.] Christ died and came back appearing before the people…. And if John in revelation goes into the future in a vision he comes back; combining these two together you could conceive of a back to the future concept from ancient times….
4. this type of operation is often used in shows
Note: I mentioned artificial lungs I saw a show on divers and they had a new apparatus for breathing which they used the term in connection with.
5. this is usually the thing to do: use a power neutral pole or something else like wood with nothing metal to pry someone being shocked away from the thing giving the shock, I have used it in the opposite manner.
6. Artificial blood has been something that has been developed and used before…on people who have objections to blood due to religious reasons but it is if I recall from some blood by-product….
7. These are memories of the future brought back to the present not a book where the reader has knowledge of what will happen in the book she happens to become part of…
A. there is between this city and another in Southern Ontario no restaurant/restroom/gas stations they were taken out of commission for some reason.
8. John puts Cameron's arm together in an episode…
9. artificial blood, 'Watchtower Bible and Tract Association', 'Awake' magazine, October 8, 1979, section 'Watching The World', small article, "Synthetic Blood Saves Life.' From 'Medical World News'; Jarvik if I recall the name was one artificial heart…, either there is something like veins or something that helps repair them…it has been a long time since I read up on anything medical like for my story about the person who sees shadows when blind which I think comes before 'a small invasion' on allalias fan fic general section, which was started in 2007, and the story of someone seeing in shadows came before that story…it is in a different member name and this I think comes before November 2008…I have been writing stories there for a number of years… not the shape but the shape in terms of shadows of the things perceived, which the idea of shadows talking and so forth comes from ancient times…I have a lot of sources in the other story on the character Nadia where I got my ideas on her blindness and an experiment to help her see while being blind…as well a brain implants…that is in 'a small invasion' the other story just mentioned is in the allalias fan fic site under a different name…the idea of seeing in colours and shapes is an actual phenomenon for some people and precedes myself and others with similar ideas…there was a documentary on the person who visited the 'Rain Man' it concerned the situation of people with autism, so even with any idea in fiction or even a theory it was already a real phenomenon before all of us…AND I hate to say it I almost had my eye put out in grade 2, for which I wore an eye patch so I have been concerned with site for a long time….
10. the idea of robots operating and being operated on and moving or not is not new…you can go back to the rusted 'Tin Man' for that one.
11. Delgado, see my notes for 'a small invasion' for his work.
12. for(;;){}instead of for(x=0;s<3;x++){} where everything inside the {} brackets would be infinitely repeated, that is if some formula or statement like answer = number1 + number2; would be endlessly calculated.
13. there has been developed an artificial skin.
14. the computer in '2001 Space Odyssey' sings when it malfunctions with its memory being taken apart…robots have used repeated phrases before I am not saying that is a new idea…the typing of one phrase over and over in 'The Shining'
15. the missing person in the attic or turret, 'Jane Eyre'
16. I saw a documentary, if I recall narrated by Jane Seymour (if I recall) in which some people bowed to a product in I think Japan… I think someone may have had this idea before, I think in a cartoon but I wonder if someone I have known used it since I had this idea a long time ago… if I see anything like it I will change it if it is necessary to do so but here is my reference for it. With entertainment and sport complexes and hospitals called after companies and people who own them we are almost at this point…actually I do not need to worry about a reference since Huxley used 'Our Ford' and people worshipping him in 'Brave New World' so this is not a new idea…how close we are though…
17. files that contain the list of all files in the computer; you cannot change the order of the list without knowledge of where to put the files, you could throw the system out of order
18. Redundant array …of disks that store the same data in case of a system failure and data is lost: prevents loss of data
19. a program called 'The Towers of Hanoi'
20. like Hal in 2001 Space Odyssey; there are a few old rock albums that end songs like that see 'ELP' studio album.
21. this kind of thing has been done before…
z. not as in tear drops but tears as in fabric
22. 'Pretender' had a lot of use of something like a lap top to see videos…
23. the fire ball that comes from the burning bush in the movie 'The Ten Commandments', 1956; has the arms if you will of fire split and move in an arch around to fire the tablets of stone and burn the commandments in writing…and there have been a lot of scenes of redirecting energy in tv and film…Cameron touches things that would kill a human and goes near things that would kill….
24. Christ in Revelation his eyes are red.
25. miraculous healing have taken place in film and tv, e.g. Smallville.

NOTE: the notion of the cross with wires and someone being placed there to be tortured in the 1950's, electroconvulsive shock therapy which many described as torture came long before and the reference to a take off on Christian's being tortured really the whole idea is not new even if it was used in a later war....people in the 1956 Hungarian revolution were hung from lamps and poles in a similar fashion and this kind of thing in world war one and two as well...

also: i have stated that three people and a fourth all women are the ones who are in charge of anything to do with my after Monday 10 09 i would like this to be the case from here on