For Sale Amazing Tardis replica for sale


Hi all.
Its time for my super 2/3rd scale Tardis to go. I built it for my Son William, but he has outgrown it and I need the space.
It pretty much does most things except fly!
Here is the link to the video on Youtube - shows you what it does, which beats me trying to explain all the features.

Pretty much open to sensible offers. I will never make back what I spent on it, but it would be nice to get a reasonable amount towards the next project.
Its pretty heavy, but it dismantles and I can help move it to its new home.
Thanks all and great forum!
Steve, welcome!

That is an awesome TARDIS! The mirror to give the illusion of greater depth inside was a great idea. For that those that may be interested, what part of the world are you in?
Thanks Kevin.
I am in the north east of the UK (Stockton on Tees).
If anyone is interested, then I have a large pickup truck and a trailer, so I can help move it wherever (within reason!).
It does come apart into pieces for transport (4 side panels, a top, base and then the console).
I can't tell you how many hours went into this thing!
Message me or leave a reply if you are interested. Its going for a lot less than you think (especially as the next project is a 15' Battlestar Galactia Viper spaceship and I need the space).
I am in the north east of the UK
First glance I at that I was thinking "north east of the US" and started wondering if my wife would notice a new TARDIS showing up in my office. :D
Its going for a lot less than you think
Trust me, if you were in the NE US I'd be making plans for a road trip right about now. ;) I know we have a number of UK visitors here so hopefully one of them likes shiny things as much as I do.

(especially as the next project is a 15' Battlestar Galactia Viper spaceship and I need the space).
First a TARDIS and then a Viper? :eek: Going for the classic BSG Viper or one of the MK II or MK VII models from the re-imagined series?
Hello Steve,

I am very interested in the Tardis, you obviously have put a lot of effort into producing it! However, I know it sounds cheeky (and I don't mean to be) but what would be your lowest/ acceptable price you would be willing to sell your tardis?

Thanks for reading my message and please could you reply.
Hello Benjamin.
The Tardis has been dismantled and packed in bubblewrap, because someone offered £900 for it. Please let me know if you are interested!
Well the other guy is apparently going to come and collect it later this month.... but he has been saying that for weeks. Let me know what you what you are thinking.
Hi. Let me know what you would be willing to give for it, seeing as he has just delayed collecting it for another month.
Many thanks
Well, obviously I would be willing to offer more than the other man however, I would have to ask you a HUGE favour. We are having our garden done up and also having a garage built where the tardis would live and the building work would only be finished late January so you would have to keep it out of the way for a bit. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Mmm.. can't keep this thing in the workshop any longer. Sorry Ben, def can't keep it until next year.
I reckon this will end up being dismantled for parts now which is a real shame.
I reckon this will end up being dismantled for parts now which is a real shame.

Any ideas on what it'd cost to ship to the States? At £900 that puts it near my "My-wife-will-kill-me-but-would-totally-understand" budget.
Hello Steve, you can't dismantle her, this is one of the best replicas I have seen, the centre console alone is worth buying it for, if I had the the money I know 2 kids( and me that would love this) such a shame!
Hi steve! My name is seth. I am a 12 year old kid much like your son. I want your Tardis more than the world. I am selling many of my favorite possesions so that I may have your Tardis. Possibly even my freaking ipod! I beg of you to hold the item until such time that I may have the amount of money that may satisfy your idea of the pricerange. :D
P.S, I also live in the United Staes.
Do you still havE it if not can you make me one and what's the lowest price you can go cause I really want one.
Cameron, are you close geographically to @Steve? If not the shipping costs alone might make it prohibitive and is why I didn't try going for it (Steve is in the UK, I'm in the US, the international shipping rates for something that big would be huge).