Alias UK Rambaldi Boxset * BIG RIP-OFF *


I had been looking at the images of the Rambaldi boxset on, and I read the interview in Alias magazine about the details of the boxset.

So when I recieved the boxset yesterday, I was extremly disappointed.

The Put all the other boxsets into one big box and one bonus DVD.
And I mean the actual boxsets, I thought they DVD's would be nicly packaged in book shaped boxes, but they put in Boxsets that I already have.

I haven't watched the Bonus DVD yet, but I'm not really happy about paying £90 for a DVD!!!

I think it might just be the UK guys that have been stiffed here, I'll do some research into the American Release!!!

Did you get it off ebay? Its not due to be released until the 20th on most offical sites but alot of people have been getting them early on ebay and finding out theres fewer bonus discs than were promised because there's supposed to be at least 4 discs of extras. :thinking:


I always knew there was only going to be one bonus disk, but there is also meant to be a book, which isn't in teh boxset.


Hi I purchased the alias complete collection 1-5 in the uk and also was very dissapointed it was nothing like the one i have seen advertised the only reason i wanted it was because of the nice packaging as i have all the other box sets seperate, and then i opened the box to find the actual box sets i have already just in the box, there was no hardback book and it was like everything had just been throwed in the box what a waste of £120 in the end i went back to the shop and they gave me a refund as i showed them what it supposed to look like and they say its false advertising. not sure what the american edition is like as i thought the complete collection would be the same in all countries.


I've ordered mine off too. My account say that it's not due to be sent out until 8th of December.

If it's the same as the first 4 season boxsets I've got, I'm gonna watch the bonus disc and send the cunt back. <_<


I've ordered mine off too. My account say that it's not due to be sent out until 8th of December.

If it's the same as the first 4 season boxsets I've got, I'm gonna watch the bonus disc and send the cunt back. <_<

If you've ordered the R1 version from then you needn't worry. It's the real deal.


I ordered mine via ... and it is already on its way to me, even though I might be getting it in about 2 weeks ...


Keep us all posted on what the US edition looks like they have the real version of the boxset.

UPDATE: I have just asked for a refund from and Ordered the boxset again from on priority shipping, I'll keep everyone posted and will take pictures when it arrives and is the correct product.

This is how the Boxset should look. :redhair:
I'm happy with just the normal season 5, cant spare the extra expense for the Rambaldi set :P unless I win the lottery :lol: so now I have all near 200 or more eppy's of the X-Files and all 105 episodes of the great Alias...SWEET!


me too i don't think im going to buy it either :smiley::smiley:i love it but its alot of money :smiley: i have the whole collection and i don't see the point of buying it again :smiley:

plus the extras will be on the net soon so i wont lose anything but the packing and maby a book

but all yous that do get it enjoy and let me know what its like :smiley::smiley::smiley:
if its really good ill buy it


Looks like us Europeans get the rough deal yet again.

I own all five seasons, but I'm all hardcore and stuff and the images on the Rambaldi DVD site make it look like a seriously classy set. So despite being absolutely skint, you bet I'm getting it.

I went into a shop today, and though I couldn't look inside as it was sealed, it did seem from the description on the back very much as though they'd just shoved the five boxsets I already have in there.

Luckily I have a Region 1 capable player so I'll just get the American set then.

Thank you all for warning me!


Mine came this morning and it was he proper Rambaldi box.

It's the best DVD set I've ever seen. Really, really good. To be honest, I expected it to look tacky, but it looks nice.
Hello everyone!
I purchased this box in Amazon and it is beatiful...the only thing is that I bought it second hand to a shop in a result it was missing the disc with the extras so I was wondering if any of you have it and is willing to send me a copy or a link to the contents in it...(there was a link to the ALIAS blog but it is not working now).


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Hi, @jacobosantamar1 :smiley: Unfortunately I don't recall ever seeing any of the Alias bonus discs videos online.

If I remember correctly there was also a book in the Rimbaldi box. Did your copy include the book at least?