All Things English 2!

Okayz, well like obsession said, the other thread was 180 pages long! so i thought it was good time 2 start a new thread and i wanted 2 be the one 2 do it! so glad that people still post in the good ole english thread. we've grown sooo much since the beginning of the year when there was juz 3 of us! Lilly the original, JoeysHero and me!! now we're taking over the place! lol
Well, long may Englishness continue! keep up the posting guys! :D
Loz ^_^

Link to original All Things English!
rockisdead said:
I LOVE the way British people speak... specially guys ;)
I always used 2 think that I had a boring accent, that i didnt actually have one! But then having been abroad on hols i realised i did. lol! :lol: being at uni with lots of different people with different accents has changed mine though! used 2 be posh southerner but not any more! haha!
I don't think Loz will tell where she is from.

I'm still the Honory English Adoptive (or something like this) !! Don't forget ! :D

I'm glad there's another thread ! Go English peeps, you're the best ! Wooot woooooot :jump:
drents ? :blink:

I'm patriotic about my country, but I don't call this to be patriotic. I do love english speaking countries, and I'm loving more and more England and Australia. :D

Great subtitle btw twinny ! :smiley: