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Season 2 Alias - 5-4-03 PI -- 1st Hour

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Lynne, May 6, 2003.

  1. Lynne

    Lynne Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Alias – 5-4-03 – PI – 1st Hour -- Summary and Comments!

    Note: This is a Fictional Spy Show on a Spy Family with connections
    to the CIA any references to CIA and American views is loosely based on events of the times and purely fictional and not to be taken literally … Not Real World Issues only a story written by writers for television viewing enjoyment!!!

    Theme is around the Second Double “Evil Francie” and Will and
    the deceptions and frame-up of Will Tippin…

    Vaughn and Sydney having passionate seamy sex in the opening of this episode…

    Evil Francie talking about Will and tracing all the activity back to
    her but Evil Double Francie drugs Will to forget his past and put him
    under more suspicion as being the Second Double, the CIA Mole. Will is arrested while jogging with Sydney and Syd wants to know who order it and the men say your Father…

    Spy Dad and Marshall give Sydney the facts about the computer access apparently by Will… Dad says Will could be the double the second recipient of the Double processing the other one being the Scientist who invented the procedure the first recipient…

    Evil Francie has a laser used on Will’s eyes making him look like
    he is a double so they don’t suspect her…

    Spy Dad shows some video shots of Vaughn and Sydney making love both Sydney and Vaughn look very uncomfortable about this… (very embarrassing moment for them both…) (I sorry but I also thought funny … I couldn’t help laughing at their facial expressions as the sex tape was being played for their viewing…) LOL :LOL: :shamefullyembarrased: :shamefullyembarrased:

    Will looks guilty from the frame-up by Evil Double Francie… Syd
    ask questions of Will and he cannot answer the questions because of the drugs that Evil Francie has been pumping him with… (and all this has taken place in the first ten minutes of the show!!!)

    Dixon does not believe this is the real Will! Dixon believes he is a
    double and responsible for his wife, Diane’s death…Spy Dad
    tells Sydney she can tell Francie (Evil Double) who is in protective
    custody whatever she feels is necessary of course at this point (Evil Double) Francie lies and says Will has been distance since being with his family then Syd confesses that she works for the CIA not a Bank!

    Kendall is back and is obnoxious as ever…but Spy Dad is still in

    Dixon comes in to question Will and Will’s prints are on the remote
    control device of the explosive mechanism connected to their car that killed Dixon’s wife…Dixon tries to strangle Will because he
    doesn’t believe anything he is saying to him…

    Kendall gets Will moved to another location and Dixon has been
    assigned to supervise the move… Sark plans to kidnap Will and
    then kill him…

    Syd in disguise to capture another key Scientist (who was involved in Doubling Process – Project Helix) is at a sex club that he hangs
    out… Sydney arranges a private meeting with him where she got the Scientist in an uncompromising position strapped to ceiling almost naked and whipping him… Vaughn comes in and take pictures of him with Sydney and threatens to send the pictures over the Internet to his wife through e-mail if he doesn’t give them information about the “Second Double’s identity” … The Scientists says if they access the Server that did the duplicating it would have the DNA of the original person who had been doubled…

    Will kills the men that Sark sent after him and then goes on the run
    in the woods from the CIA and Sark’s men…

    Irina has recovered something? (Unsure what it may be…) :unsure:

    Will calls Sydney and says someone is framing him and Syd says he is on orders to be killed on sight and to let her bring him back to the CIA… Will says he cannot trust Sydney and that meeting Sydney has destroyed his life… He says if you want to help me prove me innocent then Syd tells him about the DNA at the Server site…

    Spy Dad says he has evidence of Will being framed by the finger
    prints were placed on the remote control after the explosion (boy how did he get the exact timing on that…) but somehow on recovering this evidence Spy Dad, Jack, has jeopardized his position at the CIA but Jack says I prefer field work over management anyway… Kendall is now back in charge…

    Sloane comes and meets Jack at a Restaurant and says he has missed Jack’s Poker face… he says he forgives him on his betrayal of
    SD-6… Sloane also ask Jack when his friendship ended with him and Jack says when he recruited Sydney into the SD-6 over his objections… Sloane says if he knew that would happen he would have done things differently and offers Jack back into the Partnership Sloane says now is the time to join up and this time Sydney won’t be a pawn and for Jack to think it over and Jack says I will never work with you again and Sloane says soon you will work with me and if you leave the table before 30 minutes are up snipers trained on him will shoot Jack down…

    Sydney and Vaughn on another mission together… Vaughn pretending to be drunk after Sydney soaks him with a bottle of what looks like Champaign… LOL :LOL:

    Syd sneaks into a facility to check out the server… someone has
    beaten her there and it is Spy Mom, Irina, she is there and tortures
    Sydney with some electrical prop but then Vaughn under the code name which is so cute “Boy scout” comes in with a swat team…
    Spy Mom seems to be with Sloane and the Evil side…Irina, Spy Mom, says to Sydney make a deal with me and I help you clear Will’s name other wise you never be able to do so… Evil Francie is called by Will and retrieves him (wrong move Will)… :(

    End of the first (1st) hour of Season Finale of ALIAS PI – PII
    – second (2nd) Hour to come soon!!! :)

    Enjoy your evening! :D


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