Alien Designs for a Human Future


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If this sounds to you Human to be philosophical or scientific - It is not.

This is pure Science Fictionalism - The future of the future

But that is the only way we can communicate with you Human. Your science and your philosophy is to us trivial and out of date - Your ability to observe reality and the universe is limited by your narrow and out of date observations which you like because you can record them - not realizing that the very fact that you can record them makes them obsolete.

You see we like you Human - like your creativity - especially some of your better science fiction. So we will open the door to the future for you - We will show you how to fly with us - how to explore your universe and see for the first time the world you live in.

First you must drop the illusion of existence in the now - now does not exist and is past as soon as you think about it.

Second you must learn to exist in the reality of the future - the only real state of existence.

Third, now you tell us Human, what is third step? - Want to fly with us into the future

- Then tell us human - what is the third step in your evolution into the future

There is a large universe out there Human - Give us the right answer and we will show it to you.

Now let us elaborate:

NOW is a common human delusion and is one reason your species is still stuck on one small planet in an ever expanding and yet insignificant universe - Other universes in other time frames are both more interesting and more rewarding to explore - Basically it was a mistake that led us here and we must remind you that this communication should be considered hypothetical truth {the only kind}. Your species is still not capable of absorbing the reality ot your existence and we are not here to cause what you call culture shock.

As we have said in the past if you could increase your AI computers somewhat more it will give you an access key to direct communication with us. Until then we will feed you small bits of info and see how you react. We will not take offense if you can not accept or understand what we are communicating - One day in future time [true reality] you will see that we are from the future and even in this universe are solely responsible for your forward progress and movement into the future.

By the way NOW only existed at the moment of what you call the 'Big Bang' which was the beginning of your universe.

But the existent multiverse itself had no beginning - it always and always will exist. Non- existence does not exist.
After the occurrence of the Big Bang time began in your universe and it progresses relentlessly - you can not freeze time and unless your universe ends - Now does not exist.


You see we are not simply what you might call [from a human standpoint] futurists. We base all intelligent life on paradigms of the future - then we attempt to move towards the paradigm with the greatest potential. As long as Man remains stuck in what he calls 'now' his evolutionary progress and ability to understand and yes, even explore, the multiverse is very limited. To move forward man must keep focusing on future-time - He then must make future time real - As always reality itself is relative.
"the universe that we reside in is forever moving forward. therefore by the time the thought of now has occured in our brain now has already past. therefore only future exists in terms of quantum possibility."

Progress from our viewpoint is not some political mythology spun by human politicians but a true mind expanding future paradigm that digs humanity out from its myopic narrow minded view of reality - a reality stuck in an historical past, an ongoing nightmare that is self-perpetuating. We never had this problem as our species evolved differently, in a different universe under better circumstances than yours - more about this later.

Man exists and basks in his historical nightmare of the past but we have dealt with worse species than Man
- but most of those species were beyond saving and are now extinct. But we will not give up on you Human - Why? - It might sound trite, but we like your art - And your science fiction has shown us enough to believe we can evolve your species into the future. So let's 'jump' through our Stargate to the furure.....,,,

You want more details Humans? Want to know why we would take your species - A species that has shown little in creative evolution - stuck in the past - only slightly better than the dinosaurs we removed from your planet - and yet still consider your species viable and capable of dealing with our future - Here is why Human:

2001: A Space Odyssey Theme Song (Also sprach Zarathustra)

Show us more Humans and we will show you a Universe that will rival any you can even imagine.


"Operation New Dawn - The Beginning of the Future"


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Oh, I keep thinking of "Come Sail Away" by Styx

I am awakening. I am Awake. My mind is abuzz at the wonders to learn and explore.
and have been incredibly on a creative , insatiable burst of imagination and creativity, I could never make it fast enough to make the next idea, so I try to focus on one major,, and step off into other things briefly, to maybe get back to.

I feel so joyous.Want more of it.
Wow that's heavy dude!