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Season 2 Alias -- Summary and Comments

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Lynne, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. Lynne

    Lynne Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Alias – Summary and Comments 1-12-2003 …

    Jack is at the Movies and meets his contact from the CIA and he is dead … from Alliance henchmen for Adraina Kane :ph34r: … Sydney pulls up in her car images of a year ago when Jack pull up and trys to rescue Sydney from Sloane when Danny was Murdered by the SD-6…

    Sydney gets a call from SD-6 and she does not want to go but Jack says if you don’t it will put you under suspicion too… Adriana Kane, Head of the Alliance, is there at SD-6 Headquarters and watching Sydney’s every move in the center… :ph34r:

    Marshall gives everyone gifts at SD-6 because he so glad to be back … very sweet! :angelic:

    Sydney and Dixon’s mission at SD-6 get another piece of Technology for some reason and Vaughn of course wants it switched and given to the CIA …

    Vaughn and Sydney get in a terrible argument about how Vaughn kept secret Jack’s trouble with the Alliance… :mad:

    Vaughn and Sydney going to France on a mission for the CIA …

    In a computer secured e-mail Sloane sends an e-mail to Jack and tells Jack that he told Adriana about his visit to him … said he had too because of the tracking device in his neck placed by the Alliance for loyalty and that it acts as a bugging device and records his conversations to everyone… :)

    Spy Mom says to Spy Dad why don’t you go into witness protection and Jack says no I have to protect Sydney and Spy Mom, Irina says take her with you … Jack says I don’t want her to be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life… :unsure:

    Weiss is back and looking good … has had a whole personality face lift … and is happy go lucky and a cheer leader to getting Vaughn and Sydney together … something to do with his near death experience … something about don’t waste any time … time is short on this earth … :rolleyes:

    Weiss says tell Syd how you feel about her to Vaughn … Vaughn takes the advice and ask Sydney out to Dinner in France… :D

    Sydney says if the Alliance see us together they will kill us … shouldn’t do it … Vaughn convinces her anyway…

    and Sydney thinks about it for a moment and says let’s do it… :D

    Adraina Kane is having Sydney watched… She is in Danger … what a wrong time to have a Date With Vaughn…
    Adraina Kane’s men … are researching Vaughn on the computer … found out he is CIA now Sydney is in for it from the Head of the Alliance! :( :ph34r:

    Head Waiter who happens to have a key to suite upstairs offers it to Vaughn and Sydney … Vaughn says (with a big grin) :) :D let us think about this opportunity (in other words it is fate…) Sydney thinks it over lustfully and says “OK” Interesting… ;) :D

    Weiss now knows that Vaughn has been discovered by the Alliance…

    Under the orders of Adriana Kane, Head of the Alliance, the henchmen … go after both Sydney and Vaughn plus Jack … they are all on the run now…

    Sydney and Vaughn are caught … but somehow escape and kill all the men before they tell Adriana about Vaughn being CIA… lucky for Sydney … Sydney must give the technology she uncovered on her last mission for SD-6 to SD-6 so they don’t get suspicious…

    Spy Mom and Jack are brainstorming who the Black Mailer of Sloane is Irina recommends that Jack pull the hotel security film of a suspect and he sees Adriana Kane in the background and assumes she is involved with the Black Mail on Sloane… :o

    Jack is caught at SD-6 headquarters and is shot with a tranquilizer gun … Jack is about to be injected with Sodium Penthal truth serum and talk about Sydney and his life as CIA Double- Agent but Sloane comes in and takes Adriana Kane into custody … he discovered an e-mail that she was the black mailer and is arrested… Jack is finishing telling this to Irina, Spy Mom in a conversation about the events that just took place at SD-6…

    Spy Mom wonders though if Sloane didn’t frame Adriana Kane for some reason of his own purposes… ;)

    Vaughn and Sydney agree they do good work together no talk of the French Dinner… I think it is their way of saying we have to stick to our business dealings only from now on … (unfortunate – I like to see Vaughn just take Sydney in his arms some show in the Third or Fourth season and kiss her… get swept off their feet (something like Remington Steele with Pierce Brosnan detective show of the 80s) ) :cool:

    Sydney now talking to Francie in her restaurant says Michael and her will never happen no good fantasizing about him anymore… :(

    Vaughn back at CIA Headquarters looks disappointed in the failure dinner with Sydney and evening that never happen in the French Hotel etc… :(

    But Sydney did get the Technology back to CIA instead of the SD-6 because she no longer had Adriana Kane to worry about … :)

    Sloane contacts a technology expert and he is jamming the transmission to the Alliance council … Sloane is going after the Alliance what is his motive… and plan the next and last scene of show explains his motives…

    Sloane on an Island and guess who he sees in a hut “Emily” who he has hidden away … Sloane says it worked and we are free and Emily’s finger is missing… Sloane couldn’t kill his wife … he has a heart after all… even if it is a bit twisted… :rolleyes:

    Nice sum-up of Emily being alive and the removal of Adriana Kane… but disappointing in seeing the frustration of the failure French dinner of Vaughn and Sydney well they have many seasons to get it together and become a secret couple … after all they are in the Spy Business so at some point they should be able to have some kind of romantic relationship without others finding out about it… (y)

    Apparently Sloane had help with Emily … (y)

    Question: Who helped Sloane and why? Is Sloane a Double Agent for the CIA too? If that is the case it explains that Sloane isn’t stupid with Jack and Sydney only keeping his own cover when bring down SD-6!

    In Two Weeks… From Vartanho.com Spoilers … Theme revolves around the person who takes over SD-6 as the new Director and Sloane goes missing!

    Tune in to Alias in two weeks for another exciting episode! ;)

    Enjoy your evening and day! :) :D

  2. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    Wow! Thanks!

    NOTE: I didn't remove the spoiler, but it would be nice if you had spoilers in the spoiler forum next time :)
  3. Intel

    Intel Rocket Ranger

    Jan 12, 2003
    That was good :)
    Though i didn't think about it that way b4...

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