alias fanfic story

Jan 17, 2005

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Chapter 1

Sydney closed her eyes, praying, hoping for a way out... her mouth was dry as dust and her heartbeat resonated through her chest. The gun was pressed against her forehead, and a feeling of cold, sick dread ran up her spine as the gun's trigger clicked into place....


"Merci, monsieur. " Sydney took the flute of effervescent champagne from the waiter and sipped at it nonchalantly. She crossed her ankles, covered in her brown suede Anna Sui boots, and elegantly tossed her curly blond wig. Putting on her most convincing smile, she turned to Antony Belleverre. "Monsieur, please do excuse me. I suppose I cannot hold my liquor very well!"
She stood up from the french cafe table, almost upsetting the lopsided umbrella that poked out from the middle.
She started towards the bathrooms, but when Antony wasnt looking, averted her path to the right, where a large sign hung over a door. Personnell autorisé seulement---authorized personell only.
Antony Bellevere was a young suspected operative of France's SD-47, one of the few branches left of the Alliance. He owned this Parisian restaraunt, where Sydney had captured his attention and in a few days, had quickly become his mistress. She had gathered intel that pointed to the computer system in the closed-off back of the restaraunt.
Keeping her eye on passerby and Antony, she expertly picked the lock with her bobby pin and ducked inside.
It was an empty warehouse, with a few crates of kitchen supplies and food stacked on top of one another. She quickly rounded the corner, listening for any disturbances. It was then when she noticed the camera. It gave a distinctive whine, then rotated toward Syd's direction after detecting footsteps. She leaned into a dark corner behind some boxes. She hiked up her short burberry skirt and pulled out her utility launcher from a thigh holster, and loaded her camera disabler ammo into it. Looking through the tiny crosshair, she shot it perfectly into the lens and the camera smoked and sparked. Darting across the hallway, she ran into a small room where a few large computers and monitors were. A tiny, unsuspecting man in a white labcoat shrieked when he saw her, but she acted fast. She punched and jabbed, then performed a well-executed roundhouse kick to his jaw. He collapsed on the ground, a thin trickle of blood started from his open mouth.
Syd sat down at one of the computers and formulated the computer to scan the databases for anything matching Project:Beta, the current top-secret assignment of the alliance.Information and files whirred by, and she hardly noticed the footsteps behind her.
"Bella?", antony inquired. "Ze intruder is"

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