Alias Rambaldi US Boxset pics

Hey Guys!


I was soo excited when I saw it was MY package!

Anyway...I will post pictures very soon -- hopefully tonight -- but I think it will only be of the outside. My mum isn't letting me open it until christmas. But, I thought of a plan -- i'll open it (take pictures) and then just wrap it with wrapping paper and just tell her I did it to keep myself from opening it! LOL!

Alright, well thanks for all the feed back -- and help! YOU GUYS ROCK! And PLEASE; anyone else who is yet to recieve the set - tell us when you get it.

Oh, I will also make sure to post the working order of the DVD's. I don't really see how the discs' could become scratched with the packaging the came in -- it's pretty tight! But I'll let you all know!

Ok, have a good night and hopefully i'll be able to post soon!

Love Bree
My discs looked scratched, but I took one of those cloths (one that came w/ my fellows CD case) and cleaned them and the scratches came off (atleast what looked to be scratches). Seems it was mostly just finger prints and fibers.

I LOVE my set and am so glad that I bought it. The box really makes a nice decoration and convo piece.

I haven't posted in here for ages.
How is everyone going?

I'm really sorry that I haven't posted pics of it, I've been pretty busy.

Anyway, I am in love with my Rambaldi set. It is AMAZING! I have watched all of Season 5 (which was SO hard, I cannot even describe it in words), and the working was great. No skips, jumps, freezes. It was perfect.

My disc's did look pretty scratched though, but I suppose it was just fibres and stuff.

Anyone who was doubtful to buy this set - YOU DEFINATLEY SHOULD! You won't be disappointed. It really is something you'll want if you've ever watched ALIAS.

I have not stopped watching ALIAS. I watch it nearly everyday (if I don't, I'm always doing something ALIAS related). Last night, I watched the 2nd episode from every season - and I cried in all of them!

Is anyone else have really bad withdrawls?


I've heard that it's in March sometime - although I don't know when. Channel 7 are being COMPLETE idiots!

Alright. Well I hope to hear from someone soon.

LOVE BREE :love:
Thanks, Awesome pics too by the way. I still just have every original season, but hope to get the Rambaldi box soon.
I got the Alias Rambaldi Box Set when it first came out, and I have a slight problem with it. The four walls are held up magnetically. One of the walls will not stay up. No matter what I try, it won't stay up. The only way I was able to get it to stay up was by putting a bigger magnet in between the wall and the lid. But that looks so akward, and takes away from the splendor of the Irina box replica. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, or if anyone has any solution to it. Thanx.