Alias RPG


Sep 25, 2004
Would anyone be interested? Just with a few people, probably an AU that deals with SD-6 and/or the CIA. Alias characters and originals welcome also. We could do it here or at another forum I could set up. Proper punctuation would be nice, it'd make everything run smoother.

It's kind of crazy how this forum is sort of dead when it was so popular when the show was on, but yeah, if anyone's interested...


Dec 2, 2002
California, United States
There used to be a version of this when AA first started called Alias Interactive. From what I remember, it was literally a live event where all the users would log on at the same time and RP the storyline.

I've also been a part of a fanfic where multiple users participate and take turns contributing pieces to the storyline.

Both entail the excitement of not knowing where the story will go next. The former has a drawback that everyone's schedule needs to fit and the latter has the drawback that the story moves very slowly, because you gotta wait for people to post.

But definitely a good and fun idea now that there should be more activity on the boards.
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