An Old Friend
I watched altered last night.

It was a little on the bloody side but I couldn't get over the captured alien abduction story topsy-turvey.

What would a couple of hillbillies do if they were captured by aliens, let go and then they capured one back. This alien was a nasty critter!

The hero's girlfriend was unrealistically angry with him and some of the acting was over the top cliche but the story went along pretty good. You don't see much of the alien until the second half because they have it bound but when it gets loose and you get to see the creature you will think "Scary Monsters" and if I find a pic of it I will definately add it to the thread.

Altered (2006) - IMDb

Rated R for strong violence and gore, and for pervasive language.

Fifteen years ago, five men were abducted by aliens. Only four returned. Now, these same four men have managed to capture one of the creatures who killed their friend and ruined their lives. It's time for payback but payback swings both ways.



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Looks like it'd be a good movie to add to my NetFlix queue. On the days I work remotely from home I watch the movies that I know the wifey would hate.


An Old Friend
Remember that movie about alien abduction...the boys on the back road in the pickup truck.
Can't remember the name but I remember Kevin posted something on it before the forums archives crashed. Well, its kinda like a continuation of that storyline but a vice-versa with the alien being abducted by the boys(now Men). Its one mean freakin alien tho.

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