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Season 2 Alias -- Summary and Comments on

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Lynne, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. Lynne

    Lynne Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    :ph34r: Alias - 2-9-2003-Summary and Comments!!! :)

    Sydney and Vaughn are in bed right after having hot and steamy sex together all smiles . :D :D

    Sydney wants to resign from the CIA and the Head of the FBI won't
    accept it. Jack advises her to stay on. Syd wants to leave but the
    Head of the FBI says resign and you don't get to see "SPY MOM"!!!
    Syd goes to see "SPY MOM" . Irina is glad to see her. (Sydney is
    graduating today) . :(

    Sydney tells Irina, Spy Mom, that she wants to leave the CIA but
    won't be able to see her anymore if she does Spy Mom pushes Syd away by saying you don't owe anything to me I wasn't a real mother to you and in fact if you stay I will refuse to see you anymore anywaythen Sydney leaves crestfallen and Irina quietly sobs in her cell all alone and isolated from the world and now from her daughter too. :(

    A man (Christian Slater) is with his family at an aquarium wife and
    son -- son is five years old. gets separated and finds out that his
    wife and son have been kidnapped from Sark for Sloane... :(

    Sydney in her graduation gown with fake cold Francie and Will ... Syd
    gets a hug from the double Francie... :ph34r: Sloane :ph34r: calls Syd to congratulate her Sloane says it pained him that the two people he trusted the most were against him and Double-Agents (Jack and Sydney) but Sydney tells Sloane exactly what she thinks of him that he is slime and she wants to kill him Sloane says he is not surprise but seems hurt by her admission and tells her to stay out of his way or he will be forced to kill her! :(

    CIA tells about the kidnapped Scientist and that Sloane has him... Syd is told that Sark and Sloane have a strong alliance together and
    working side by side... :ph34r: :ph34r:

    Sloane is using the Scientist named Kaplan to put the Rambaldi pieces together mostly likely to build a weapon of some kind

    Sydney says this never stops... :mad: Head of the FBI says sign the Resignation Papers and you are out ... and Syd has second thoughts ...still wants to get Sloane ... Hates him and despises what he is doing... :mad:

    Sloane is talking to the Scientist says cooperate and you will be
    reunited with your family. Manuscript of Rambaldi tells him he like
    what he finds in the Rambaldi prophecy... it is a Scientist dream of a
    discovery etc. :) ??? :blink: :blink: :blink:

    Sydney and Dixon moment... Dixon is cold to her :( Sydney says he has been cleared with the CIA and they are offering him a job with the
    CIA :) Dixon not sure about it... :unsure: Sydney says to Dixon "your friendship was the only thing that kept her sane" :) and Dixon says "how long had she known about SD-6 and she says almost two years but ordered to remain silent by the CIA but wanted to tell him" Dixon says "we were Partners then you lied to me and told me the truth when it was convenient for you to do so" he says "he never wants to se her again" :( (I think Dixon is being a bit too hard on Sydney)

    Marshall fits into the CIA very well becomes a good yes man . and
    charms the Head of the FBI with his brilliance :rolleyes: :D

    Marshall is on CIA Payroll and is so excited and happy . Vaughn
    says "welcome to the CIA" and Marshall says I heard that before but I guess this is for real... sees Sydney feels just as close to her and is
    friendly as ever. he does not share Dixon's resentment towards her... :rolleyes:

    They ask Marshall to track down Sloane for them . using his computer and last transmission. :)

    Dixon is with his wife confesses his job and what he thought his job
    was and she is upset and wants to leave him she said she doesn't know him and doesn't want to have to worry about if he come home at nights... Dixon says the love he has for his wife and family is real
    and wasn't a lie :( :angelic:

    You can see why Dixon isn't a happy camper lately... :(

    Marshall says he recovered something of Sloane's . finds the man who helped him get the Alliance tracking device out of his body... and Sloane had killed him. last scene is Sloane shooting him...

    Scientist is forced to work with Sloane because he doesn't want his
    family hurt...

    Vaughn and Sydney on a mission for the CIA . Vaughn acts as a "Arms Dealer" to a ex-Military mercenary kind of American Terrorist unit...

    Sydney gets into a fight scene...

    Sloane says to Sark that getting this latest Artifact from a Swedish
    Bank is the finishing touches of a 30 year quest that no one but
    himself will take...

    Sloane goes into disguise a bit of "Mission Impossible" here but I
    think he looks more like a white-haired balding Max Well Smart in the old Spy Spoof of the 60s `Get Smart' all that is missing
    is `99'!!! LOL :LOL:

    Bar scene with Sydney and Vaughn on another mission to find the
    Scientists family... Sydney is shooting pool instead of being in a pool
    with a bikini she is playing it like the "Hustler or Color of
    Money". ;)

    Vaughn says he is CIA to the contact and he wants their cooperation ... the man doesn't cooperate and Vaughn gets violent with him... and the man tells him the family is downstairs. :) :D

    Sydney finds them and rescues them. Vaughn says we can track Sloane from the last phone call . Syd & Vaughn in car chase lead on Sloane directed by Marshall. :) :rolleyes:

    Sloane in his Mission Impossible disguise at the bank. retrieving
    another Rambaldi artifact. Sloane is being directed by Sark at a
    computer terminal. Sark looks like one of the Beatles with his hat on... is that a British thing or not??? Sloane succeeds in getting the
    artifact and has arm escorts with him...

    Sloane has a standoff with guns. Sloane says cannot guarantee your safety to Sydney... but Syd says give up... but Sloane says there are bombs all around the bank if we don't get out no one does we will blow up the whole block... :ph34r: :(

    Sydney and Vaughn stand down... Sloane wants Sydney to drive him out of the Bank... Sydney is in Sloane's custody :(

    Notes: I think that the writers or actors/actresses are comparing
    notes on 24 and Alias there seems to be a lot of things similar ... the
    electric torture scenes... the bombs... the cutting off limbs of the body interesting connecting the dots between the current US Spy Shows today ;)

    The one thing I don't particularly like that they all have in common
    is the graphic violence :( but I will over look it if it is a minor
    part of the show and has strong plot and stories with good acting
    supporting it. :)

    Marshall is extremely adaptable seems to fit in nicely with the CIA a
    real team player but what is up with Dixon why the resentment to
    Sydney just because she didn't tell him about SD-6 or is it that
    Dixon is in Shock and his wife's rejection of his real job certainly
    isn't helping matters at all. Will Dixon ever forgive Sydney? ;)

    Now that Vaughn and Sydney are one in the Biblical sense... what will happen with them... will working together be good for their personal relationship or not??? I think they make a good team together and I like seeing them on cases together so I say YES!!! (y) (y) (y) :D

    How will Sydney explain to Spy Mom her decision to stay with the CIA will Irina see her again? What will Spy Mom and Spy Dad's reaction be to her capture by Sloane? What will they do? What will Vaughn do to help Sydney? :)

    Enjoy your evening and day! ;) :) :D

  2. berry_kyoote_spy88

    berry_kyoote_spy88 Rocket Ranger

    Jun 19, 2003
    i thought that this was one of the best episodes and i loved its one of my favorites bacause everything in her life is somewhat perfect so yeah and i think thats cool :)
  3. Alias_Freak

    Alias_Freak Rocket Ranger

    May 28, 2003
    That was a great episode!
  4. Alias_Freak

    Alias_Freak Rocket Ranger

    May 28, 2003
    I agree with you. Everything seemed so perfect. But it only got worse....

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