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Mar 18, 2004
Dallas, Texas
Dear members,

AllAlias RPG is a RPG that started up on this site in April. We moved it off this board and to another board because of the dreaded FFC we hated, which got horrible when we wanted to RPG when the crowds were on. There is lower FFC as I have seen recently, and we want new members! Truthfully, only 5 people hold the RPG strong, because we lost a some people when our first independant board crashed. This is just the informational thread, the actual RPG is on it's own separate thread in the forum, its usually always bumped near the
top! Please post any questions you have on this thread, and if you want to join! And FYI, most main characters are taken, like I play Sydney, and AA user ThePowerOfAlias plays Vaughn, ext. But we lack characters such as Sloane, Dixon, ext. Basically, if the profile isn't up on the site, the character's not taken! We do have a ton of made up characters for the RPG as well(most on the site).
Anyways, if you decide to join, great! After you do, just go to the RPG thread and jump right in! Any questions, you can also PM me! Thanks!


ALSO- Currently the RPG thread is not up,it will be once we get people to who want to join!
Dec 6, 2004

Name: James Lennox

Job: CIA agent

Age: 26

Height: 1,72 cm

Weight: 52 Kilos

Usual Mood: funny, fun, concentrated

Favorite Food: Extra Cheese Pizza

anything else?


Feb 23, 2005
Apparently I don't get it. I would like to play this game, or at least read the storyline so far, but I can't find it. I went to the other website, but it wasn't there either. Can someone help a fellow Alias addict out? I am sick of waiting a full 7 days between episodes! I need a fix! Jeez, I'm sad, I really may need some help...


April 27th
Apr 22, 2003
Ontario, Canada
Just a note: This is not the RPG I meant when I said it hadn't gone over well. I meant the Alias Interactive thread in fanfiction when I said that.


Oct 31, 2005
About bumping.. Isn't here such thing called as "sticky"?

Just asking...

And yes, my eyes almost jumped out from their sockets when I saw word "RPG". I'm veteran, I've been playing over five years now in various RPG:s. But I don't trust to my gaming skills enough that I would play canon character without it getting out character in some point or another.

So, would another original character be so bad into that mixture? I'll post profile as this question is answered, if you don't mind..
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