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Season 2 Alias -- 2-1-2003 "Double-Agent"

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Lynne, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. Lynne

    Lynne Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Alias - 2-1-2003 - "Double-Agent" (Literally Folks)!!! Summary and
    Comments!!! ;)

    Scene is Berlin

    We see a scene with a man and woman in a hotel room seem to be lovers after sex the man goes into the shower or we think he does woman types in her computer "Abort Operations she is interrupted by someone at the door it is her lover he knocks her out . talks to Sloane and says he has been discovered and Sloane tells him how to handle the situation...

    Sydney and Vaughn meet lots of big smiling from both of them :D :D

    Dixon and Marshall are being debriefed by the CIA. :cool: :cool:

    Woman from the hotel is wrapped with explosives in Berlin (being
    transmit to the public) CIA is watching it Director of CIA, new CIA
    woman recruit, Sydney and others . Sydney gets on phone tries to talk to the police about it . the woman in explosives is a CIA Agent and Sydney is trying to get the situation under control but her lover
    is on phone and orders her to sing a song (I not going to repeat it
    because I didn't particular like this scene very bloody and violent)
    the lover blows her up with the explosives and understandably
    Sydney and the New Woman Recruit are upset about what just
    happened... :(

    CIA through initial search find out the agent that was blown-up was
    on a mission with another CIA Agent called James Lennox (the lover
    apparently who blew her up from the phone booth)! This is where it gets confusing this Agent was a highly decorated CIA Agent...

    Sydney and Vaughn's mission (if they choose to accept it and the tape will explode in five minutes . sorry I guess I shouldn't use the word explode) is to find out about the case they were on about a Scientist and "Helix Project" . plus find out what happened to Agent James Lennox!!!

    Another scene with Vaughn and Sydney all smiles :D :D with each other ...

    Vaughn is at Sydney apartment for the very first time. Vaughn says I like your apartment . a few kisses . Double Francie (see Phase One
    summary to see what I mean by "Double") is there and sees Vaughn and Sydney together. Sydney introduces them as they are leaving the apartment together. ;)

    Big Bikini Scene in the next episode. :) ;)

    "She was afraid to come out of the water in her yellow pokey dotted bikini... her its bitsy tiny bikini.LOL" :LOL: Actually Syd comes out of the pool very seductively in her baby robin blue bikini and a man follows her to a tent where she starts to take off the top of the
    bikini before going into it :redhair: Vaughn is inside and assaults the man and injects him with a needle that will give him a heart attack... unless he gives them the information they want in a certain amount of time ... then Vaughn will give him the anecdote. (we are seeing a ruthless Vaughn here... not the sweet sensitive guy he is with Sydney)

    The man that Vaughn injected with something to cause him a heart
    attack provides information on Project Helix. he also tells them the
    where abouts of James Lennox but Vaughn warns Sydney who is going to rescue him that he could have been compromised. a torture scene with Agent Lennox... Sydney rescues him... but Vaughn has doubts about him and his loyalties :unsure:

    Spy Dad (Jack), Vaughn, and Sydney are talking to James Lennox about his partner agent who apparently was his fiancé too! At this
    omission of being engaged Vaughn looks at Sydney and Sydney stares at Agent Lennox. :(

    Back at CIA Headquarter Weiss is flirting with the new girl. but
    failing with her. ;) :(

    James Lennox is put in a CIA Safehouse... Sydney goes to visit him and sees he has been drinking and is drunk... Syd tells him she
    understands and tells him about Danny her fiancé and that she lost
    him a year ago... she warns him it is better to feel something than
    nothing at all meaning him drinking himself into oblivion! Agent
    Lennox graps her and starts to kiss her... then stops and apologizes :blink: :( men come in from the CIA put James Lennox under custody . :(

    After further investigation the CIA have discovered from Project
    Helix that there is a Scientist involved and he his out there in the
    world making "Doubles - Duplicates of individuals with certain
    genetic coding" they believe this man is not James Lennox but the
    Scientist from the Television shooting of the female CIA agent who
    blew herself up . or should I say the Double of James Lennox blew her up shows an exact duplicate of James Lennox in the phone booth giving out instructions to her. (Are you confused yet . if you not you should) :blink: :blink: :blink:

    (This is an episode best to read off the official ABC site or/and
    watch it is difficult to explain. :)

    Recommendations: Rent Movie Video 1970s film "Future World" with Peter Fonda or/and Stedford Wifes movie with Kathryn Ross also from 70s! (great movies and somewhat identical theme.) or/and Body Snatchers 80s version movie with Donald Sutherland!!!) ;) (y) (y) (y)

    One way to tell the original James Lennox from the duplicate-double
    (think of clones that might help. :) ) is some kind of genetic code in
    the eye that gives away the original person . they run the scan on
    the man claiming to be the real James Lennox and he appears to be the man he claims to be (I know it is very confusing.) :blink: :blink: :blink:

    Sydney and James Lennox go on a mission together. Poland . James
    Lennox looking into a computer terminal at lab site says others have been doubled-duplicated too (well we know that Francie has been and what about Sloane? He was missing for sometime and god this is terrible thought but Vaughn was also mission and capture for a while in the beginning of Season Two??? But than again so was Will as well???)

    But the computer data doesn't indicate who has been doubled-
    duplicated. then we get another very complicated confusing twist in a jeep comes another man looking like James Lennox calling the CIA and claiming to be the real one and that he just escape from being
    transfer to an Island of some sorts

    Vaughn calls Sydney explains it to her says disarm both men and the CIA will figure it out later. Sydney cannot stop the one in the jeep and he confronts the other James Lennox and they fight

    Sydney decides that there is only one way to tell them apart and it is to threaten the Scientist she says "I hope you like your face because you are going to have it for a very long time"... Sydney explodes the lab and the Scientist we presume turns the gun on her saying no. no. :ph34r: :unsure: no. and the real James Lennox we presume shoots him dead :unsure:

    Sydney and Vaughn have dinner together in fact Syd makes dinner for Vaughn they start kissing and Vaughn is holding her tightly looks like the last scene is with them in bed :woot: :woot: :redhair: :shamefullyembarrased:

    (I kinda wish they waited on this on Alias usually a show has the sex and possible marriage of the intended couple at the very end of the story and wrap-up of a show. OH WELL!!! HOPE IT HELPS THE RATING INSTEAD OF HURT THEM!!!) :woot:


    Who are the Doubles-Duplicates?
    How will the CIA find them?
    Did Sydney and Vaughn have safe sex?
    What is Duplicate-Double Francie mission in all this?
    Will "Will Tippin" suspect her first?
    What is Sloane after?
    Does Spy Mom have a part in all this?

    Don't touch that dial stay tune for another exciting episode
    of "ALIAS"!!! ;) :) :D

    Enjoy your day and evening! :D


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