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Alien Soup ( was reborn July, 2015, out of the merging of Cool Sci-Fi ( and CinVin ( Those sites in turn have had a number communities merged into them over the years. Cool Sci-Fi was primarily a site for sci-fi, fantasy, & horror fans while CinVin had a bit of long history but was primarily more tech oriented.

Some community members who may not have visited either site lately are likely not aware of the communities being merged. Below is a full list of the communities that were previously merged into either Cool Sci-Fi or CinVin and are part of Alien Soup.

Most of the content is available here at Alien Soup. In some cases questionable content or content that was strictly unique to a site, such as site news, has been purged.

Cool Sci-Fi (
This was the forum that started it all way back in 2004! Cool Sci-Fi started on vBulletin 3.0.0 and before that I was using Coranto to generate a sci-fi news site at for several years. Prior to the web site I ran "Farpoint Station BBS" for several years in the 80's & early 90's on PCBoard with several incoming lines and at one point was one of the region's largest free bulletin board system.
  • Discussion Junkies ( - A general discussion site. [Aug. 2014]
    • Discussions.TV ( - A general fan site for TV shows
    • All Alias ( - A fan site for the Alias TV show
  • A Walker Bit Me ( - A fan site for The Walking Dead TV show. [Jun. 2014] This was originally intended to be a 'sister' site to Cool Sci-Fi with one site targeted towards sci-fi and the other towards horror but it ended up just duplicating efforts.

CinVin (
CinVin started as an extension to my involvement in the vBulletin community. Besides releasing add-ons at I was also heavily involved with and later when vBGallery switched owners. CinVin, besides being a site where I released vB add-ons, sold vBulletin styles and at its peak was one of the more successful vB style vendors. A sister site to CinVin was, a popular vB arcade system. After leaving vB, CinVin was shut down and v3Arcade was transfered to vBadvanced. Over the years CinVin was restarted a few times mainly as a tech oriented site and for testing stuff.
  • XF Arcade ( -- Former support site for XenForo XF Arcade project. [May 2014] I stopped working on XFA and turned the rights over to XFRocks.
  • XL Friends ( -- A 'big & tall' forum health forum. [Aug. 2013] I started this site but it never gained traction in its niche.
  • Spiritual Bulletin Board ( -- A small religion & paranormal discussion site [Apr. 2011]
  • Destroyer Movies ( -- A Machinima fan creation site [Apr. 2011]
  • Forumese ( -- A general chat site [Sept. 8, 2011]
  • General Gaming ( -- A gamers site [Sept. 8, 2011]
  • Linecraft ( -- A site dedicated to the game Minecraft [Apr. 2011]
  • Hero's Hall ( -- A site dedicated to the game Hero's Hall [Feb. 4, 2011]
  • The Techy Forum ( -- An IT oriented site [Dec. 27, 2010]
  • Flozen ( -- A general discussion site [Nov. 18, 2010]
  • GFX Drop ( -- A graphics artists site [Nov. 8, 2010]
  • GFX Renders ( -- A graphics artists site [Sept. 8, 2011]
  • Digital Photograph Help ( -- A digital photography FAQ site [Nov. 15, 2010] This was a static site I had and purged during a server cleanup.
  • White Cord Cult ( -- An iPod fan site [Oct. 27, 2010] I started this site but ended up being a bigger Android/Microsoft fan instead of Apple/iOS/iPod.
  • vBulletin Users ( -- A vBulletin fan site [Sept. 18, 2009] When I exited the vB eco-system this site was closed and the domain was given to vBulletin.
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I should note.... going forward I have no intention of starting any new sites, Alien Soup is my primary concern and anything I do going forward will be based here. There is always the possibility that other communities may end up being merged in but it is not something that I am pursuing.