Alias Ratings for 11/30


Dec 9, 2002
New York
From Mediaweek-

On ABC, it was Sunday business as usual with its combination of America's Funniest Home Videos (#3: 5.4/ 8), 10-8 (#4: 5.1/ 8), Alias (#3: 6.8/10) and The Practice (#2: 8.9/14).

Kiki's Commentary:

I say this is pretty good news for Alias. The ratings seem to be holding steady and have not dropped from last year. I no longer feel that constant anxiety about the possibility of ABC cancelling Alias, especially after they picked up many of their lower rated shows for the entire season (Threat Matrix, anyone?) Though the ratings aren't fantastic, Alias is one of very few shows that attracts critical buzz for ABC and that's something they need. In a ratings world full of uncertaintly, Alias has developed into a reliable, constant source of ratings for ABC and it seems as though they appreciate that. Of course ABC could treat the show better by showing more commercials for it and planning new episodes around cast member TV appearances (*cough* Saturday Night Live! *cough*) Okay, that's all I have to say for week looks amazing so keep those good Alias thoughs coming :)
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