AMP short film needs to be feature ! HELP!


Mar 20, 2014
Vancouver, British Columbia
Hey Friends!
About 6 months ago, an amazing short film was produced by my company called AMP
You can watch it here:
We are working hard to get this made into a feature so you all can see it on the big screen. We have an agreement with an incredible screen writer to write the film for us, but for a BIG PRICE.

So, we set up an Indiegogo Campaign! It's an amazing project that needs to be made, seriously. Visit the campaign and see how you can help this wicked movie be made!

The Sci Fi community NEEDS films like this, more films like this out in the world. They are VFX heavy and extremely exciting to watch and keeps artists and fans alive!

Visit the page here:

We would LOVE your support!
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