For Sale Amazing Tardis replica for sale

Hi is this still available? As id like to buy it and delivery to Birmingham if possible (by spaghetti junction)

If not available would you consider building one for my sons school and one for home?

One for school could be just shell

My email is
Hell0 Steve,
Very interested in this, my price is 1200 dollars. If already sold, I would like to know if its possible for you to build another one for myself? If not would you be kind to send me the blueprints and instructions on how to build it, I will pay for that as well. As long as I can get all these items for common stores. thank you. Email is
I know it has been awhile but I wonder if there might be plans or blueprints?
If there were I'd be interested as well. If nothing else I've got this weird idea to turn the interior door inside of my garage to be like the front of the TARDIS. :D
This was an interesting thread, but it took a strange turn, good work on your sci-fi projects, your wife don't mind?;)
Steve, can't believe I am 4 years late on this. I am now retired and have a full size tardis leading into a room I am having built (bigger on the inside) that needs a cool console that I have been researching to go along with my full-size dalek and screaming angel I purchased from The room will have full wall murals to simulate passages to other parts of the tardis, a talking cyberman helmet army, Oods, a Pandorica, etc... Your console is (was!) just what I have been looking for. Since I have no skills in building this sort of thing and even less patience learning to build this sort of thing, I would have given you $3000 for it (unless you still have it in which case I want it!). Anyway, any similar projects going on now, perhaps even bigger and better than the one that I am loving on this thread? Perhaps some commission work in the future, eh? What say you? is where to find me. I reside in Vancouver, WA. Love it here.
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