ALIAS: Season 4


Nov 21, 2004
Okay, this is my first attempt and possibly last depending on how it goes. The following is my vision for Season 4 and what I believe/think should happen. In a lot of ways its an extrapolation of what spoilers have been released.

Title: Season 4
Author: Myself, however Alias and all of its characters are property of JJ Abrams, ABC, and Bad Robot plus anyother party involved in creating and writing the show.

Rating: PG13, the show is TV14 so I guess I should rate this in a likewise manner

Spoiler level: This includes all of the televised episodes and to a point builds upon some but not all spoilers released to this date.

Description: Sydney learns the about project SAB47 and her fathers involvemet and a shake-up in the CIA occurs plus future twists and turns.

Chapter 1

Wittenburg Bank

Sydney sits at a table looking at documents with official CIA stamps on them, as she reads it can be seen that the document is entitled SAB47 and was headed up by Jack Bristow, as she reads she begins to cry when Jack Bristow enters

JB: "You were never supposed to have found this sydney"

SB: "Well I did. This must have been why you were so anxious to go after Lauren. She knew a secret and you didn't want that to det out did you?"

JB: Sydney I've been trying to protect you, all of my actions have been called for and if you let me explain maybe then you can see the whole picture.

SB: It would just be more lies, dont ever speak to me again.

Sydney gets up puts the files in her bag and walks past her father out the door.

Once Sydney leaves Jack pulls out his cell phone and makes a call.

JB: We have a problem. I need you to contact her, she trusts you.


Nadia has escaped and joined her father for the pursuit of the Sphere of Life. The two of them are on a chartered flight to Mexico

AS: I'm glad of the choice you made my beautiful daughter.

NS: As I said while I was under the influence of the serum I realized how important the Sphere is.

AS: Together we will make history and the end of my journey will finally be complete.

NS: Dad do you have a secure line, I need to call sydney and at least tell her I'm fine.

AS: Hear use my sat phone, the CIA doesn't know I have it and can't be traced
unless the recieving phone has my number programmed into it. ONly 3 phones in the world have the number. Call your sister

Nadia stands up smiles at her father and says "I'm Sorry" and then knocks him out with a punch to the head.

She opens the door to the cockpit and tells the pilots to turn around. Then she pulls Arvins satelite phone from his pocket and calls the number Sydney gave her in case she was in trouble.

The voice of Jack Bristow answers: "Arvin, I told you not to call unless its an absolute emergency, out with it now."

NS: How did you know this was my fathers number?

JB: Nadia, you're supposed to be at the safe-house.

NS: Don't change the subject. You are going to help me detain my father when this plane gets to LA and then you and I are going to have a little chat about your involvement with Arvin Sloane.

JB: Fine, but I have a request of you. Did Arvin tell you to call this number? and if not him where did you get it?

NS: Sydney gave me the number to call in case there was trouble and I needed help. Was she wrong to give it to me?

JB: No she ws right. Now lets get down to what will happen when you land. You will turn over your father. But you wont be turning him over to the CIA, you will be turning him over to me and then the 3 of us will go and have you chat about a lot of things you need to know if you care about your sister and want whats best for her. That is how this will happen and in no other way. I am not the man you want to mess with.

End of Chapter 1

This is shorter than I wanted for the first post but it is the only good place to stop. Chapter 2 will follow shortly