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As the site grows so does the need to need come with some basic rules & regulations that are to be followed by all of our community members.

These rules & regulations in the handbook will be updated as needed. :smiley:

Alien Soup's Community Member's Handbook

1. Respect your fellow community members. This is a community of like-minded individuals so there is no reason for "flaming" or any other type of bullying here.

2. Nothing illegal. This includes "warez", hacking, or anything else that can not be legally redistributed.

3. All postings are to be family friendly. Since community members of all ages are welcome here nothing should be posted, either in the forums or gallery, that would be considered greater than PG-13. Some times there are works of art or stories that can't help but contain some mature subject matter so in those cases please put a warning in the thread titles so people know what to expect before clicking on it.

4. Give credit! If you repost an article, news column or work of art obtained from elsewhere on the net do the right thing and make sure you include proper credit to the creator of the piece.

5. No double posting. If you were the last person to post in a thread and if you want to add information to the thread then update the last post instead of adding a new post right after your last one.

6. No spam. Promoting your own endeavors (e.g.: a book you wrote, art work you did, etcetra) is encouraged but spam will not be tolerated. This included any type of referral schemes (e.g.: Get a free iPad, get a free PS3, etc.)
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For the more formal rules, please see the "Terms and Rules" link. Any future updates to the Terms and Rules will be applied to the help page.

Terms of Service and Rules | Alien Soup

The link appears in the bottom right-hand corner of every page on this site. This thread might get missed but the link in the footer is easily accessible.
An additional item is getting added...

When replying to an an on-topic thread, like in the Movies, Books, or TV areas, then try to keep responses related to the thread topic and do not post multiple responses in a row of seemingly random words or sentences. If you wish to engage in such behavior then create a new single thread in an area like Off Topic or Creative Writing and keep those types of responses contained within your own individual thread.

I'll need to write up that in a more 'legalese' way and will add it to the dedicated rules page (Terms and rules).

Till now I've been quietly cleaning up the threads that have been bombarded by a certain individual, and they've gotten private alerts about it, but going forward such posts will fall under the formal "moderation" process.
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