Alias Ratings 10/12


Dec 9, 2002
New York
From Zap2it-

ABC was third with the 5.7/9 for "Alias," beating the ending of "Varsity Blues" on FOX.

Kiki's Commentary:

Not great, but could have been worse. Althought the ratings have been less than stellar, those for most of ABC's new dramas have been even worse, so I wouldn't worry about cancellation yet.


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Aug 5, 2003
Canada, buried in snow
awsome! its not goin too down.

they' re okay ratings but i bet it will get better, abc has to clue in more Adds for alias!! i barley ever see them, its always the pratice or karon sisco, more advertizment!
Oct 8, 2003
Saline, MI
The ratings for Alias are far much better than the ratings for Enterprise that are in the low 4's.

I am not criticising that Enterprise is a terrible show, I ama huge star trek fan, but at least I can say that Alias is doing much better


Jan 27, 2003
You see if they cancel alias, then they'll have to cancel every show. Please can someone tell me how to find the ratings for shows.... i've loked everywhere, zap2it even nielsen i dunno....


Jul 16, 2003
I live in Canada and I only started watching Alias because CTV (which is the carrying network) promoed the hell out of the season premier of Season 2. Obivously there is something to be said for advertising, and doing it properly... none of this love-triangle stuff...

You build an appreciation for the character's love-lives only after you start watching the show.... you can't bank on drawing an auidence on the merits of a love story that will not last the duration of the show...

However the mystery and the action, as well as the drama of the JOB are aspects that they could be building an audience on.

:blink: okay....that was a little more than I originally wanted to fingers kinda got ahead of me :shamefullyembarrased:

Bye Now,



Mar 3, 2003
yah, what's with the lack of promotion? i only see commercials for abc comedies, The Practice and Karen Sisco. occasionally an ad for Threat Matrix, 10-8, but rarely an ALIAS advert.


Feb 28, 2003
I just see countless ads for Karen Sisco, I feel like throwing something at my tv and saying, what about alias?!?! I see a lot of ads for 10-8 and The practice too...I hear lots of advertisements on these 2 radio stations i listen to...and i listen to them a lot, esp when i'm on here, or doing hw :)
i definitely agree with everyone, there hardly ever is any promos for Alias on CTV or ABC, if they did promote in more often i know Alias would be kickin every other show's A$$! :P

They couldn't take Alias off the air! i would DIE! Alias is my whole life, i go crazy all week for it to come, i talk about it 24/7 and love the characters to death...
my life would be over...... after writing all of this i realize i really am obsessed! :LOL:
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