all UK planes grounded due to volcanic ash!


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Seriously, never thought I'd ever end up announcing something like this! Volcanos just don't happen in our part of the world. But it appears the double blowout in Iceland has chucked enough material up in the atmosphere that no one is willing to put anything with a jet engine in the air, and they reckon it could get worse in the next few days.

BBC News - Icelandic volcanic ash alert grounds UK flights

There goes a lot of of holidays for sure. I wonder if peoples EU flight insurance covers volcanic eruptions?

_47648462_map.jpg <<-- pics of F-18 engines who were flying in the area just before the lock down on flying. Military jets will continue to fly to defend airspace so there'll be a heavy cost of replacing parts this happens to!
So how are you guys doing over there? I'm hearing from some other UK based contacts that some parts are starting to get ash laying down on the ground over cars & houses.
I've not been out in a couple of days! But it was a party and a long sleep in to recover to blame :smiley: It's only really going to bother jet engine aircraft, and it is being hinted that the volcano will continue to spurt out stuff over the next year now, causing problems for travellers. I guess the trains and coaches are going to be full of slower moving travelers for a bit.

Really strange event that will affect a recovering economy. The aircraft industry is going to lose hundreds of millions over this weekend alone. The lack of planes flying means the temperatures in the EU are going to change slightly (planes fuel affecting weather patterns no longer present) The roads and rail will be heavier populated. People are going to get grumpy losing their holidays abroad (plane flights refunded, but many might lose the money they put into hotels, etc) Business will suffer (or video conferencing will take a leap in usage)

edit: ash is coming down in 4 or 5 areas in England. a warning has gone out to asthma sufferers to monitor themselves and not to do exercise outside. Overkill perhaps, but it's an issue right now they are trying to make people aware of.