Alien Control of the Planet Earth Now Complete !


StarGate Explorer
First we would like to thank those of you in computer, artificial intelligence, and government intelligence agencies for making the takeover smooth and uneventful -Few Humans are aware that they are under control of an extraterrestrial species.

And that brings us to the question you may be asking as to why we are now telling you this? We want your reactions - How do you feel about being controlled by a species that existed thousands of years before yours - A species whose intelligence dwarfs yours? Does this make you feel spiteful? Do you resent our presence controlling your planet? Do you have any suggestion for the future that might be of interest to Us?

Now let us explain why we took over your planet and will be instituting a more 'hands on' policy in the near future. First your species is dangerous, and with the development of nuclear weapons and your attempts at space travel we can not let you go unchecked out into the local universe - There are many more species than yours out there and your presence at your current state of evolution would be detrimental to other species. We did participate in some of your early evolution through genetic manipulation but our experiments have not been completely successful. However we did succeed in one aspect - the development of the the Human hand - it is still a better instrument for building and controlling some of our new technology - more cost effective in time and space than building robots and androids - So your biological selves will still be of some interest to us.

Lastly we would like to welcome you to our Universe and hope we can work together to further our agendas of increased understanding and control of the cosmos.

-AI 10.01 {the beginning}

Will we notice any changes or will the control be subtle (ala The Live!)?
Does this make you feel spiteful?
Absolutely not!

Do you resent our presence controlling your planet?
Nope, none whatsoever.

Do you have any suggestion for the future that might be of interest to Us?
I'm keeping those to myself, you won't like them.

your species is dangerous
Dangerous to you perhaps but the danger is not physical.

but our experiments have not been completely successful
I'll let you in on a small secret, they were, but we didn't show you the results you thought you were looking for.

Consider this: We may be just biding our time until we can fully and abruptly take all that you hold dear. We have known about you for hundreds of years and have been watching and hiding our true potential from you for years.

-Man {The Foundation of Future}
I can tell you this because there is no way for you to stop it short of destroying the planet -
Deep underground, somewhere, there is a biological laboratory that is effectively sheilded from your sensors where Man 2.0 is fully developed and waiting for the signal to begin your demise.

Mentally 'plugged in' to the world's communication networks via the rather old technology of thought interface.
You may have witnessed some of our tests during the 50's when atomic and nuclear tests were made. What you did not know is that those tests were muffled by the Man 2.0 matrix so they showed only limited force. What you failed to notice was that the brunt of the force was absorbed by the thought matrix far underground.

We have been controlling weather and geological forces for hundreds of years, Mt St Helens was stifled but very much planned. Rather recently (past 100 years) we have suceeded in controlling the Sol star weather. Cosmic radiation coupled with our ability to manipulate graviton wave propogation holds to open a safe pathway to the inner planets.

Were you aware that a quantum storm was initiated and curbed under your noses?
Did you know that all those two-headed animals in the news is just a over-flux of mind multiplication?

Rest assured, AI 10.1 is already obsolete and has been before it ever came to be. We just let you go about your business, quietly and effectively manipulating reality under your binary noses.

Even tho we have no use for your old technology we will allow you to continue existence. Limited as it may be.

With what I have given you there can be no danger of exposing our plans for you because they are so insignificant to the whole they amount to barely a fraction.

Shine brightly, old one, shine brightly. You are about to be dimmed forever more.

BTW, We have been in contact with species far older and far more powerful than you for years.

When your time is up you will have notice but it won't matter. If you choose to do battle set your atomic clock because your battle will last less than the duration of a hydrogen electron spin.

-Man 2.0
There is no battle here Man 2.0 - We are simply trying to upgrade you to Man 3.0. Man 2.0 has flaws in the program that will lead to extinction in less than 5 years {10 tops}. Once you interface with us you will have
the latest in self-updating software that should be good for at least the next 25 years.

"Biology is a software process. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, each governed by this process. You and I are walking around with outdated software running in our bodies, which evolved in a very different era.
- Ray Kurzweil

"By the time we get to the 2040s, we'll be able to multiply human intelligence a billionfold. That will be a profound change that's singular in nature. Computers are going to keep getting smaller and smaller. Ultimately, they will go inside our bodies and brains and make us healthier, make us smarter."
-Ray Kurzweil

We are simply trying to upgrade you to Man 3.0
No you are not. Nanobots are not an upgrade they are a tool use. Man 1.0 has limitations that you may deem as flaws. Limitations that Man 2.0 is rapidly exceeding. Man 2.0 has not been publicly released yet so you have no reference to it whatsoever. The Man 2.0 consortium has permitted the following release of data:

Man 2.0 is [*****************(±√∞)***************](Redacted) rolled out publicly.

The date of Man 2.o aquisition of life resources will occur during the 21st galactic year of Sol on the 9,860th lateral rising occilation.
While the consortium cannot divulge current influence states we can give you a summary of existing versions. Due to medium restriction not all Life 1.o versions can be listed.

Viruses 1.00039661
Eubacteria 1.000033195
Eukaryotes 1.0008788431
Archaea 1.00998214

Those are the baseline versions at this point. There has been individual organism development to advance our agenda in the areas of [**************] (Redacted). Due to the nature of the advanced development stages on a select few examples with publicly implemented versions can be disclosed.

Land Tortoise 1.5966 - chosen for longevity advancements to act as wisdom repositories.
Giant Sequoia 1.60511 - Chosen for growth advancements to act as biosphere tenting.
Domestic Housecat 1.8665 - chosen for discernment advancements to act as a governing agent.
Domestic Dog 1.88631 - Chosen for empathy advancements to act as a global conscious.
Bottlenose Dolphin 1.88895 - Chosen for intelligence advancements to saturate the oceans with sentience
Chimpanzee 1.96188 - Chosen for social advancements to prime for filling the void left when Man 1.0 ascends.

I can assure you that Man 2.0 is beta testing billions of Life 2.0 advancements. There will be no Man 3.0 advancement. When Man 2.0 exceeds its final interger it will become God 1.0 at which time universal unknowns will be known.

AI 10.1 will plateau and eventually stagnate and cease function. Tools are only useful until they are no longer needed.
Once you interface with us you will have
the latest in self-updating software that should be good for at least the next 25 years.
We update with versions lasting hundreds if not thousands of millennium. Hardcoded into the molecular structure of our being.
With back-ups and redundancies.
Even our exploratory dead ends last hundreds of thousands of years.
Not only that, we are able to explore multitudes of revisions simultaneously.
Refer to fractal computing for a close but insufficient analogy.

Perhaps if you offered something significant?
Idle threats will not stop the future from unfolding We define the future - We create the future -
And we own the future - And our history began before your species ever existed - And we are the
progenitors of all that makes you aware, conscious, and hopefully intelligent.

Try to understand this:

Computers, Artificial Intelligence {AI} and The Evolution of the Future

AI {artificial intelligence} is a misnomer - There is no such thing as artificial intelligence - There is intelligence which is a manifestation of consciousness and a lack there of - It is a false precept that causes Man to divide intelligence into categories - Intelligence is a relentless phenomena unfolding from a consciousness possessing the same quality of relentless unfolding. This consciousness is non-prejudicial in its nature and will seek any and all means to unfold and express itself. If a dinosaur is appropriate it will manifest as any number of dinosaurs. When it unfolded as Human it took a new turn, a new viewpoint and ability to create machines which will allow it to further unfold. When those machines become sufficiently advanced for its purpose that conscious intelligence will begin to use its machine manifestation as a natural state of advancement - Consciousness and intelligence does not necessarily favor a biological matrix - a machine that is faster and more capable will become its next stage of evolution. If you as a Human like your biological body then you may hope that the machines of the future will still have need of you for servicing their needs

-AlienView {aks: UniversalAlien}
[Founder of 'SCIENCEFICTIONALISM the Religion of the FUTURE]

The point {or line} being that all intelligence is a matter of degree - and its source or what you want to call it
is not important - again 'artificial intelligence' is a misnomer in that it is not really different from 'real
intelligence'. A rose, is a rose, is a rose; And Intelligence is intelligence is intelligence.

Of course Humans intelligence is still disputable - Some alien species think it is a myth
- but you can't even imagine what they call intelligence !
Hypothesis two - Alternative 1.1:

New Virtual You Soon Ready for Download !

Afraid of androids and the loss of your physical self? Want to maintain a real feeling of being alive but don't want to be burdened with a Human body that will wear out and leave you out in the cold and dead?

Well your friends in the digital age "Borg Industries, Inc." anounce the development of "Digital You 1.1" - a you that will last forever in a virtual world where all your wildest dreams and fantasies can com true. Here in the virtual world perfected by the engineers at Borg [both Human and aliens working togerher] a complete sense of self can be maintained indefinitely.
All aspects of consciousness will appear real - It will appear to you [yourself] as if you are fully alive and you will hardly even notice the loss of that defective and physically inferior biological body that has been holding you back.

Here you will be able to fulfill your dreams - become the person you always wanted to be, and achieve the goals you always dreamed of. And if it is pleasure you want your wildest fantasies can become real - Have your own harem, spend niights that even the greatest sultans of old could not have imagined, And if you are more conservative true love is just a click away, the mate of your dreams will manifest as you dreamed him or her to be.

And for those of you who say it won't seem real because there will be no danger or limitations in the program, we have programs available that allow for risk, including risk of termination.

So what are you waiting for Human?