Sci-Fi Alien Supposities


An Old Friend
Exploring the supposition of intelligent alien normality:

Like we control heating and air conditioning for comfort perhaps they control alkalinity and acidity.

Instead of a personal space suit perhaps they project an atmospheric bubble.

Instead of using suspended animation they are freeze-dried then reconstituted at their destination.

They power their devices by atomic forces within the component molecules instead of by electricity.

They have different eyelids for different wavelengths of light including magnifying and telescopic lids.

They have no mouths to eat with, they bond with their food at the molecular level.

Their communication method is a subtle variation of temperatures.
Their communication method is by changing the absorption and reflectivity of light that hits them.

They may have no concept of front, back or sides due to 360 deg clear vision.

They may have willful control of their own body's density.

Like a cuttlefish can control its skin color, perhaps they can control their body structure to accommodate differences in mass or gravity.

Their technology may be based on efficient sliding instead of rolling.

Similar to ants that use their bodies to construct bridges their bodies may interlock in different configurations conducive to specific tasks or purposes.

They may reproduce by cloning and extruding their brains.

The bodies you see may be their waste that is sluffed off as they age like a snake shedding its skin.

What you see as skin or clothing may be a symbiotic organism that covers them as a protection.

They may employ some type of organic magnetism to catch food prey.

They may be able to tap into and use potential and static energies.

Their bodies may produce sweat or mucus that we find sweet and refreshing, like bees making honey.

They may absorb the life energy (vitality) from their immediate surroundings.

Their ship in orbit may be connected to every unit by a series of control tethers from ship to unit to unit.

They may be able to actively change their atomic states.

They may be able to change their phase or vibration rate (frequency).

They may travel by some type of advanced astral projection that allows them to break and reconstitute the atomic bonds at their destination to interact. Example: The tables and chairs dissolve and reform as a representation of their own body or a device.


An Old Friend
They May be EXACTLY like us but Smarter.

They may tell time by radioactive decay rates.

They may belong to a taxonomy between plants and animals, A little of both but all of neither.

What you see as one entity may be a colony of millions/billions of individuals.

Their music may consist of a single note for a specific duration at a specific time.

Their written language may appear to us as a series of random blotches and smudges.

They may not have a written language.

They may use dark matter/dark energy in their daily routine.

They might be addicted to sugar too.

Their telepathy and telekinesis may be visible as a waveform in the air.

They might communicate by absorbing you and then spitting you out.
If you taste good, they might not spit you out.

Like the Tardis, their ships may be small but huge inside.

They may not see the planet but a mass of life energy.

They might attempt to communicate with inanimate objects.

Cows might be their mortal enemies.

We may be completely insignificant to them.

They might try to wrap us all in plastic for preservation and study on their homeworld.

They might harness nuclear forces of atoms but completely become befuddled by our radio and television.