All New Alias Season Three! Episode 1: No Return

Agent Iokua

Apr 12, 2004
Season Three

Episode 1: No Return

Vaughn couldn’t believe his eyes! Was she really here? He looked piercingly into her eyes, not wanting to believe it. He saw her beauty all over again. Finally, he allowed himself to smile as he finally realized this wasn't a dream. Vaughn took her hand and said, "I will explain everything later, we just need to get you back to the CIA's L.A. office."

BOOM! The Hong Kong safehouse shook with the shock of the blast. You could hear screams and shouts of distressed people down the hall..

Vaughn had a look of pure business in his eyes, "Come on!" He seemed to know what was waiting for them and so Sydney followed, compartmentalizing herself and her questions once again. It was what she was trained to do after all.

Vaughn ran and opened the door, he looked at Sydney Bristow, the brilliant spy and wonderful woman. When she as out the door he ran behind her. There was a fire to their right, blocking the main exit. So instead they ran left to which led to up a stairwell and to a fire escape.

Sydney gasped as Vaughn swung open the door to the stairwell. Sark was standing there on the platform with a gun pointed cockily at the both of them. Vaughn moved to intercept the gun but Sark kicked Vaughn’s weapon from his hand. It crashed down the stairwell and there was no hope for Vaughn to go after it. “Don’t move or I’ll shoot her,” Sark said, now pointing the gun at Sydney. Syd raised her hands, having no gun.

"It's nice to see you again Mr. Vaughn."

“I’d be lying if I said the pleasure was mutual,” Vaughn said, attempting to match Sark’s bravado. In all actuality he could not see a way out of this one.

Sark smirked haughtily and began to squeeze the trigger.

"Will!" Sydney screamed in shock.

Sark turned in bewilderment, which was all Will needed for him to be in the correct position to punch the mangy Brit in the face. Sark tottered on his feet and Sydney struck him once more from behind causing him to collapse to the cold floor, unconscious.

"Let's move!" Will said. Sydney could see the veiled look of astonishment in his eyes at the sight of her, but he was right – they needed to get out of that building and fast.

"What about Sark?" she asked.

"I got him." Vaughn held him over his shoulder.

They ran down the three flights of stairs, stopping just to pick up Vaughn’s gun. But Sydney moved to open the door at the base of the stairwell Vaughn ordered a halt.

“Sydney. You hang back until we make sure the floor is clear.”
She began to protest but Will cut in. “Syd!” he said, putting a hand on her shoulder. “You aren’t armed and you haven’t got a vest.” Syd eyed him quizzically. She thought that he was a pacifist. Nevertheless she knew he was write and nodded them.

The two agents blew through the stairwell door and into the lobby. There were only two masked hostiles but one held a 44 Magnum and the other clenched a machine gun. The one with the 44-magnum moved forward and yelled, "Julian!"

The masked man looked at the situation quickly then pointed his gun at Vaughn. "Drop him!"

When Vaughn dropped Sark, Sydney flew into the scene. The second masked man pointed his machine gun at her head only to be knocked out with a karate chop to the neck. As the body fell she saw that it had been her partner Marcus Dixon who had saved her.

In the mean time two more hostiles entered, engaging both Vaughn and Will. As gunfire was exchanged, Sydney saw the masked man trying to escape with Sark, who had now regained semi-consciousness, into a side room.

“Dixon help me, they went in that room!”


Sark regained his balance near a window, then he looked at the other man.

Sark looked at the masked man and ordered, "Wolf! Retreat!"

The guy in the mask, obviously named Wolf, jumped climbed through the window and into the street. Just then Sydney and Dixon crashed into the room shouting at them to freeze. Sark feigned delirium and while the two agents leaned out the window after Wolf he ducked out of the room.

“He got away!” Dixon said angrily.

Will limped into the room then. “Sark got away! Didn’t you see him?”

Marcus swore under his breath. He looked at Sydney as if seeing a ghost then ordered with fierce eyes, "We have to go, NOW!"

The four spies ran to the main exit and out the door, they got maybe 50 yards away from the building when it exploded. You could hear screams from the street near it. The force of the explosion pushed Sydney to the concrete, knocking her unconscious. Vaughn picked her up and ran to their vehicle, a large nondescript van. Dixon opened the back doors to let Vaughn carry Sydney inside. Will got in quickly behind them as Dixon shut the doors and ran to the driver’s seat. In a matter of seconds their wheels were squealing and the smell of rubber was added to fire as they sped away.

**In the Van**

Sydney looked around, everyone stared at her as if she were a ghost. Will looked into her eyes for 1 long minute, then said in relief, “It’s her!”

Syd looked at him like he was crazy. Dixon looked at Will, “How do you know?” He said in a deep voice and serious questioning.

“I just do. It’s her eyes, only Syd can have the look of pure peace in her eyes.”

Sydney looked at Will and smiled, then she looked around the van full of her friends and said, “Will someone tell me what’s going on?”

Inside she was devastated, she tried to make herself not believe she had been missing for two years, but her scar said otherwise.

Dixon looked at Syd long and hard, took a deep breathe and began, “You have been missing for two years. The CIA believed you were dead and ended the investigation after we found a pile of ashes with your DNA in your home. We soon realized Francie was the other double, cause she was gone. We believe she is dead after we received intelligence that she had been assassinated when she betrayed who she was working for. Which we later found out was known as The Covenent. Will survived. He woke up to your room on fire, he could barely remain consciousness but managed to leave the home. Vaughn is not with our branch in Los Angelus anymore. He moved to a branch in Florida. I am head of the Los Angelus office.”

“How is my father?”

“Jack is gone. He couldn’t stand the fact that you were dead. He believed you were alive, which he apparently was right. The investigation ended and he was unauthorized to continue it. Two weeks later he retired from the CIA and we never heard from him again.”

Sydney then started to cry. Two years gone, one of her best friends dead, her father gone, her mother gone. She looked up to get one look at Vaughn, then the can screeched to a hault. Dixon looked in front and yelled, “What happened!?”

There was no answer, after Dixon looked at the driver and the two body guards up front he saw they were out with a tranquillizer dart.

Suddenly the back door opened and there were three people holding tranquilizer guns. One shot Dixon, another Vaughn, and the one in the middle shot Will. Then the one in the middle shot Sydney without giving her a chance to react to what was happening.

**Another van**

There sat Irina Derevko in a black jump suit. She had a headset walkie-talkie on. “Have you got her?”

**The Scene cuts back to the van with all the CIA officers knocked out, and Sydney being held by the middle person**

The man to the right took off his mask to reveal it was McKenas Cole, the man on the left took off his mask to show it was a woman with short black hair. The one in the middle took a big breathe after taking off his mask. It was Jack Bristow. “Yes. We have her."

**The Scene was in a warehouse.**

A woman with brown hair down to her shoulders was tied to a chair in the middle of this huge room in an abandoned warehouse. She moved a bit, took in a deep breath, and she looked around with blurred vision.


A woman’s voice called from the other end of the room. She ran to Sydney. It was Irena.


Irena looked at her daughter and smiled, “Yes Sydney, I’m here.”

“What are you doing here! What am I doing here!”

“Sydney, I’m sorry, but we had to.”

“Had to what?”

Irena got up, and walked into the shadows. That’s when her father came out.


“Hello Sydney. I am sure you have tons of questions, just let me explain everything first before you ask.”

Sydney looked at her father hard, she wasn’t sure if she should trust him, or anyone for that matter.


Jack had that look of seriousness on his face. “Sydney, you have been missing for over 2 years. When I first learned of your death, I did not believe it, even when they found your DNA on the floor of your old home. We soon found out of Allison, who appeared to be your friend Francie. Will survived the attack, Allison got away. The mystery of what happened with you went on for 2 months. They believed you were truly dead. After all there was a fire in the house, they couldn’t enter your room because the fire had already burned it to crisp. When our team entered they got Will to safety, and after the fire was out, they found your DNA and Allison’s DNA. The CIA ended your case two months later. That’s when I retired from the CIA. I knew you did not die, it was my gut feeling. I could not continue my search for you in the CIA. They would not allow me. So I left, and contacted your mother a week later. For about 2 years now we have searched for you. We found you a year ago. You were being held prisoner at a Russia base your mother use to work for. They needed you for something. You revealed to me after we extracted you, about your scar. We suspect they have something to do with that. Now we couldn’t let you return to the CIA just yet. The Covenent wants you dead. So for a year you were a rogue, I guess you can say. You did work within the CIA, only they never knew of your help. My contact would inform me of the missions, and you would help the CIA out, without their knowing. Then about two weeks ago you were taken by a Russian scientist working on memory loss. You found out something critical, not Russian intelligence, but what they needed you for. You found out the secret of Milo Rambaldi. You did not tell me what the secret was, you said it was too risky to tell you on the phone, we were to meet in Paris. You never showed up. You had been taken by the Russian scientist. Now we are here. I didn’t allow you to be taken into the CIA without warning you. If you do not agree to be put into protective custody, which I know you won’t, you are in danger. I also had to tell you what happened, cause I will not be returning to the CIA. Not now. The other reason we took you, is to give you this.” He showed her a file, “Do not open it, nor read it. Just make sure Dixon gets it. Everything will be clear then.”

He untied her.

“Now you may ask the questions.”

“I don’t have any, not now, but how will we keep in contact?”

“I will be with you soon. Don’t worry. This conversation never happened. You don’t remember a thing. You were taken captive by a group you do not know of. That is all.”

Sydney hugged her dad.

“How do I know your telling the truth?”

“Truth takes Time.” Irena had walked in. She looked at her daughter with passion. “I love you Sydney. Jack, we need to leave, they found us. Sydney, I’m sorry but we must leave.”

Jack looked at Sydney again, “I have to tie you up again.”

Sydney looked at her father questionably. She wanted to ask questions, but she was afraid of the answers. She looked at her mother. What were they up to? They are together, working as a team. Not only to find her, otherwise they wouldn’t be together now, but why else? What was the other reason?

Jack tied her to the chair again, Irena put a scarf around her mouth. The two walked away, Jack put the file on the floor. Soon they were not seen. Ten minutes later a team entered the warehouse. They got the file and Sydney and left.

**Scene, CIA L.A office**

Dixon stood in the office holding a file. He looked up at Sydney, “Your free to go, you will return to active duty in two weeks. We have a house for you. Get reacquainted to your life. Come by if you want. Do what you need, if you need more time then just let me know. This file explains everything.”

Sydney looked at Dixon, wondering what the file held. All she had done since getting back from the warehouse was sit in this office, not saying a word. Now Dixon is telling her she will be back in active duty in two weeks? She knew what happened to her, but did he?

Sydney got up and walked out of his office, Will ran up to her, a big smile on his face. “I can take you to your home. Well, I sorta have to, they couldn’t get you a place safe enough, in such short notice, so your with me. I mean were roommates. Just tell me when your ready. Vaughn said he wanted to see you, he is over there” He pointed to a computer desk.

The room was full of people, some new, some she noticed, the people she noticed kept staring at her. Sydney walked over to Vaughn. He stood up and motioned for her to follow him. They walked into a room.

Vaughn looked at Sydney. “Hi.”


“Sydney, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what happened to you. You must be so confused. I wish I could return. I can’t, I have a life in Florida now. I can’t leave that life. Not now. The CIA needs me there now. I want to see you more and talk to you, but I have to leave. The CIA needs me in Florida right now.”

“Vaughn, stop. I understand you have a life. I understand. We can keep in touch by letters ok.”

Vaughn smiled, “I’ve missed you so much Syd.”

“I can’t really say I’ve missed you, it feels like I saw you yesterday.”

Vaughn smiled. Sydney grabbed his arm as he turned around to leave. She gave him a hug. They walked out.

Sydney walked to Will, almost in tears. “Let’s go.”

Sydney and Will walked out of the office. By the time they entered Will’s car Sydney was crying. They went to Will’s home and Sydney laid on the couch and just cried. Will held her in his arms.

Two weeks went by, feeling like another two years for Sydney.

A woman with pink straight hair entered a club followed by a man with blue spiked hair, with a nose ring and pale blue lips. He was oddly pale in the face with dark eyeliner around his eyes. The woman with pink hair had a nose ring and rings all in her ears. She had a ring on her eyebrow as well. She wore a pink tight shirt with black jeans with chains hanging on the jeans. The guy wore a chain around his neck with a leather jacket and a white shirt underneath. He had baggy black pants on with chains all around. He had tattoos all up his arms.

Music played throughout the club. People were on the dance floor listening and dancing to the hard rock music. The club was dark with blue and white lights flashing around.

[Scene switch to CIA office]

“Your mission is to retrieve the Rambaldi box. The Covenent wants it, therefore we want it. Sydney and Will, you will be on this mission. It should be hanging on the walls somewhere. The owner of the place is out this week, so we will move now. He will have it hidden somewhere inside the club. Marshal with provide you with what you need.

[Back at the club]

The guy with the spiked blue hair leaned in and said, “See anything?”

“Nope,” replied the woman in pink.

“Two guards on your right guarding two double doors, three up top on the staircase. Syd look! The guards up top, nothing to be guarded up top yet there are three, but look what’s hanging on the ceiling.”

“A box.”

The box let out the white and blue lights, which hit a crystal surrounding the box which changed the direction the lights were headed and just made it reflected throughout the room. Whatever the box emitted with the lights, was a code.

“Will, I need a distraction.”

“I’m on it.”

[Marshals office]

Marshal turned around excited. “Ok, you see this ring, not only is it super cool, it emits a sound, sounding like a gunshot, and also a frequency to turn out all lights. This chain here, I thought it would be cool cause I was watching a movie with vampires in it. They never dealt with chains but one of the clubs they went to had a guy with a chain which he choked to death. It was on Scary movie 5. Well anyway when you take it off it will burst into flames, it travels about 3 feet then stops. So you have to throw it away quickly. And last but not least. Your shoes, I always wanted to be taller so I made Will’s make him look two inches taller, but Sydney, your shoes, when you tap them together, like in The Wizard of Oz, it will take the heels of the shoe, bend them back and then push forward which will make you jump high. I thought you might need them to reach something high on the wall. Now Sydney, this china hair holder, which will be used to hold your wig up, also forms a knife that can cut through metal.”


Will pushed his ring in and it emitted gun shots, all the lights went out, except for the lights from the box. Will took off the chain around his neck and threw it over the bar. It exploded over some beer which also lit on fire. The fire spread three feet but also along the whole shelf full of bottles of beer.

Sydney was on the top balcony, carefully she aimed herself to the box emitting light and then tapped her heels together and took out the china hair stick holding her wig up, and then the heels pushed her off the balcony. She cut through the chain holding the box off the ceiling, that’s when the guards started to shoot. People were already screaming, when Sydney landed. Thankfully she landed on a couch. She yelled to Will, “Come on!”

They ran through the screaming crowd, two guards then got in front of them, holding guns pointed straight at them. “Make a move, and you die.”

The three other guards came up behind them, holding regular guns. They were surrounded.

I think this was poorly written cause I had no inspiration, but I did leave you with a cliffhanger, I am just leading up to the ending which will leave your mouths dropped.

Please tell me what you think here!
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