American McGee Tries, Tries Again [American Mcgee]


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Jul 28, 2004
American McGee Tries, Tries Again [American Mcgee]

Kotaku said:
American McGee made Alice. Great game! Then he made a bunch of other games that weren't so great, and the industry kinda moved on. Hopes were high for his latest project - Grimm - but the game's neat premise and stylish visuals were let down by the fact it was bbooorrring. So hopes shouldn't be anywhere near as high for his next project, BaiJiu Racer, a casual MMO racing game (think KartRider) he's currently in the process of pitching. Basing his studio is China is obviously having an effect on the man, as he writes:

For one, it’s the first Chinese cart racing game developed with an authentic and original Chinese art style, set in real-world locations, and featuring some of the funkiest racing vehicle designs the world has ever seen (inspiration coming from actual Chinese vehicles).​

BaiJiu Racer Concept Announcement [American McGee, via Gamasutra]

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Jan 16, 2005
I've seen the episodes of Grimm vaguely on the net. Not sure how they are being advertised or sold, whether it is in the shops or by download only. Here is a link to Gametap which is a subscription? service

and the wiki entry :

Appears to be aimed at children and using the Unreal Engine 3

Those are a series of pictures from the episodes. A distinctive style kept going through the series.