Alias Theme Party


Apr 29, 2004
My wife is turning 30 and we are both HUGE fans of Alias. So, I thought I would make that the theme (Spies, Espionage, CIA, etc.) of her surprise birthday party.
• Party is in a banquet hall at a local hotel
• I'm making fake CIA badges, and maybe Covenant security badges, to use as name tags.
• We're looking into getting some cheapo black sunglasses for the guests.
• A friend is delivering "Top Secret" mission documents to lead her to the party (fake CIA stationery)
• I'm thinking of designating a couple of guys as Security Detail and have them come in dark suits w/sunglasses, give them a walkie-talkie to notify me when she arrives, then escort her conspicuously to the banquet hall.

I don't know what to do about the cake. Any ideas? Also, any additional ideas for the party? Looks like it will be 40-50 people.




That's All Folks
Feb 11, 2004
New York City
WOW that is so sweet and thoughtful...:D

my favorite cake is chocolate know the one that is avaiable at Friendly's.... :)
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