Alias Season 2 DVD Extras!


Dec 9, 2002
New York
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More Action, More Drama From The Hottest Show On TV!

LOADS of Bonus Materials Take Viewers Into The
Incredible World Of 'Alias' And Its Star Jennifer Garner

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BURBANK, Calif., July 17, 2003 - The sizzling entertainment phenomenon "Alias" keeps growing with ALIAS SEASON 2, a knockout six-disc box set that includes all 22 second-season episodes and a ton of thrilling, never-before-seen bonus features. For both viewers new to the storyline and die-hard fans, ALIAS SEASON 2 delivers not just the episodes but a comprehensive package that encompasses the entire 'Alias' world. Loaded with bonus features, ALIAS SEASON 2 is designed to provide the most in-depth look possible at TV's most explosive show. Demanded by fans and coming on the heels of "Alias Season 1" (available September 2), this is the place to discover TV's hottest story, one that is attracting thousands of new viewers every week!

ALIAS SEASON 2 stars Hollywood sensation Jennifer Garner ("Daredevil") as Sydney Bristow, a young woman recruited from college to become a spy. While Sydney is engaged in a life-and-death struggle with the shadowy forces of the spy world, she finally meets her mysterious mother (Lena Olin, "Chocolat"), who is also a spy. While the uneasy relationship between Sydney, her mom and her dad (Victor Garber, TV's "The Music Man") is played out, Sydney is sent on more dangerous missions that test her limits. And when the secrets, lies, betrayals and high stakes of her career mix with her family life, the combination is explosive. ALIAS SEASON 2 co-stars Ron Rifkin ("The Sum Of All Fears") and Michael Vartan ("One Hour Photo"). Created and Executive Produced by J. J. Abrams. ALIAS SEASON 2 is available on December 2 from Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Six-DVD set (includes 22 episodes): $69.99 (S.R.P).

Bonus DVD Features

The Making of "The Telling" - an in-depth documentary on the making of the season finale. Go behind the scenes for a look at Seasons 2's emotional finale.
Undercover: The Look of Alias - a look at the costume design, make-up and disguises. See how the pros re-make Jennifer Garner and her co-horts for their incredible spy roles.
Season 2 Gag Reel - the best of the moments you can't see on TV
Monday Night Football Parody
The Making Of The Video Game
Deleted Scenes - never-before-seen, yet too good to miss
Audio Commentary With Cast And Crew
All bonus materials subject to change.


Azy in Wonderland
Dec 28, 2002
the Ozarks
AHHH!!! That sounds so exciting! :jump: I'm so glad they're doing a bunch of features; I HATE it when you shell out so much money for a DVD set and then there's barely anything on it but the episodes.


Jan 11, 2003
Fullerton, California
AHHHHHHHH! I can not wait to see the gag reel! And deleted scenes! Rock on! Are those on the season one DVD too? Because i really want to see that one scene where we see Vaughn's dog.
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