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Azhria Lilu

it's been announced by the writers that season two of American Horror Story will essentially be a complete reboot - with new cast and new story and maybe returning to the original family from Season One in maybe Season Three.

Creators/Producer Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk revealed that this was the plan all along, stating that "I think it's very hard to maintain the tension of a horror show over the course of three, four seasons. With this, every year you have a new tension and a new group of people to frack with."

So, the second season is leaving the haunted house for an East Coast mental institution. While the characters will all be new, some of the cast members won't be.

None of the returing actors will be playing their season one roles - which is quite a controversial move which is, I'm sure, part of the creators' strategy to keep the scares coming!

What do you think about this idea?
Fans of American Horror Story will be happy to hear that it has been renewed for a 4th season. No casting or story line is available yet.

So far the 3rd season of AHS, Coven, has been averaging 7.7 viewers per episode and is one of FX's top watched shows.
A trailer has been released for the 4th season of American Horror Story. The new season in the horror anthology is titled Freak Show and is schedule to premiere October 8, 2014, on the FX network. Kathy Bates is back.

Interestingly each season covers a horror convention

1. Haunted House

2. Asylum

3. Coven

4. Circus freak show + clowns

5. Hotel
Do you think we'll be seeing stuff like AHS: Light Bulb in Basement Burned Out or AHS: Hitchhiker? :D

We'll know when the one set in space is released.

Actually two that come to mind:

An exorcism one, though The Exorcist franchise people keep threatening one, and vaguely remember a Brit show that ran for one season.

Small town slasher, though Scream Queens might have that covered.