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Season 2 Alias -- 4-27-03 -- Summary and

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Lynne, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Lynne

    Lynne Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Alias – 4-27-03 -- Summary and Comments! :)

    Note: This is a Fictional Spy Show on a Spy Family with connections
    to the CIA any references to CIA and American views is loosely based
    on events of the times and purely fictional and not to be taken
    literally … Not Real World Issues only a story written by writers
    for television viewing enjoyment!!!

    Tonight's episode opens with Dixon and the theme is around
    Dixon… Dixon is with some kind of explosive device with some man and Vaughn has been ordered to shoot him (Dixon says I have nothing to
    lose)… Sydney is very upset but doesn't know what to do… :(

    Earlier… scene takes place at Diane, Dixon's wife's
    funeral the children are there as well as Sydney and the other CIA Agents … Vaughn too :(

    Vaughn has doubts of Dixon's state of mind (a man who only a few
    weeks ago was under suspicion himself by CIA for Treason… and
    acting irrationally over an obsession with Irina (something in common with Jack, Spy Dad)) :(

    I think Vaughn should be criticized for this his concern is over the
    fact that Dixon is taking medication (this is discrimination and in
    real world people lose their jobs over it – that is why we now
    have new privacy laws for medical information distribution not everyone is perfect or has a perfect health record but maybe being a CIA Officer,
    Fireman, or Policeman there would be extra concern but certainly not
    enough to prevent someone from doing his job) that alone
    shouldn't have made him wander but Dixon's later behavior would… Sydney says to Vaughn I went through the same thing when my fiancé was killed… (after all didn't Sydney say to what is it that ALIAS fans call
    him (suit and glasses) go ahead take out all my teeth I won't feel a
    thing… or something to those words in the very first or second
    episode of ALIAS in Season One) :redhair:

    New woman joins the CIA… and she admires the genius of
    Marshall… :redhair:

    Marshall shows the CIA team a picture of a heart and DNA and compares
    Rambaldi to Leonard da Vinci (see my previous posting General ALIAS Section on Rambaldi --- two historical great men I think inspired his creation – Leonard da Vinci and Nostradamus the inventions are Leonard and predictions Nostradamus) ;) :)

    CIA is now temporary under the jurisdiction of NSA … they have
    taken charge of the operation…

    A man is murdered in his home… the man's heart was taken from
    his body… Bloody and gross scene… CIA/NSA believe there is a link
    to Rambaldi :( :ph34r:

    Vaughn advises Spy Dad that Dixon should be off the field now…
    because of his state of mind over his wife's death (Vaughn's
    mind was and probably still clouded over Irina's murdering his father and
    Jack has a bit of hang-up with her too … Sydney can related to
    Dixon's new obsession with Sloane because she has it too because of her fiancé being murdered by Sloane too!) Jack, Spy Dad gets extremely angry and says he is responsible for bring Dixon into SD-6 and into
    Sloane's twisted life… feels responsible and some guilt over it and feels
    the best place for Dixon to get over his grief is on the field… Jack
    says I cannot take Dixon off the case to capture Sloane now when it is so important to him to be involved and in control… (especially after
    Sloane killed Dixon's wife)… :mad:

    New woman asked Marshall out on a Date… Marshall is
    thrilled… :redhair: :woot:

    Dixon and Sydney on assignment… Syd in disguise… they get in
    a fight scene with the murdered of the man with the missing heart… they
    use swords (a play on Jennifer Garner's Electra character from
    Daredevil) :redhair: ;) Dixon gets hold of the man and nearly beats him to death …Sydney has trouble calling Dixon off (now this behavior is what I meant would cause Vaughn and now Sydney to question Dixon's assignments out in the field – and rightly so at this point in time!)

    Psychologist and Dixon have a talk about the recent operation and the
    death of his wife… she will determine if Dixon is fit for duty on
    the field…

    Vaughn reported Dixon and the medication use and Syd is upset that
    Vaughn has done this but Vaughn feels he has done his duty and the
    right thing because he is worried that Sydney's life could be in
    jeopardy (well now we can understand why Vaughn is acting the way he
    is acting now not only out of duty but love for Sydney and her life
    being harmed in any way)… at this point Sydney says Dixon saved
    my life more than I can count!!! :woot:

    Dixon has a drug test and it came up negative so he is still on
    duty… but Dixon switched the results… doctored the results as he tells
    Sydney but asked her not to report it to the CIA/NSA or he lose his
    job and not be able to take care of his children… :(

    Sydney says Dixon is a strong man and she knows and trusts him with
    her life and he will pull through his grief to the Psychologist…

    Another mission to determine if the heart is a kind of explosive or
    what exactly it is… not a normal heart apparently… Syd,
    Vaughn, and Dixon are on the Mission together…

    Sloane is on a Mountain top… visiting a Monk (David Carradine)
    … Sloane says his search for Rambaldi as advised by the Monk thirty
    years ago and the results are he betrayed everyone he trusted and
    loved including the organizations he worked for such as CIA and
    SD-6… (his best friends and his wife etc.) :ph34r: :woot:

    Sydney in another fight scene…

    Dixon is covering for her… looking for the Device… Vaughn
    with another team of CIA agents…

    Dixon has a man and is getting rough with him… Dixon pulls an
    explosive on him and says tell me or we both die… Syd and Spy Dad
    try to stop him… Vaughn is ordered by another NSA Director to shoot
    Dixon… (but the man tells Dixon where it is) but Dixon's device isn't
    activated Dixon was bluffing the whole time and it worked… Dixon
    got the information CIA/NSA needed about the heart mechanism…the
    heart is not a bomb the CIA team seals it and return to CIA/NSA to deal with it there… :)

    Sloane with the Monk (David Carradine)… the Monk shows him a
    box… and gives him something an object and papers of Rambaldi … The Monk tells Sloane his journey has only just begun…

    Dixon says he is sorry for his behavior earlier and that he put
    Sydney in such a position with the CIA and Vaughn that Sydney had to
    lie for Dixon… Dixon admits he doctored the results of his drug
    test to the CIA and is given another chance as explained to Syd from
    Vaughn in a conversation at the end of the show … Sydney confesses to
    Vaughn that she knew all about it and that she lied to him… :shamefullyembarrased: :angelic:
    Vaughn looks hurt but seems to forgive her… :( :angelic: :) ( a very touching moment as Vaughn and Sydney share some ice cream together – verysweet!!!) :shamefullyembarrased: :redhair: :rolleyes:

    For full details check out the link below from the official website: :o


    Enjoy your evening! :D


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