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Season 2 Alias -- 3-16-03 --- Summary and

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Lynne, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. Lynne

    Lynne Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Alias – 3-16-03 -- Summary and Comments! :)

    Note: This is a Fictional Spy Show on a Spy Family with connections
    to the CIA any references to CIA and American views is loosely based
    on events of the times and purely fictional and not to be taken
    literally … Not Real World Issues only a story written by writers for
    television viewing enjoyment!!!

    Sydney in a shoot out with Spy Mom and Syd shoots her then a
    helicopter flies by and a woman lying besides Sydney is crying but we
    don't see who is lying on the ground as the helicopter leaves…
    Sydney, Vaughn and Dixon on the mission

    Earlier Vaughn being taken away for questioning and Spy Dad says the operation didn't go as planned to Sydney … they were betrayed my Spy Mom and Irina secured the Rambaldi manuscript just before she escaped … Spy Dad says that Sloane and Irina plan this… (What did they expect that Irina would happily spend the rest of her life in a CIA prison cell with just a blanket and pillow for comfort)!!! :rolleyes:

    Sydney is sitting in Spy Mom's cell with Dixon … Dixon says I heard
    about your Mother and I am sorry … there is a plan to get Sloane and
    her Mother … Sydney says she wish that Irina had been killed (instead
    of betraying them) … :mad:

    Sloane and Spy Mom on a plane with Sark … each one Irina and Sloane say they are glad to see each other… :ph34r: :ph34r: on a genetic database operation… Spy Mom says to Sloane never talk to me about your love for Sydney again… :mad:

    Jack has control of the task force that includes Sydney, Vaughn, and
    Dixon… Jack is not as much of a fool as it seems he injected Spy Mom
    with another tracking device… (Presumably during their lovemaking… )
    Funny moment with Marshall when he says to Jack WOW how did you
    inject Irina without her knowing it and Spy Dad gives him a cynical
    look … (like use your imagination Man!) ;) LOL :LOL:

    Sydney at the firing range… Vaughn appears … he has been demoted but Spy Dad, Jack, convinces them to keep Vaughn on as a field agent
    though… Sydney says she won't hesitate to take out Spy Mom on the
    operation and will shoot Irina if given the chance :mad: but Vaughn says you shouldn't have to hunt down your own Mother… Sydney says she was never my Mother… :(

    On the operation to get Spy Mom and Sloane … Sark finds the tracking
    device on Irina… Sark finds it and some how disables it with Electric
    props used to revive individuals that have heart attacks (Medical
    Equipment) … Sydney comes in search of Spy Mom…

    Sark and Vaughn confrontation and Sark shoots Vaughn and Sydney
    shoots Sark but Vaughn had a bulletproof vest on… (to Sydney and the (S&V fans) relieve) :redhair: :woot:

    Spy Mom yells out Syd's name and Sydney and Vaughn run out just
    before a bomb goes off apparently Spy Mom didn't want Syd killed in
    the Blast… :woot:

    Sloane and Emily … having dinner together the cell phone is ringing
    by Emily … Emily answers it and it is Spy Mom… Emily is suspicious…
    (probably thinking Sloane is cheating on her…) Sloane says Emily I
    have to leave the house as a precaution he says you have to trust me…

    Will talks about DNA and private citizens … Sloane's genetics could
    pollute the water and chemical and biological weapons… at a CIA
    meeting :(

    Emily says she doesn't understand why Sloane owns his own plane and then she sees Spy Mom … seems to know her but knows her as Laura Bristow, Jack's former wife and Sydney's Mother… :unsure: :blink:

    Emily doesn't understand because she said that Laura had died a long
    time ago… doesn't know what she is doing with Sloane and Sloane's
    secret world… :unsure: :blink:

    Francie bought Vaughn a present and Syd says are you trying to make
    me look bad … I haven't even bought Vaughn a present yet… :redhair:

    Sydney sees Emily on a camera shooting and is shocked to see she is
    alive … Sydney is told that Emily is a walk-in and wants to cooperate
    with the CIA and only wants to talk to Sydney… :)


    Emily and Sydney conversation… Emily says she felt the same way that
    Syd feels now by seeing someone that she thought was gone or dead too (meaning Irina) Sydney says my Mother … Emily knew about the Alliance stayed with Sloane anyway… because Sloane helped her with her cancer and saved her life … Emily has been with him for 30 years… and decided to give him a second chance… except nothing had changed and that is why Emily is there with Sydney (reminds me of a Italian Mom Boss wife)

    Sloane is rationalizing the Rambaldi obsession … Emily says she
    cannot except the excuses anymore and wants to help bring Sloane in
    but only if he doesn't get the Death Penalty… :(

    Director Kendall says he cannot do it… Jack says we need Emily and
    her cooperation make the deal ( no death penalty) for Sloane…

    Sloane says he give all of his Rambaldi artifacts to Irina, Spy Mom,
    sell it to her… Sloane says he wants out to be with Emily …

    Emily signs the document to betray Sloane and wears a wire … and the
    CIA says they will protect her…

    Emily in their new home talking into the wire to Sydney… Sloane
    drives up… swat team with Vaughn and Sydney …

    Sloane and Spy Mom come in go to his safe… Rambaldi … Sloane talking
    to Emily … Emily says she is leaving him… Sloane tries to reason with
    her and Emily takes the wire off her body and says the CIA are
    listening and they are here to Sloane … Sloane says it doesn't matter
    and he ask if she wants to come with him and Sloane says you have to
    make up your mind now… :woot:

    (I don't understand Emily or should I say the writers it would be far
    more interesting to have had Emily working for the CIA to bring
    Sloane down than this dependent devoted wife to a mass murder… it
    goes against Emily's character to support such a man also for Sloane
    to be such an evil man he should have wanted to take out Emily and
    kill her for her betrayal of him…) :blink: :blink:

    Emily says yes that she will go with Sloane… the swat team come in
    (elements of 24 here) and Irina, Emily, and Sloane go in the Wine
    Cellar there is a tunnel inside it… Syd follows and Vaughn is outside
    Sydney has a shoot out with Spy Mom … and shoots Spy Mom in the arm
    and she climbs to the top of the helicopter that has comes to
    retrieve them… Sloane and Emily are running and Emily is shot (with
    what appears to be Dixon… or was it Sloane that shot her… or was it
    Sark… it was confusing… I don't know who shot Emily …I am assuming it
    was Dixon who was aiming for Sloane…) :unsure: :blink:

    Sydney runs up and finds Emily's body … Spy Mom doesn't have the disk
    on genetics… and Emily appears to be Dead (if Dixon shot her he
    really has got something to say he is sorry for to Sydney…) Sydney is
    crying… :(

    Los Angeles…

    Vaughn and Sydney in bed together Vaughn ask if she is OK… she says
    that she doesn't want to talk now… Mother's earrings are ringing a
    morose code… Vaughn and Sydney are deciphering it and it says "The
    Truth takes Time!!!"…. Very exciting and suspenseful episode!!! :cool: ;)

    Note: Now that it appears we are going to have another Gulf War and
    I remember the 1991 Gulf War … ABC Peter Jennings seemed to cover it
    24 hours for its entire length of about five weeks… if so and it is
    only in the East Cost … I am going to have to find out how ALIAS ends
    Season TWO by the Official Site and will not be able to give future
    summaries this year unless it ALIAS delays its episodes until after
    the WAR which could be as soon as two to three weeks or probably at
    most five weeks in length… (IMPORTANT NOTE:.. A remake of my favorite
    Gothic Soap Opera "Dark Shadows – 1991 version with Ben Cross was
    cancelled because of the 1991 gulf war but it was only on for six
    months … where Alias has been on for almost two years… well I hope
    they find a way for me to see the episodes after the GULF WAR is
    over… if the WEST COAST airs it we in the East Coast will have to
    rely on the Official Website for updates!!!) :(


    Is Emily Dead now?

    Has Spy Mom betrayed Sydney and Jack or is she working with Jack and
    the CIA to trap Sloane and some how tip off Sydney on this fact with
    the earrings? Jack seems pretty calm for her betrayal you expect
    Jack to be going around saying I told you so… I told you so… and in
    an outrage but he is not doing that is he?… (got a fringe benefit
    from the mission by having sex again with Irina!)

    If Emily is dead how will this effect Sloane will he become an even
    more ruthless villain/killer?

    What gift did Evil Double Francie give Vaughn? Is it a tracking
    device or something deadly?

    Did Dixon shoot and kill Emily Sloane?

    If so how will Sydney feel towards Dixon for killing her substitute

    Tune in when we can to the next exciting episode of ALIAS…

    Enjoy your evening! :) :D


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