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An Old Friend
There is a story part on the site I linked to. Something about fighting ancient evil.
Christian Slater stars.

note: There is also a trailer and a web flash game at the site. The game is lame but the creature in the movie is gunna be kool!


An Old Friend
Just read the reviews on this, No I wont be going to see it and wont rent it till its in the $1 bin. This dvd release will go in walmarts $5 bin as soon as it releases.
Alone in the Dark


Code Monkey
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OK, the more I read about this movie the more I've got to watch it. :D I just love a good B-movie.

Memory fails to recall a more profoundly wretched theatrical release than the video-game-inspired sci-fi thriller "Alone in the Dark." It looks bad. It sounds bad. The scenes are assembled crudely with little attention to rhythm. Tara Reid plays a scientist. I could go on and on.
When this come out on cable I'll be watching. I figure at this rate that means a few weeks. :P