An Android is Born


Feb 15, 2018
From a Sc-Fi novel I am writing just for a retirement exercise. Not going to be published. Alex, an abducted human is taken on board a Mothership orbiting Earth to help educate rescued aliens. The original owners are absent (for unknown reasons at this stage). The AI running the ship needs a sentient's help to sort them out. Alex passes various tests and is given control of all the advanced Mothership and becomes Admiral (crew of one at this stage). He starts to play with all the facilities on board - creating Robots is one of them. He is preparing to introduce the Aliens to Humans on Earth - circa 2050s. Comments and questions much welcomed as I'm a complete novice at this. As follows...

Extract: Alex went down to the Robotics development and production labs adjacent to the medical facilities an area he had tightly secured from entry by anyone except himself and Tomas/Greta. His new Captain (Aisling O'Conner 'Irish descent' - AO) was ready. And boy, what a sight! She was beyond doubt the most stunning sight he had ever seen. He stood there transfixed with his hormones ramping up asymptotic to his desire axis. He tore his gaze away from her and looked elsewhere just to stay in control of himself. Taking a deep breath Alex steeled himself to look again. She was looking expectantly at him. She saluted as he moved into the room “Greetings Sir, ready for duties.” He smiled and quickly assessed the rest of her, she was indeed a superb figure, 5’ 8”, muscular body, arms and legs that an Earth female body builder would be proud of, brown hair and grey-green eyes and nice not too full lips. Small breasts perfectly formed but as Androids do not reproduce just there to complete the female form. He noticed the Originals must have only had hair on their heads, probably not an issue here but made a note to AI to include a little ‘bikini line’ follicle growth in human places in the DNA mix when another Human female Android is made. Skin looked a bit too perfect though but then he now had enhanced vision. Alex saluted back. He had noticed the way she quickly looked him over when he entered the room assessing who it was she had to encounter. “Captain, Good to meet you. How was your birth?” he said.
“Without a hitch Sir, first post birth analysis routines run. Looking forward to getting those Humans sorted Sir.”
“Ha, ha, yes indeed, a devious lot, I should know I’m one of them.” Alex replied now wondering how on earth something of this perfection in looks can go about in Human company knowing she is one of his crew and hopefully not come to the obvious conclusion. Oh well, he thought let’s tackle one thing at a time.
“Yes, indeed you are Sir.” she said in a way that made him realise she had not missed his initial hesitation when first seeing her. Alex ignored the friendly jibe. “can’t have you running around in your birthday suit though, can we? Let’s go and get you some clothes. Bo and her helpers have everything ready for you I hope.”
Alex was looking forward to getting to know her better. Apart from some final personality tweaks where some some program updates to her organic brain are administered from the Motherships immense knowledge stores by remote control via the Mothership Q-link comms channel, she was probably ready to go. Alex checked the initial program set to make sure she had obeisance to him and any suitably ranked crew he put her under control of or vice-versa by his command - OK.
In the Officers bridge Bo was waiting with one of her helpers, a little girl by the name of Dee. After Feline greetings to which the Captain responded, Bo handed over the set of clothes being AO’s uniform a smart looking jacket and skirt a maroon outfit with a captains insignia on the arms. With maroon matching knickers and bra Alex thought it a great combination. They watched her put them on.
“Isn’t even an Android lady permitted her own modesty Sir, Bo?”
“Very sorry Aisling, of course, how rude of us.” He responded suddenly feeling a bit embarrassed. Bo smiled. Dee giggled. Alex looked away. Aisling didn’t look anything in particular.
Then they made the mistake of checking through the other clothes made for her while she pulled on her knickers and finished dressing finally tossing her hair and putting her cap on. “You all look as if you’re rummaging through some jumbled sale. Perhaps the owner could withdraw them from such close scrutiny. A girl could go off some people you know!”
“Just admiring them, Captain. Made for you by our Feline team.” replied Alex. “And it’s Jumble not Jumbled”. Alex admired her scrutiny of them and wondered how an android personality gets it’s initial set of behaviours. He supposed it was a complex brain interaction with the DNA in the programming stage. The rest of her body was driven by the various powerful batteries and a pump which pulsed the red fluid around the tightly packed groups of fibre muscle layers to keep them sliding easily. That fluid also supplied oxygen to the brain and sensor systems. All currently a mystery to him. Nevertheless one wouldn’t think they were in the presence of anything but a rather stunning, dateable human female. This one would wipe the floor in a Miss World contest. End of Extract.
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